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Meet Debi Bower, Owner of Day Trips Around Rochester, NY

I’ve lived in Rochester my whole life (40+ years) with my husband and two daughters. By weekday, I am a digital designer in marketing for Wegmans. By weekend, I am a day-tripper, writer & photographer, exploring the nooks and crannies that make our part of New York State so special. I prefer to take the slow roads and eat at family diners in small towns throughout the Genesee, Finger Lakes, Niagara and Allegany regions. And I love to make plans and change them as I go, discovering new places along the way.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve been vigorously researching unique places to explore. I’d amassed long lists of interesting places I’d found in books, blogs, and Instagram, plus state, county and city tourism brochures.

This site—Day Trips Around Rochester—is a collection and continuous curation of destinations around Rochester. I’m excited to share this with you, so please subscribe to our email! Periodically, we’ll let you know what’s trending, what’s new, and what’s interesting.

Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as LinkedIn if you’re looking for part-time or contract Web Designer or Social Marketing Manager for your small business.

I’m always looking for new ideas and perspectives—please reach out anytime!

Debi Bower - Owner of Day Trips Around Rochester
Debi Bower
Owner of Day Trips Around Rochester

You won’t see me in many pictures. I don’t usually take many with me in the frame, but I do have a few.

Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower
Debi Bower

Over the years, I’ve captured more feet-selfies along my travels. I call the series, Walking on the Surface of Life. And yes, I’ve basically had the same shoes for a very long time! Between the Sketchers, the Tevas, and my snow boots, I’m all set.

Wickham lavender
Oatka Creek
Stony Brook
strawberry picking
Memorial Art Gallery
City of Rochester
Highland Park
Chimney Bluffs
powder mills autumn leaves
stay six feet apart
Penn Dixie
East Aurora
Genesee Riverway Trail
Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary
national park service
Rochester Logo
Durand Eastman hike
MacKenzie Childs
winter hike Letchworth
El Camino
Grimes Glen
social distancing
Ithaca planet walk
color run
pedal tour

Our mission is to inspire exploration, appreciation, preservation, and conservation of our natural and human communities. To that end, we seek out destinations within a two hour radius of Rochester, NY that foster a passion for both.

5 thoughts on “Meet Debi Bower, Owner of Day Trips Around Rochester, NY”

  1. Hi Debi, My name is Debbi Bower and I own the Corbett house within Corbetts Glen. It was funny to see your article of Day Trips Around Rochester NY where Corbetts Glen won the top billing and also written by Debi Bower…..somewhat bizarre, I’d say! . Thank you for your article!!!

  2. Hi Deb

    Two days left for the NYS Tourism Awards. I think you should be nominated. Can you call me?

    Bill 518-527-7824

    I’m the Marketing Director for the NYS Canal Corp.

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