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webster arboretum

Webster Arboretum at Kent Park

Beautiful all year long, Webster Arboretum is the perfect place to stroll and quietly observe nature. It is equally a great place for families to explore nature in a safe and easily-navigable way.

You immediately observe that this is a space the caretakers care deeply about.

Webster Arboretum
Webster Arboretum
Webster Arboretum
Webster Arboretum

Winding pathways & trails

Follow the pathways that meander around 40 acres of open spaces, flower & herb gardens, water elements, and a wide variety of trees. The walkways are primarily flat, hard-packed gravel. Rest by the pond or in the gazebo and listen to the sounds of birds and, sometimes, wind chimes.

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Water Elements

Wander around the pond and babbling brook.

Webster Arboretum

Architectural elements

The path will take you over bridges and through gazebos sprinkled throughout Webster Arboretum.

Evergreen maze

I bet it’s spectacular in the winter! The maze is a beautiful escape from the world.

More information about Webster Arboretum

Cost: Free

Located in Webster, 19 minutes / 14 miles from Rochester (get directions)

More Information:

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When is your favorite time of year to visit Webster Arboretum?

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