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19 Monroe County Towns and Villages

Monroe County has a population of 750k people, with 210k people living in the City of Rochester. That means 72% of us live outside the city.

Each town and village has something unique to offer. It is impossible to list everything, so here is just a taste of what makes each one special.

Towns & Villages in Monroe County

  1. Greece
  2. Irondequoit
  3. Henrietta
  4. Brighton
  5. Penfield
  6. Chili
  7. Gates
  8. Perinton/Fairport
  9. Webster
  10. Pittsford
  11. East Rochester
  12. Ogden/Spencerport
  13. Parma/Hilton
  14. Sweden/Clarkson/Brockport
  15. Mendon/Honeoye Falls
  16. Hamlin
  17. Riga/Churchville
  18. Wheatland/Scottsville
  19. Rush

Suburban Towns in Monroe County

Monroe County - Erie Canal Henpeck Park Greece
Henpeck Park in Greece

1. Greece

est. 1822 / pop. 96,095

Greece Canal Park

Lake Ontario Seaway Trail

Braddock Bay

Henpeck Park

Sawyer Park

Green Acre Farm & Nursery

Old Fashioned Forth of July

Rochester-area parks: Durand Eastman Park boardwalk
Durand Eastman Park

2. Irondequoit

est. 1829 / pop. 51,692

Duran Eastman Park & Beach

Lake Ontario Seaway Trail

Irondequoit Bay Marine Park

Irondequoit Bay Park West

Tryon Park

Seneca Park & Zoo (technically Rochester)

Helmer Nature Center

The House of Guitars


Seabreeze (The Jack Rabbit is America’s oldest continuously operating roller coaster)

Whispering Pines (America’s oldest miniature golf course)

Monroe County - Tinker Nature Park
Tinker Nature Park

3. Henrietta

est. 1818 / pop. 42,581

Tinker Nature Park

Veterans Memorial Park

Breese Park

Rochester Institute of Technology

Monroe County - Corbetts Glen
Corbett’s Glen

4. Brighton

est. 1814 / pop. 36,609

Corbett’s Glen Nature Park

Access points along the Erie Canal

Monroe Community College

Channing Philbrick Linear Park boardwalk creek
Channing H. Philbrick Park

5. Penfield

est. 1810 / pop. 36,242

Channing H. Philbrick Park

Thousand Acre Swamp

Ellison Park

Indian Hill

Black Creek Park autumn picnic pond
Black Creek Park

6. Chili

est. 1822 / pop. 28,625

Black Creek Park

Roberts Wesleyan College

Whittier Fruit Farm

7. Gates

est. 1813 / pop. 28,400

Gates Town Park

Suburban Towns / Villages in Monroe County

Erie Canal Fairport view
Erie Canal through Fairport

8. Perinton / Fairport

town est. 1812 / pop.46,462,
village est 1867 / pop.5,353

Access points along the Erie Canal

Thomas Creek Wetlands Walk

Colonial Belle Erie Canal Tour

“Trail Town USA”

Kennelley Park

Fairport Canal Days

Fairport Music & Food Fest

Chase Farm Markets

Lollypop Farm and Barktoberfest

Webster Park Lake Ontario Pier
Webster Park

9. Webster

town est. 1840 / pop. 42,641
village est. 1905 / pop. 5,399

Webster Park Lake Ontario

Gosnell Big Woods Preserve

Whiting Nature Preserve

North Ponds Park

Lake Ontario Seaway Trail

Webster Arboretum at Kent Park

Schutt’s Apple Mill

Herman’s Farm Market & Cider Mill

Waterfront Arts Festival

Fireman’s Carnival

Webster Jazz Festival

St. Rita’s Annual Fiesta

Rochester Garlic Festival

Erie Canal Pittsford Schoen Place boat
Erie Canal

10. Pittsford

town est. 1827 / pop. 29,405
village est. 1827 / pop. 1,355

Sam Patch Erie Canal Tour

The Sunflower Field

Access points along the Erie Canal

Lock 32 Erie Canal Park & Lockapalooza

Historic Erie Canal Lock 62

Wegmans Food Markets’ flagship store

Powder Mills Park

Hamlet of Bushnell’s Basin

Nazareth College

St. John Fisher College

Powers Farm Market

Pittsford Dairy

Leos Bakery and Deli
Leos Bakery and Deli

11. E. Rochester

coterminous, both town and village est. 1897 / pop. 6,600
originally named Despatch, renamed in 1906

Rural Towns & Towns / Villages in Monroe County

Spencerport Lift Bridge Erie Canal
Union Street Lift Bridge

12. Ogden / Spencerport

town est. 1817 / pop. 19,856
village est. 1867 / pop. 3,601

Spencerport Depot & Canal Museum

Rose Turner Park

Pineway Ponds Park

Springdale Farm

Access points along the Erie Canal

Spencerport Canal Days

Parma Public Library
Parma Public Library

13. Parma / Hilton

town est. 1808 / pop. 15,633
village est. 1885 pop. 5,886

Lake Ontario Seaway Trail

Braddock Point Lighthouse

Braddock Bay Bird Observatory

Braddock Bay Raptor Research

Zarpentine Farms

Hilton Apple Fest

Kelly’s Farm Market & Bakery

Burch Farms

Fireman’s Carnival

Historic Small Movie Theaters Around Rochester Strand Theater Brockport
The Strand

14. Sweden / Clarkson / Brockport

Village spans 2 towns:
Sweden town est. 1814 / pop. 14,175
Clarkson town est. 1819 / pop 6,736
village est. 1829 / pop. 8,336.

Canalfront Welcome Center

Access points along the Erie Canal

Northampton Park

Low Bridge / High Water Festival

Brockport Arts Festival

SUNY College at Brockport

The Strand Movie Theater (America’s second-oldest)

Honeoye Falls
Honeoye Falls

15. Mendon / Honeoye Falls

town est. 1813 / pop. 9,245
village est. 1791 / pop. 2,674

Honoeyoe Falls

Rotary Park

Mendon Ponds Park

Wild Wings at Mendon Ponds Park

New York State Parks Hamlin Beach
Hamlin Beach State Park

16. Hamlin

est. 1852 (Town of Union), renamed in 1861 / pop. 9,045

Hamlin Beach State Park

Wheel Fest

Lake Ontario Seaway Trail

Monroe County Parks: Kayaking Black Creek Churchville
Black Creek

17. Riga / Churchville

town est. 1809 / pop. 5,590
village est. 1852 / pop. 1,961

Churchville Park

Genesee Country Village Museum
Genesee Country Village Museum

18. Wheatland / Scottsville

town est. 1821 / pop. 4,775
village est. 1790 / pop. 2,001

Genesee Country Village & Museum

Oatka Creek Park

Stokoe Farms

George Bridge

Rochester Genesee Valley Railroad Museum
Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum

19. Rush

est. 1818 / pop. 3,478

Honeoye Creek Falls at Veterans Memorial Park

New York Museum of Transportation

Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum

Gro-Moore Farms U-Pick Strawberries

Lehigh Valley Trail

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