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🍦The Best Ice Cream Shops Around Rochester

There’s nothing quite like the pure bliss of savoring a cold, creamy scoop of ice cream on a warm summer day. Whether it’s a simple dish of velvety vanilla, an elaborate sundae, or an unusual flavor combination, ice cream has a way of transporting us back to the carefree joys of childhood.

Looking for a delicious scoop of ice cream that’s worth day-tripping to? These top ice cream and frozen dessert shops in charming villages and city neighborhoods turn a simple scoop into an artisanal delight.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day on the third “Sundae” in July.

Best of Rochester - Day Trips Around Rochester book

Day Trips Around Rochester, New York

City of Rochester

Original Abbotts Custard Lake Ave Rochester
Original Abbott’s Custard on Lake Ave

Abbott’s Frozen Custard
Lake Avenue, seasonal: original location and inside the Port of Rochester building. Serves frozen custard.

Grandma Gail’s Ice Cream Shoppe
Winton Village. Serves Turkey Hill.

Hedonist Artisan Ice Cream
South Wedge. Handcrafted.

Pittsford Farms Dairy
Park Avenue. Handcrafted.

Monroe County

iKON Ice Cream
iKON Ice Cream

Abbott’s Frozen Custard
Gates, Henrietta, Greece, Bushnell’s Basin, and inside Bill Gray’s restaurants. Serves frozen custard.

Anthony’s Ice Cream
Spencerport. Serves Perry’s.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream
Webster and Irondequoit. Handcrafted.

Byrne Dairy
Brockport, Chili, East Rochester, Gates, Greece, and Irondequoit. Handcrafted.

Colby’s Ice Cream & Bake Shop
Rush. Serves Hershey’s.

Creamcredible Ice Cream & Desserts
Henrietta. Handcrafted.

The Creamery
Hilton. Serves Perry’s.

Dipper Dan
Honeoye Falls. Serves Upstate Farms, Honey Hill Farms’ Frozen Yogurt, and over 40 flavors of ice cream locally sourced from Perry’s, Purity, Byrne Dairy, and more.

Drip Ice Cream Shop
Greece. Serves Perry’s.

Frank’s Italian Ice
Spencerport, inside LuGia’s. Serves Italian ice.

The Front Porch Ice Cream Shoppe
North Greece. Serves Gifford’s and Turkey Hill.

i-Scream for Ice Cream at I-Square
Irondequoit. Serves Purity.

iKON Ice Cream
Scottsville. Serves Perry’s and 3,000 custom ice cream and milkshake flavors.

Lift Bridge Ice Cream
Fairport. Handcrafted.

LuGia’s Ice Cream
Spencerport. Serves Perry’s and Frank’s Italian Ice.

Mill Creek Cafe
Honeoye Falls. Serves Hershey’s.

Moonlight Creamery
Fairport. Handcrafted.

Netsins Ice Cream
Irondequoit. Serves Perry’s.

Neutral Ground Coffeehouse
Pittsford. Serves Purity.

Oriens Cafe
Greece. Serves gelato.

Pittsford Farms Dairy
Henrietta and Pittsford. Handcrafted.

Rita’s Italian Ice
Brighton. Serves Italian ice.

Roc City Ice Cream
Greece. Serves Hershey’s.

Royal Cafe Gelateria
Fairport. Serves gelato.

Chili. Serves a variety of brands.

Scoop ‘n Twist
Brighton. Serves Perry’s.

Chili. Serves Perry’s.

Village Ice Cream Shop
Spencerport and North Chili. Serves Gifford’s.

What’s ‘Ur Scoop
Penfield. Serves handcrafted, Ashby’s Sterling, and Giffords.

Greece, Henrietta, and Webster. Serves frozen yogurt.

Pittsford. Serves frozen yogurt.

Greater Rochester

Zeppos Creekside Creamery
Zeppos Creekside Creamery, Mount Morris

Genesee County

Blondie’s Sip-n-Dip
Batavia. Serves Hershey’s.

Dave’s Ice Cream
Batavia. Specializes in creative soft-serve combinations.

Batavia. Handcrafted.

S’mores Ice Cream Shoppe
LeRoy. Serves Perry’s.

Livingston County

Kish-a-wa Creamery
Nunda. Serves Upstate, Gifford’s, Perry’s, Turkey Hill, Ashby’s Sterling, and several other brands.

Lakeville. Serves Gifford’s.

Moonie’s Two Scoops
Leicester. Serves Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream.

Six Sprouts Farm Market
Avon. Serves Twisters.

Livonia. Handcrafted.

Zeppo’s Creekside Creamery
Mount Morris. Handcrafted.

Ontario County

A’s Diner & Desserts
Canandaigua. Serves Gifford’s.

