Oatka Creek Park goldenrod birch

Oatka Creek Park

As one of the more strollable and least developed county parks, Oatka Creek offers little change in elevation along the 3.3-mile loop trail, making for a quiet retreat into nature.

If you drive NY-251 west from Victor, through Mendon and Rush, and continue straight on Quaker Rd. (don’t turn right to follow NY-251 north into the Village of Scottsville,) the road will take you directly into the parking lot. From there, the main trail is so easy to locate and enjoy.

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Oatka Creek Park
Oatka Creek Park May grass pathway
Oatka Creek Park May aspen trees
Oatka Creek Park
Purple Trail

Oatka Creek Park in Late-May

If you’ve been longing for the color green after winter’s harsh whites, the trails are awash in it!

Oatka Creek Park goldenrod birch trees
Oatka Creek Park birch trail
Oatka Creek Park goldenrod grass
Oatka Creek Park monarch butterfly
Blue Trail

Oatka Creek Park in Early-September

The grass-mown meadow trails are perfect for observing wildflowers and the birds & insects that flourish among them.

Oatka Creek Park Scottsville NY
The driveway
Oatka Creek Park Scottsville NY
Oatka Creek Park Scottsville NY
Green Trail

Oatka Creek Park in Early-November

This trail offers an excellent hike to observe fall foliage changes and the dying of meadow flowers.

birch trees
birch trees

Quiet spaces

I find the meadows unique about Oatka—great spaces to observe wildflowers, birds, and other wildlife among the Aspens and witness seasonal changes. It is one of the least used and least developed parks, making for a quiet retreat into nature.

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Oatka Creek Park
Oatka Creek / Purple Trail
Oatka Creek Park Scottsville NY
Oatka Creek Park Scottsville NY
Oatka Crek Park black trail
Black Trail


Any combination of green, white, blue, and black trails is an easy walk. The green trail is where you’ll find the Aspen grove.

Take the Warbler/Purple Trail to find the stone bridge that crosses Oatka Creek, best known for quality fly fishing.

Oatka in October

More information about Oatka Creek Park

Cost: Free

Located in Scottsville, roughly 25 minutes / 20 miles from Rochester (get directions)

More information: monroecounty.gov/parks-oatka

Trail Map | Park Map

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Where are your favorite spots in Oatka Creek Park?

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  1. Looking for history of the mining of gypsum in OutKast’s creek park. It is also called plaster woods and had a small gauge railroad.

  2. A magical place. I couldn’t believe there was such a park right around the corner from where I lived. I hope it retains its lesser-known and lesser-used status, but is still preserved as a NY park for generations to come. Nice photos!

  3. Just an FYI: the “get directions” link under “More info information about Oatka Creek Park” takes you to a google map of Black Creek Park, not Oatka Creek. (webmaster feel free to delete my comment if fixed! 🙂 )

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