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20 Rochester-Area Chocolatiers

Choosing a favorite among the excellent Rochester-area chocolatiers is unthinkable. Crafted by third- and fourth-generation descendants, many chocolates are still made using traditional family recipes with modern twists.

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Descriptions are from each chocolatier’s website.

City of Rochester

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates
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Hedonist Artisan Chocolates

Rochester’s South Wedge Neighborhood, est. 2007

from their website:

Hedonist /he-don-ist/ a person who believes that pursuing pleasure is the most essential thing in life; a pleasure-seeker.

In 2007, Hedonist Artisan Chocolates was born in Rochester, New York.  Founder Jennifer Posey believed that hand-crafting small-batch confections using old-world techniques, carefully sourced ingredients, and refined packaging would create an obsession for artisan chocolates in Rochester and New York State.

They also have a selection of vegan and dairy-free options.

Laughing Gull Chocolates
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Laughing Gull Chocolates

Rochester’s Winton Village neighborhood, est. 2015

from their website:

Laughing Gull Chocolates was conceived out of a long-standing love affair with chocolate, a fascination with its story, and a desire to use chocolate as a vehicle for social change.

After spending years delving into the history of cacao, founder Lindsay Tarnoff discovered that her love of making chocolate was as powerful as her resolve to use her favorite food to change the world.

In addition to public and private chocolate-making classes, they offer chocolate tastings (including some rare chocolates), hot chocolate flights, espresso, tea, and other drinks, and Cheese Plates with local cheeses. They also have vegan and dairy-free options.

Stevers Candy Rochester Chocolatiers
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Stever’s Candy

Rochester’s Park Ave Neighborhood, est. 1946

from their website:

Current chocolatiers are 3rd generation descendants of the original owner.

The Stever’s have been making delicious confections for over half a century. Douglas Stever learned the art of candy making near Philadelphia after his service in World War II. In 1946, he and his wife Hilda opened their first small shop in Rochester at S. Goodman & Benton Streets.

Monroe County

AFFAIRE de CHOCOLAT Fairport Chocolatiers
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Fairport, est. 2001

from their website:

AFFAIRE de CHOCOLAT was established in 2001 in Perinton, NY.

Our truffles and chocolates are handmade right at our store in Fairport. We have a large selection of different Chocolate Barks. We have both traditional and non-traditional flavors. We manufacture Roc City Chocolates.

Andys Candies
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Andy’s Candies

Irondequoit, est. 1917

from their website:

Current chocolatiers are 4th generation descendants of the original owner. Andy’s Candies Homemade Chocolates has been family-owned and operated in Rochester, NY, since 1917. Andrew Sykut was a welder by day and a candy maker by night when he founded the business.

Their factory is on Hudson Ave. (not open for tours), with several suburban retail locations operational for decades; the oldest is a seasonal shop in Perinton that opened 40+ years ago.

Encore Chocolates Irondequoit
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Encore Chocolates

Irondequoit, est. 1987

from their website:

Founded in 1987, Encore Chocolates, Inc. has always been known for its imaginative and innovative chocolate gifts and creations. We strive to satiate your sweet needs for holidays, special events, gifts, and everyday indulgences.

Greater Rochester

Original Candy Company Williamson Chocolatiers
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Original Candy Kitchen

Williamson, est. 1890

from their website:

The Original Candy Kitchen has been an institution in Williamson since its origin in 1890. Originally an ice cream parlor, the business has slowly evolved over four generations into a family restaurant/candy store.

Sweet Expressions Canandaigua Chocolatiers
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Sweet Expressions

Canandaigua, est. 1997

from their website:

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Canandaigua, Sweet Expressions has been providing custom-created chocolates and gifts since 1997.

Western New York

Aletheas Chocolates
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Alethea’s Chocolates

Williamsville, est. 1967

from their website:

Alethea’s has a long history in the confectionary business, starting with the owner’s great-grandmother, Alethea, who made confections in her hometown of Kozani, Greece.

In 1979, the family consolidated their store and factory into a historic Williamsville estate location, building their chocolate factory adjacent to the original estate home.

After extensive rehabilitation, this original building became the Chocolate Shop and Ice Cream Parlor, now nicely situated in a beautiful park-like setting.