Cheshire Farms Creamery
Canandaigua. Handcrafted.

Lynnie Lou’s
Naples. Handcrafted.

MELT Ice Cream on Main
Phelps. Serves Purity.

Molly V’s
Victor. Handcrafted.

Papa Jack’s Ice Cream
Victor. Serves Perry’s.

Canandaigua. Serves Perry’s.

Shark’s Ice Cream
Bloomfield. Handcrafted.

Orleans County

Hojack Ice Cream Shack & Snack Shack Grill
Lyndonville. Serves Perry’s.

Red, White, and Moo
Holley. Serves Perry’s.

Albion. Serves Perry’s.

Seneca County

Cayuga Lake Creamery
Interlaken. Handcrafted.

Wayne County

Bee Tee’s Drive-In
Newark. Serves Perry’s.

Chill & Grill
Palmyra. Serves Perry’s.

Doyle Farms Creamery
Wolcott. Handcrafted.

Mr. Coolee’s
Newark. Serves Ashby’s Sterling.

Pulcini’s Ice Cream
Palmyra. Serves Gifford’s and Turkey Hill.

Yia Yia’s Ice Cream Shoppe
Williamson. Serves Hershey’s.

Wyoming County

Charcoal Ice Cream Parlor
Perry. Serves Perry’s.

Vintage Cow Farmers Market
Attica. Handcrafted.

Warsaw. Handcrafted.

Yates County

Seneca Farms
Penn Yan. Handcrafted.

Spotted Duck
Penn Yan. Handcrafted.

Shtayburne Farm Creamery
Rock Stream. Handcrafted.

Surrounding Counties

Lewiston Silo Ice Cream
The Silo, Lewiston

Cayuga County

Reese’s Dairy Bar
Auburn. Handcrafted.

Erie County

Nick Charlap’s Ice Cream
Hamburg. Handcrafted.

Rosie’s Ice Cream
East Aurora. Handcrafted.

Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream
Williamsville. Handcrafted.

Niagara County

Goodies at the Beach
Olcott. Homemade.

Lakeview Village Shoppes
Lakeside Ice Cream
Olcott. Serves Perry’s.

Olcott Carousel Park
Barbara Ann’s Carousel Concessions
Olcott. Serves Perry’s.

Lake Effect Ice Cream
Lockport. Handcrafted.

Hibbard’s Original Frozen Custard
Lewiston. Serves frozen custard.

The Silo Caboose
Lewiston. Serves Perry’s.

Schuyler County

Glen Dairy Bar
Watkins Glen. Serves Gifford’s, Gilligan’s, and handcrafted.

The Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor
Watkins Glen. Serves Hershey’s.

Steuben County

Crooked Lake Ice Cream Parlor
Hammondsport. Dippity Do Dahs

Dippity Do Dahs
Corning. Handcrafted.

Old World Cafe & Ice Cream
Corning. Serves Purity.

Tompkins County

Cayuga Lake Creamery
Ithaca. Handcrafted.

Purity Ice Cream
Ithaca. Handcrafted.

Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream
Ithaca. Handcrafted.

Regional Ice Cream Brands

Perrys Ice Cream headquarters in Akron New York
Perry’s headquarters in Akron, NY

These popular ice cream brands originated and gained popularity in and around Western New York. They use locally sourced dairy ingredients, which are made in large quantities.

New York

Byrne Dairy – LaFayette

Dippity Do Dahs – Corning

Gilligan’s – Sherburn

Honey Hill Farms – Livonia

Perry’s – Akron (also makes Wegmans private-label ice cream)

Purity – Ithaca

Twisters – Avon

Upstate Farms – Buffalo


Ashby’s Sterling – Michigan

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream – Wisconsin

Gifford’s – Maine

Hershey – Pennsylvania

Turkey Hill – Pennsylvania

Frozen Dessert Descriptions

Spotted Duck ice cream
Spotted Duck flight

Handcrafted ice cream is made in small batches using quality ingredients and techniques incorporating less air, resulting in a dense, velvety texture. Flavors can range from classic vanilla and chocolate to creative combinations using fresh fruits, baked goods, candies, and more. You can try various ice cream flavors by searching for shops that offer ice cream flights.

Frozen custard is a luxurious and creamy dessert that is made using egg yolks. It is freshly prepared in small amounts and churned continuously while freezing to prevent the formation of ice crystals. It has a smooth, velvety texture and a distinctive rich flavor that sets it apart from other frozen treats.

Frozen yogurt, also known as fro-yo, is a frozen dessert made by combining yogurt and milk instead of cream. It is churned to incorporate air, which gives it a lighter and fluffier texture compared to ice cream. Many consider it to be a healthier option as it contains less fat and calories. The flavors of frozen yogurt range from traditional yogurt flavors to fruity varieties.

