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Sunflowers: 4 Fabulous Fields Around Rochester

August is officially the month of sunflowers. And we are incredibly lucky to have some spectacular places around Rochester to celebrate and photograph this fantastic late-summer flower.

These are the fields of dreams and the perfect backdrop for family photos, selfies, and en plein air painting.

At each of these farms, you can expect hundreds of people visiting on the weekends.

If you can venture out early in the morning or evening, a rising or setting sun reveals beauty not witnessed in full sunlight.

Table of Contents

  1. Hopkins Farm (Clover)
  2. Stokoe Farms
  3. Sunflowers of Sanborn
  4. Wickham Farms

Frederick Farms (not operational in 2020)

Hopkins Farm Pittsford Clover sunflowers Wells Barn
Hopkins Farm Wells Barn
Green Sunflowers in Pittsford Closer Sunflower Field
August 3, 2018
August 10, 2020

1. Hopkins Farm


Each August, neighbors of the Hopkins Farm on Clover Street in Pittsford are treated to a field of golden sunflowers on their daily commutes. People from outside the immediate area start asking “Are they there yet?” and then word starts to travel, and we all find out that “They’re here!”

I start changing my commute around August 5 to find out for myself! The timing depends on the amount of precipitation we have received all summer.

There are several fields used in annual crop rotations, so the sunflowers move along Clover anywhere between Calkins and Lehigh Station Roads, alternating places with the soy beans, wheat and corn.

This sunflower field in Pittsford free to visit, with no planned activities or entertainment; just beautiful sunflowers.

Learn more about Hopkins Farm, established in 1813 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places as one of very few 200+ year old farms in this area. There’s a book you can read online entitled Reflections on Big Spring: A History of Pittsford, NY and the Genesee River Valley. Stop by their produce stand while you’re in the area.

Stokoe Farms sunflower field
Sunflower Stokoe Farms
Sunflower blue sky Stokoe Farms
Stokoe Farms rocking chair

2. Stokoe Farms


Stokoe Farms is another 200+ year old farm on this short list! For decades, we’ve loved Stokoe’s for their Pumpkin and Christmas Tree experiences, and we’re so happy to enjoy them even earlier in the year for sunflower season!

From their website: Celebrate the bounty of summer with Stokoe Farms Sunflower Experience! Enjoy over 250,000 sunflower blooms from the palest of yellows to the deepest velvet reds. Our spacious, picturesque farm is the perfect way to enjoy a day in the great outdoors.

Stokoe Farms Sunflowers twilight
Stokoe Farms Sunflowers twilight
Stokoe Farms Sunflowers twilight
Stokoe Farms Sunflowers twilight

Stokoe Farms also opens up for a few evenings to enjoy the field at twilight.

Debi Bower Stokoe Farms Kangaroo
Day Trips Around Rochester owner, Debi Bower

Plus, cute animals!

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, August 8-23, 2020.

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Wickham Farms Sunflowers
Wickham Farms Sunflowers
Wickham Farms Sunflowers

3. Wickham Farms


Wickham hosts a weekend, ticketed Sunflower Spectacular Festival around the last few weeks of August and first week of September. For 2020, the dates are August 14 –  September 7–open every day from 10am-7pm.

From their website: Come and enjoy the end of summer and beginning of fall in New York by exploring the beauty and colors of more than one million sunflowers! Enjoy the beautiful scenes by wandering through all of the different sunflower varieties on our sunflower farm. Afterwards, you can cut the perfect bouquet directly from our fields

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Sunflowers of Sanborn
Sunflowers of Sanborn
Sunflowers of Sanborn field
Sunflowers of Sanborn

4. Sunflowers of Sanborn


The field is always free to view. The “photo” field is closest to the road, while the “cutting” field is in the back next to a giant corn maze. In between, there are activities and refreshments that make this a great family-friendly day trip!

Take NY-31 about 90-minutes toward Niagara Falls. It’s the furthest field from Rochester but oh, so worth the drive!

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Frederick Farms
Frederick Farms barn sunflowers
Frederick Farms barn photographer
Frederick Farms sunflowers cover

Frederick Farms

Clifton Springs

NOTE: The farm will not be hosting sunflower events in 2020. Please read their Facebook post for more information.

There are sunflowers for days, with a large pathways carved right down the middle making it easy for everyone to find the perfect backdrop for family photos and sunflower selfies.

The farms offers hayrides at no cost, though encourages a donation to benefit House of John–a hospice in Clifton Springs. You can also purchase sunflower seeds, oil, and flowers.

Frederick Farms’ sunflower field is located about 45 minutes from Rochester.

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sunflower partially open
sunflower neck
sunflower lion
Sunflowers of Sanborn
Thorn Farm

Need a few more places to enjoy the sunflowers while they last?

Thorn Farm in Clyde

Lincoln Hill Farms in Canandaigua

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.

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Where are your favorite spots to find sunflowers?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


4 thoughts on “Sunflowers: 4 Fabulous Fields Around Rochester”

  1. Also try Sunflowers Of Sanborn. This place is huge and it is F R E E to view the sunflowers.. Only costs money for concessions and cut sunflowers.

  2. I hate to bring traffic to my town but actually we do have sunflower field in Pittsford, also on Calkins vs Clover but more on Calkins than Clover. Let’s say the sunflower field of last year was at SW corner than this year it is af NW corner but not right at the corner. In other words, move West on Calkins past Clover a bit.

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