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Rochester-Area Shopping Guides

In the heart of the Genesee Valley and gateway to the Finger Lakes Region, Rochester offers delightful shopping experiences, from charming neighborhood boutiques to bustling shopping destinations in nearby villages like East Aurora, Skaneateles, and Ellicottville.

Whether you’re a local resident looking to uncover hidden gems or a visitor eager to explore the region’s unique shopping scene, this guide is your passport to discovering the best of what Rochester, New York, has to offer.

So, grab your reusable shopping bags, and let’s embark on an unforgettable retail adventure filled with delightful finds and cherished moments shared with loved ones.

Best of Rochester - Day Trips Around Rochester book

Day Trips Around Rochester, New York

Local Shops

Exploring Rochester’s neighborhoods unveils a treasure trove of unique shops, each with its own distinct personality and offerings. Whether you’re seeking handcrafted artisan goods, vintage treasures, a good read, or the latest trends in fashion and home décor, you’ll find something to delight your senses around Monroe County.

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Shop Like a Local: Embark on a Retail Expedition through Rochester’s Neighborhoods

When exploring Rochester’s residential areas, you’ll find unique boutiques, bookstores, and shops scattered among restaurants and cafes.

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New & Used Bookstores Around Rochester

Books take us on a journey through time and space. If you’re looking for a new adventure, check out these bookstores around Rochester.

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Give the Gift of Rochester! 5 City Shops that Celebrate Regional Novelties

These Rochester gifts are more than mere objects; they are nostalgic expressions of the city’s soul, making them a joy to give and receive.

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200+ Places to Shop Locally Around Rochester, New York

Shopping locally is about discovering something uniquely Rochester while directly impacting the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.

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20 Rochester-Area Chocolatiers

Many of our fine Rochester-area chocolatiers are 3rd- and 4th-generation descendants using traditional family recipes with modern twists.

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4 Old Country Stores Around Rochester

These old-fashioned country stores house aisles full of nostalgic candies, toys, and knickknacks that transport you back in time.

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Gifting Shared Experiences

Beyond the tangible treasures waiting to be discovered, consider the gift of shared experiences. In addition to traditional gifts, consider the joy of giving gift cards for local experiences or plan a date to spend quality time together. Rochester and its surrounding areas offer a plethora of opportunities for memorable outings, from enjoying a gourmet meal at a local restaurant to exploring the region’s natural beauty through hiking, boating, or wine tasting.


Shared Rochester Experiences that Make Great Gifts

Giving the gift of shared Rochester experiences offers rewards that go well beyond mere personal joy—where less is genuinely more.

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Food & Beverage Guide

Whether savoring a gourmet meal, enjoying local delicacies, or embarking on a culinary adventure, you’ll love Rochester’s dining scene.

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Shopping Day-Trip Destinations

Venturing beyond Rochester’s city limits leads to even more delightful discoveries. Picturesque towns like East Aurora, Skaneateles, and Ellicottville beckon with quaint streets lined with shops brimming with character and charm. From quaint country stores to upscale boutiques, these destinations offer an enchanting shopping experience worth the journey.


Explore Skaneateles

The Village of Skaneateles is the perfect place to get away and enjoy the pace of lake life, surrounded by unique boutiques and restaurants.

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Explore East Aurora

From Vidler’s to the Aurora Theatre to the Roycroft Arts & Crafts movement, the early 1900s are alive and well on Main Street in East Aurora.

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Explore Ellicottville

Ellicottville offers the perfect combination of outdoor adventures, boutique shopping, craft beverages, and delicious dining.

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Do you have a favorite place to shop around Rochester?

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