Trail through a Pine Forest in Rochester NY

45 Trails Around Rochester That Are Not Just a Walk in the Park

Park trails like Mendon, Letchworth and Webster are excellent, but sometimes you need something less populated, more rustic, or in an unusual surrounding. Here are a few trails around Rochester that will inspire you to not take a walk in the park!

Erie Attica Rail Trail
Erie Attica Rail Trail in Rush

Rail-Trails Around Rochester

  1. Erie-Attica Rail Trail
  2. Genesee Valley Greenway Rail Trail
  3. Lehigh Valley Rail Trail
  4. Keuka Outlet Rail Trail
  5. Ontario Pathways Rail Trail
  6. Auburn Rail Trail
  7. Auburn-Fleming Rail Trail
  8. Pittsford Rail Trail Loop
  9. Cato-Fair Haven Rail Trail
  10. Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern Rail Trail
  11. Great Gorge Rail Trail

47 New York State Parks Within a 2-hour Drive

Hidden Secret Sidewalk in Charlotte along Beach Ave
Hidden Secret Sidewalk in Charlotte along Beach Ave

Waterside Trails Around Rochester

  1. Hidden Sidewalk
  2. Genesee Riverway Trail
  3. Beatty Point
  4. Rob’s Trail Hemlock Lake
  5. Manchester Gateway
  6. Thomas Creek Wetlands Walk
  7. Braddock Bay Marina
  8. Tifft Nature Preserve
  9. Outer Harbor and Greenway
  10. Sterling Nature Center
  11. Bergen Swamp
  12. Huckleberry Swamp
  13. Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

20 Monroe County Parks

Brickyard Trail
Brickyard Trail in Brighton, NY

Inland Natural Trails Around Rochester

  1. Brickyard
  2. Indian Hill
  3. Historic Erie Canal Trails
  4. Perinton Trolley
  5. Whiting Road Nature Preserve
  6. Mackay Wildlife Preserve
  7. Indian Fort Nature Preserve
  8. Wesley Hill Nature Preserve
  9. Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve
  10. Great Bear Recreation Area
  11. Gosnell Big Woods Preserve
  12. Monkey Run
  13. Domine
  14. Bare Hill
  15. Turtle Pond
  16. Royal Coach Trails
  17. Groveland Secondary
  18. Rush Oak Openings Unique Area
  19. Baltimore Woods
  20. Trail of Hope
  21. Town of Lockport Nature Trails

Nature Centers, Wildlife Preserves,
Management Areas, Refuges, and Observatories

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