Old Erie Canal Lock 62 Pittsford

Erie Canal Lock 62

Old Erie Canal Lock 62 is tucked just far enough off the beaten path that many do not realize it’s there. Next time you are in Pittsford Plaza, take a look for it right behind Applebees. It is one of the best preserved antiquated locks along the canal system.

Erie Canal Lock 62: View of Pittsford Wegmans

Lock 62 Canal Park is a stop along the Pittsford Railroad Loop Trail.

The trail is tucked behind the plazas on both sides of Monroe Ave (Pittsford Plaza, Pittsford Colony, Pittsford Square, etc.), connecting across Clover, and counting along the northeastern side of Monroe to Highland.

The southwestern portion of the loop follows the bed of the 19th century Erie Canal from the Spring House on Monroe Avenue to Lock 62, and the towpath from Lock 62 to the current canal.

The Pittsford Railroad Loop trail is one of many excellent rail-trails around Rochester.

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