Monroe County Parks: Durand Eastman Park

20 Monroe County Parks

Unlike most New York State Parks, Monroe County parks are free. Take advantage of 12,000 acres of natural, zoological, horticultural, historical and geological experiences! We have an amazing backyard!

The 20 parks below are listed in order of their size.

Mendon Ponds Park stairs Devils Bathtub
Mendon Ponds Park

1. Mendon Ponds

Highlights: 2,500 acres of woodlands, ponds, wetlands and glacially created landforms, on the National Registry of Natural Landmarks due to its geologic history and presence of significant kames, eskers, and kettles, Wild Wings, birdsong trail among other excellent hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty, sledding, camping for scout and youth groups only.

Mendon is now home to the Fairy Trail, along the Birdsong Trail. The fairy houses were moved from Tinker Park in 2018.

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Black Creek Park autumn picnic pond
Black Creek Park

2. Black Creek

Highlights: 1,505-acres, 5 hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty, sledding, kayak launch.

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Durand Eastman Park boardwalk
Durand Eastman Park

3. Durand Eastman

Highlights: 977 acres, arboretum, swimming beach on Lake Ontario, steep wooded slopes and valleys, small lakes, sledding, golf, 5 hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

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Monroe County Parks Northampton
Northampton Park

4. Northampton

Highlights: 973 acres, Springdale Farm, downhill ski slope (ski lessons from Swain), a model airplane field, 5 hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Water Trails Around Rochester NY Genesee River through Genesee Valley Park
Genesee Valley Park

5. Genesee Valley

Highlights: 800 acres, Olmsted-designed park, intersection of the Erie Canal and Genesee River, connection point for the Canalway Trail, Genesee Riverway Trail, and Genesee Valley Greenway, 2 golf courses, organized recreation, paved pathways popular with bicyclists and joggers, kayak & canoe rentals.

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Monroe County Parks: Kayaking Black Creek Churchville
Churchville Park

6. Churchville

Highlights: 742 acres, golf and disc golf courses, one of three Monroe County Parks with an outdoor ice skating rink.

Erie Canal Greece Canal Park
Greece Canal Park

7. Greece Canal

Highlights: 577 acres, located along the Erie Canal, one of two Monroe County parks with a dog park, 4 hiking trails all mainly easy/level.

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Monroe County Parks Webster
Webster Park

8. Webster

Highlights: 550 acres, the only County park with camping available to families and not just scout troops, sledding, access to Lake Ontario (no swimming), hiking trails.

Monroe County Parks - Oatka Creek Park
Oatka Creek Park

9. Oatka Creek

Highlights: 461-acres, exceptional trout fishing from both banks along Oatka Creek, mostly undeveloped, hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

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Ellison Park Sycamore bridge
Ellison Park

10. Ellison

Highlights: 447 acres, our first county park, natural woodlands combined with steep slopes, in the Irondequoit Creek flood plain. One of two Monroe County parks with a dog park, one of three with an outdoor ice skating rink, 5 trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

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Powder Mills Park Daffodil Meadow Trail
Powder Mills Park

11. Powder Mills

Highlights: 380 acres, fish hatchery, steep hillsides, creekside meadows and wetlands, downhill skiing, trout fishing in Irondequoit Creek, 5 hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty including the Daffodil Trail, winter ski lessons from Swain.

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Monroe County Parks Lucien Moren
Lucien Moren Park

12. Lucien Morin

Highlights: 348 acres, located on the north side of Ellison Park, marsh area for canoe and kayak access to the bay, hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Seneca Park pedestrian bridge autumn
Seneca Park

13. Seneca

Highlights: 297 acres, linear park along the Genesee River, Olmsted-designed park, Seneca Park Zoo, pedestrian bridge over river connecting to Maplewood Park and the Genesee Riverway Trail, 6 hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

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Free Rochester Day Trip Ideas: Highland Park
Highland Park in April

14. Highland

Highlights: 150 acres, Olmsted-designed park, arboretum, Lilac Fest, Lamberton Conservatory, Warner Castle Sunken Garden, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, reservoir, Highland Bowl, one of three Monroe County Parks with an outdoor ice skating rink, paved pathways with sizable changes in elevation, one of the 5 pre-historic Pinnacle Hills: Cobb’s, Pinnacle, Highland and Mount Hope, plus Oak Hill which is now the University of Rochester’s campus.

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Lehigh Valley Rail Trail Rochester Junction
Lehigh Valley Rail Trail

15. Lehigh Valley Rail Trail

Highlights: 15 mile linear park, hard packed gravel, crosses the Genesee River to connect with the Genesee Valley Greenway, the only one of our Monroe County Parks utilizing an old railroad line.

There are dozens of access points, like Rochester Juntion pictured above.

Monroe County Park Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Park

16. Abraham Lincoln

Highlights: 182 acres, on Irondequoit Bay, hiking trails are each less than a mile with varying degrees of difficulty.

Monroe County Parks - Irondequoit Bay Park West
Irondequoit Bay Park West

17. Irondequoit Bay West

Highlights: 147 acres, completely undeveloped, 2,000 feet of Irondequoit Bay shoreline that is incredibly popular but difficult to park.

18. Tryon

Highlights: 82 undeveloped acres, west-side of Irondequoit Creek, Lucien Morin runs on the east-side, popular for mountain biking and dog walking.

Ontario Beach Park Rochester NY
Ontario Beach Park

19. Ontario Beach

Highlights: 39 acres, historic 1905 Dentzel Carousel, walkable pier, Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, restaurants, original Abbots Custard, swimming beach on Lake Ontario, concerts, organized recreation, events, a short walk from the Rochester’s hidden sidewalk.

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20. Devil’s Cove

Highlights: 18 acres, park will remain natural and undeveloped, is accessible only from the water.

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Which are your favorite Monroe County Parks?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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