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39 Natural Swimming Areas

On a hot day, you can sit under a waterfall, swim in a lake, or jump in a creek at one of these refreshing natural swimming areas. Be mindful of signs posted and use common sense when deciding to wade in.

Some places require a lifeguard on duty, or allow swimming in restricted areas.

Others have never officially allowed wading, like Stony Brook and Corbett’s Glen, but are now cracking down with warnings and fines.

Bring a healthy respect for the power of water and the nature that thrives here and you’ll enjoy a beautiful day!

Robert H Treman State Park
Robert H Treman

Creeks with Waterfalls

  1. Taughannock Falls Creek in Taughannock Falls State Park
  2. Enfield Creek in Robert H. Treman State Park
  3. Buttermilk Creek in Buttermilk Falls State Park
  4. Dry Creek in Fillmore Glen State Park
  5. Grimes Creek in Grimes Glen
Stony Brook State Park natural swimming pool
Stony Brook Pool

Creeks & Rivers

  1. Oatka Creek at the George Bridge, plus wading under the Rochester Street/NY-251 bridge
  2. Stony Brook in Stony Brook State Park, only in the sectioned-off natural stream-fed pool
  3. Cattaraugus Creek in Zoar Valley, be mindful of flash-flooding
  4. Niagara River in Beaver Island State Park
Sodus Point beach
Sodus Point beach

Lake Ontario

  1. Ontario Beach Park
  2. Durand Eastman Beach
  3. Fair Haven State Park
  4. Hamlin Beach State Park
  5. Sodus Point Beach Park
  6. Wilson-Tuscarora State Park
  7. Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park
  8. Selkirk Shores State Park
Sandy Bottom Park on Honeoye Lake
Sandy Bottom Park on Honeoye Lake

Finger Lakes

  1. Kershaw Park, Canandaigua Lake
  2. Ononda Park, Canandaigua Lake
  3. Deep Run Beach, Canandaigua Lake
  4. Long Point Park, Conesus Lake
  5. Sandy Bottom Park Beach, Honeoye Lake
  6. Keuka Lake State Park, Keuka Lake
  7. Seneca Lake State Park, Seneca Lake
  8. Sampson State Park, Seneca Lake
  9. Cayuga Lake State Park, Cayuga Lake
  10. Taughannock Falls State Park, Cayuga Lake
  11. Long Point State Park, Cayuga Lake
  12. Myers Park, Cayuga Lake
  13. Emerson Park, Owasco Lake
Green Lakes State Park beach
Green Lake

Other Lakes

  1. Green Lakes State Park
  2. Darien Lakes State Park
  3. Red House Lake, Allegany State Park
  4. Quaker Lake, Allegany State Park
  5. Sylvan Beach, Oneida Lake
  6. Verona Beach State Park, Oneida Lake
  7. Oneida Shores, Oneida Lake
  8. Evangola State Park, Lake Erie
  9. Woodlawn Beach State Park, Lake Erie

Not-so-natural swimming areas

Though the topic of this article is Natural Swimming Areas, I thought it fair to mention that there are other places to cool down in the form of pools and water slides.

Watkins Glen State Park Pool
Watkins Glen State Park


Watkins Glen State Park

Letchworth State Park

Fort Niagara State Park

Seabreeze Amusement Park water park

Water Parks


Darien Lake


Thunder Island

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Where are your favorite natural swimming areas?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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