Gelato is an Italian frozen treat that’s richer and denser than ice cream. It has a velvety, elastic texture because it’s churned at a slower speed, incorporating less air. It’s made with milk rather than cream and has an intense, concentrated flavor because it uses less fat and sugar.

Italian ice is a frozen dessert prepared using water, sugar, and fresh fruit purees or juices. It has a smooth and icy texture and is packed with an intense fruit flavor in every spoonful. My favorite way to enjoy Italian ice is by layering it with frozen custard to make a Gelati.

Google Map of Locations

View the map separately here.

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Ice Cream cover generated using Bing Create
Image generated using Bing Create

Around Rochester, this frozen treat reaches heavenly new heights thanks to an outstanding array of mom-and-pop shops and creameries dishing out incredible hand-crafted flavors, frozen custards, refreshing Italian ices, and other frosty favorites. Most establishments now offer a wider selection of vegan and gluten-free options, and some have special dog treats.

These beloved ice cream shops are popular due to their exceptional service, unique environment, and integration into the community. Some offer their own hand-dipped (scooped hard-serve) and soft-serve ice cream, creative concoctions, and various frozen treats, while others serve regional ice cream brands.

Keep in mind that several of these ice cream shops are seasonal operations, opening in the spring and closing by early fall, and a handful are cash-only venues.

Where are your favorite ice cream and frozen dessert shops?

Your insights and experiences are valuable. Please share them in the comments.

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36 thoughts on “🍦The Best Ice Cream Shops Around Rochester”

  1. Partyka Farm in Kendall, just outside of Monroe County, serves ice cream and yummy sundaes and has a super cute outside area to enjoy it!

  2. You need to add the Keshequa Creamery in Nunda to this list. They have fabulous ice cream from their own creamery.

    1. No worries, Kish-a-wa Creamery is already on the list! Kish-a-wa Creamery, listed under “Regional-Brand Ice Cream Shops” in Greater Rochester, serves Upstate, Gifford’s, Perry’s, Turkey Hill, Ashby’s Sterling, and several other brands.

  3. Please add S’mores Ice Cream Shoppe to this list. They are located in LeRoy, NY on Flint Hill Road at the Genesee Country Campground but are open to the public. Friendly, family service with generous portions and great prices!

  4. Sweet Jenny’s in Williamsville has *the best* homemade ice cream! They have something for everyone. We go out of our way to stop by when we’re in the Buffalo area. 🙂

  5. The Hojack Ice Cream Shack & Snack Shack Grill in Lyndonville, NY. Closer than some on this list. I’ve seen people line up outside during a thunderstorm to get their ice cream there!

  6. Papa Jack’s Ice cream in Victor is extremely popular. Offers A large variety of flavors, sundaes, shakes and more. Also ice cream cakes @ 265 West Main Street in Victor.

    1. Minnehan’s in Lakeville. Serves amazing frozen custard. It is so rich and creamy. If you don’t like soft serve they have both Gifford’s and Perry’s hard ice cream.

  7. One that should really be on the list is Blondie’s in Batavia. They can’t be beat! Huge portions and a quaint old fashioned soda shop!

  8. Annis Dairy that was in Avon had the best flavor. I think it was called chocolate fudge but it was like a malted flavor. It was the best.

  9. We love Twisters in Livonia- homemade flavors as well as the traditional choices- and Sprinkles and Tom Wahl’s in Avon!

  10. You have to add Mr. Coolies in Newark. The serving sizes are UNREAL, prices are good and they have a DRIVE THRU!! Hands down best place we have ever been too!

      1. Thanks for adding Dipper Dan to the list for ice cream Monroe County. Could we mention that they offer handmade waffle cones, too?

  11. Teresa Mueller

    Another suggestion is Reminisce Soda Fountain in Caledonia. All the old time soda fountain favorites in a retro themed diner with great food and classic equipment and decor. Phosphate, anyone?

    1. I love Reminisce, especially because my grandmother was a huge Betty Boop fan. I get a vanilla with cherry and phosphate 🙂 So good! I’ll have to do an article sometime about classic-style diners because Reminisce should be there as well! Thank you for the recommendation, Teresa.

    1. Michelle, I haven’t heard about Dippity Do Dahs until now! They sure have some excellent reviews on Facebook and Google. I’ll add them over the next few days. Thank you for the recommendation!

  12. I seriously cannot believe the one in Naples made the list but Middleton’s Frozen Custard on Main Street, voted best in Livingston County, two yrs in a row, didn’t make the list! Best place in NYS as far as I’m concerned.

  13. I would suggest you add the Chill and Grill in palmyra- the serving size is unreal. My sons and I search every summer for the best spots around town. This place will not disappoint!

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