Antoinettes Sweets Depew Chocolatiers
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Antoinette’s Sweets

Depew, est. 1915

from their website:

From Antoinette’s Sweets’ origins on the East Side of Buffalo to the current location on Transit Road in Depew since 1958, a fourth family generation continues the traditions of homemade confectionery creations.

Fowlers Chocolates
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Fowler’s Chocolates

Factory in Buffalo plus five retail locations, est. 1910

from their website:

Fowler’s Chocolates is the original maker of sponge candy. Factory tours—complete with Golden Ticket—every Columbus Day weekend, offering self-guided tours and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how it’s made.

Landies Candies stuffed pretzels
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Landies Candies

Buffalo, est. 1985

from their website:

Landies Candies is a chocolate manufacturer of private-label chocolates and our line of sweet treats, including our unique and delicious stuffed pretzels!

Landies also makes Wegmans Brand Sponge Candy.

Landies award-winning chocolate starts with a 130-year-old Swiss recipe using only the finest cocoa beans available worldwide and harmoniously blending in natural whole milk and choice ingredients, such as fresh locally roasted nuts, to create a delightful symphony of satisfaction.

Olivers Candies Batavia Chocolatiers
Photo from Oliver’s

Oliver’s Candies

Batavia, est. 1932

from their website:

Oliver’s Candies was established in 1932 by Joseph Boyd Oliver. Oliver’s uses original, family-proven recipes with the best ingredients, including real butter, cream, honey, and other natural products.

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Platter’s Chocolates

North Tonawanda, est. 1938

from their website:

In 1938, Carl Platter decided to do what friends and family said he did best: make chocolate. Not just any chocolate, however, but the chocolate North Tonawanda has come to know and love—Orange Chocolate. Carl then started Platter’s Chocolate part-time in his basement.

Platter’s also has a cafe with an ice cream shop and offers chocolate factory tours!

Sweet Jennys Chocolatiers Williamsville NY
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Sweet Jenny’s

Williamsville, est. 1985

from their website:

Sweet Jenny’s small batches of ice cream and chocolates are created in the same building as their retail shop inside the 1811 Williamsville Mill. You get the freshest product possible, often out for sale the day it is made.

Wahls Candies
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Wahl’s Candies

Cheektawaga, est. 1938

from their website:

Milton C. “Bud” Wahl’s family began making and selling chocolates from their home in 1938, opening a soda fountain and chocolate shop after WWII. Wahl’s Candies is now owned by Fowler’s, who plans to honor the original recipes.

Watsons Chocolates sponge candy
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Watson’s Chocolates

Tonawanda, est. 1946

from their website:

Watson’s chocolate factory is in Tonawanda, with several retail locations in Buffalo, plus one in Victor. Established in 1946, current chocolatiers are 3rd generation descendants.

In 1946, two brothers, Louis and John Watson, and their respective wives, Ellen and Mary, began making chocolates in the back room of their soda fountain and luncheonette on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, NY.

Family recipes, including our Famous Sponge Candy, are still made by hand and in small batches. Our candy makers and chocolatier are our extended family, and we take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients, including Fair Trade Certified chocolate.

Central New York

Hercules Candy Co Chocolatiers
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Hercules Candies

East Syracuse, est. 1905

from their website:

Current chocolatiers are 3rd generation descendants of the original owner.

In 1905, my grandfather, Robert, and his 2 brothers, Jim and Pete, arrived in America from Greece through a port in Boston, MA. They went to Fulton, NY, where they learned the art of candy making.

We make candy the way it was made in the early 1900s – all by hand without any machines. We roast our own nuts on the premises and purchase our ingredients directly from the source from which they originate – not through a middleman so that the freshness and quality of our candy speak for themselves.

Speach Family Candy Shoppe
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The Speach Family Candy Shoppe

Syracuse, est. 1920

from their website:

Current chocolatiers are 4th generation descendants of the original owner.

Originally founded by Michael Speach (Michele Spicciati) an immigrant from Italy, The Speach Family Candy Shoppe has been passed down through the generations to Michael’s great-grandson who also happens to be named Michael.

With the help of family and friends, the Speach Family Candy Shoppe has grown and developed new products and gorgeous packaging the customers have come to expect and appreciate.

Sweet on Chocolate

I’ll be adding more about Sweet on Chocolate Syracuse soon!

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Rochester-Area Chocolatiers: Stevers on Park Ave
Cover Photo from Stever’s

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