Black Creek Park

Black Creek Park

There are several trailheads and several places to park your car at Black Creek Park, one of the largest of Monroe County’s 20 parks, second only to Mendon. If you research it online or ask people along the way, you’ll find the trails are not well marked and some are always muddy.

We took a number of detours on one trip and found ourselves following what we now believe to have been bike trails. GPS, hiker advice and backtracking the way we came ultimately took us on a 6-mile walk.

Black Creek Park trail

Take a Black Creek Park trail map

Before heading out to Black Creek Park, grab the park map and trail map.

The Ridge Trail

A 1.4 (one-way) mile walk over gently rolling terrain filled with honeysuckle, autumn olive, and many other beautiful shrubs. While on the trail look for the trees from Green’s Nursery, which was in existence 100 years ago.

The Creek Trail

A 3.1 (one-way) mile walk that passes alongside a beautiful little pond, which is the seasonal home to many geese and ducks. This trail also takes you through fields of honeysuckle, dogwood and many other types of greenery.

The Hickory Trail

A 1.4 mile walk over flat terrain which is full of multi-flora rose and dogwood shrubs. Many different birds can be seen in this area. The trail ends in Maple and Hickory woods which has an impressive collection of shagbark hickory trees.

Black Creek Park Rochester NY

The Bluebird Trail

A 1.2 mile walk that winds among honeysuckle, hawthorn and dogwood shrubs. This walk is good for bird watchers all year round.

Black Creek Park Rochester NY

The Wetland Trail

A 2.1 (one-way) mile walk that is dotted with wild flowers that attract butterflies. This trail also has many unique plants and trees that change with the seasons.

Scenes from these and several unnamed trails throughout Black Creek Park

Black Creek tree bench
Black Creek Park autumn trees
Black Creek meadow trail
Black Creek Park Rochester NY
Black Creek Park
Black Creek Park Boat Launch
Black Creek Park bridge
Black Creek Park tee pee
Black Creek Park
Black Creek Park
Black Creek Park sunset winter
Black Creek Park winter trail
Black Creek Park winter bench
Winter Sledding Rochester NY

More information about Black Creek Park

Cost: Free

Located in North Chili, roughly 20 minutes / 15 miles from Rochester (get directions)

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Black Creek Park

Where are your favorite spots in Black Creek Park?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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  1. In reference to the very first photograph at the top of the story about Black Creek Park; that is a stick structure. It’s a curious phenomenon. The one you took a picture of is not the only one in the park.

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