Hamlin Beach State Park

Hamlin Beach State Park

Hamlin Beach State Park has seven miles of beautiful biking and walking trails, including a mile-long self-guided tour of a WWII-era CCC/POW camp.

There are plenty of shaded picnic areas perfect for reading a book with your toes in the sand. There are lifeguards on duty in designated swimming areas. Each area of the park has its own amenities.

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area one
Yanty Creek Marsh boardwalk
Yanty Marsh
Hamlin Beach State Park boat launch
Area 1 Boat Launch
Hamlin Beach State Park walking
Yanty Creek Nature Trail

Area 1

Green space, unguarded beach, no concessions.

Yanty Creek Environmental Nature Trail & Boat Launch

Yanty Marsh is a lake shore wetland that provides habitat for various marsh-nesting birds, amphibians and turtles. The observation platform is a great place for wildlife watching.

For a closer look, paddle into the marsh from one of the boat launches on the lake.

Hamlin Beach State Park bathhouse
Hamlin Beach State Park bridge
New York State Parks Hamlin Beach
Hamlin Beach State Park
Hamlin Beach State Park

Area 3

Pond, swimming beach, playground, bathhouse, concessions, 3 shelters

Hamlin Beach State Park area 4 pines
Hamlin Beach State Park lifeguard chairs
Hamlin Beach State Park
Hamlin Beach State Park sunset
Hamlin Beach State Park area 4
Hamlin Beach State Park area 4

Area 4

Swimming beach, 2 shelters, concessions.

The park has been recognized as a premier spot for observing migrating waterfowl, raptors, and songbirds and was named an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society.

NYS Parks
Hamlin Beach State Park area 3
Hamlin Beach State Park area 5
Hamlin Beach State Park area 5

Area 5

Green space, unguarded beach, paved walking paths. The hiking trail along the West Bluff to the Devil’s Nose Trail was closed due to erosion, but has re-opened! From the NYS Parks website,

This landscape feature is a tree-covered bluff located on a truncated drumlin – a landform composed primarily of glacial till.

The above-water section used to be larger, but rising lake levels and erosion have drastically reduced the size and made the steep cliffs unstable.

NYS Parks
Hamlin Beach State Park CCC POW


The green space at 968 Moscow Road was previously used as camps–first by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) young men 1935-1941, then by German prisoners of war (POW) 1944-1946.

There is excellent interpretive signage as well as parking lot for roughly 20 cars. Checkout this camp-tour map of the area as you move around the signage. There’s also information on that PDF letting you know what the marker-flags on site are for.

From the map: “The CCC boys lived here while they worked for one dollar a day building Hamlin Beach State Park from 1935 to 1941. German POWs lived here from 1944 to 1946 while they worked on area farms and in area canning factories for 85 cents a day. This field trip will cover both the CCC and the POW camp in the same tour.”

Thank you to Hamlin Selection for sharing an updated map that includes the camp at 968 Marsh Road, Yanty Marsh Boardwalk, and other features that older brochures are missing.

Thank you to Hamlin Selection for sharing an updated map that includes the camp at 968 Marsh Road, Yanty Marsh Boardwalk, and other features that older brochures are missing.

More information about Hamlin Beach State Park

Cost: in season, vehicle entrance fee; off season, free

Located on Lake Ontario, roughly 35 minutes / 30 miles from Rochester (get directions)

More information: nysparks.com

Clear water, sandy beaches and 264 tent and trailer campsites bring thousands of visitors to the park each year. The Yanty Creek Marsh area at the east end of the park has a mile long self-guided trail. In addition, there are 6 miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as snowmobile and cross-country skiing. Visitors can launch car-top boats, fish for salmon and trout and enjoy the picnic facilities.

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Where are your favorite spots around Hamlin Beach State Park?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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