About Day Trips Around Rochester, NY

Day Trips around Rochester

Day Trips Around Rochester, New York—a digital resource for local travel inspiration—focuses on exploring communities and places of interest that are within two hours of Rochester.

Debi Bower is the founder and creative director for daytrippingroc.com. She also authored a new travel guide, Day Trips Around Rochester, New York: Your Guide to Exploring Within Two Hours of Rochester and the Finger Lakes region.

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Inspiration for your day trips

Whether you’re a local looking for something new to do or a visitor wanting to make the most of your time in the area, I’m confident you’ll find something here to enhance your experience and create lasting memories. Start with the guides below, or look at all of the guides available on this website.

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132 Things to Do Around Rochester

We’ve pulled together a list of fun and unique things to do around Rochester, NY, within two hours of home—perfect for quick getaways.

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Unplugged and Offline: Take the Day Trips Around Rochester, New York, Guidebook on the Road

Day Trips Around Rochester, New York, the book, encourages offline spontaneity, serendipity, and the joy of getting lost in the right direction.

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Rochester, NY Events & Activities: Your Guide to Year-Round Fun

Join me as I explore the best things to do around Rochester each month, highlighting unique activities and events throughout the year.

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60 Day Trips within 30 Minutes of Rochester

Sometimes you just need a fun, spontaneous adventure or quick getaway to refresh your day. Try one of these day trips within 30 minutes of Rochester.

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24 Hidden Places Around Rochester

From secret gardens to enchanting waterfalls, exploring hidden places around the Rochester area is the ultimate way to add some spice to your travel experiences.

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50 New York State Parks Within a Two-Hour Drive of Rochester

Venture into one of these New York State Parks within a two-hour drive of Rochester and discover what makes them unique.

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Roadside Attractions

Have fun finding these fun roadside attractions—shoe trees, a skeleton army, a metal dragon, a shark girl—within two hours of Rochester.

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Day Trip Maps

Use our curated Google Maps to help you locate the best waterfalls, ice cream shops, farm markets, sledding hills, Christmas lights and more.

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Our 4 Favorite Extreme Christmas Lights Around Rochester: 2023 Edition

Enjoy our four favorite extreme Christmas lights, plus more extraordinary Rochester-area homes and holiday-themed events.

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Transcending Places

Instead of being an escape, I see these places as opportunities that encourage us to transcend space, time, and our state of mind.

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80+ Hiking Trails Around Rochester

Less traveled than in our parks, these hiking trails around Rochester offer a secluded and rustic area to immerse yourself in nature.

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Easy Waterfalls

Not all waterfalls are hidden in dark ravines. Many of the region’s most stunning waterfalls can be viewed from the road or a short walk.

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Our mission is to inspire exploration, appreciation, preservation, and conservation of our natural and human communities. To that end, we seek out destinations within a two-hour radius of Rochester, New York, that foster a passion for both.