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7 Spectacular Christmas Lights Around Rochester

Because December is the darkest month, we welcome grand displays of holiday and Christmas lights to brighten the night.

These homeowners and communities go all out to celebrate the season, so let’s get out there and celebrate with them. May your nights be merry & bright!

Our 7 favorite Christmas light displays in 2021:

All are in Monroe County

  1. Quesdada Drive, Greece
  2. Rahway Road, Gates
  3. Colony Lane, Henrietta
  4. Stonebridge Lane, Pittsford
  5. Endicar Drive, Irondequoit
  6. Middle Road, Henrietta
  7. Beauclaire Lane, Perinton

More Delightful Christmas Light Displays

  1. The Buckskin Drive neighborhood in Victor has 20+ homes all synced to the same music station
  2. Our growing list of individual homes in Monroe County with holiday lights synced with music
  3. Lamberton Conservatory’s Holiday Show
  4. Use our Google Map featuring all of our favorites throughout the Rochester, NY area

Extreme Individual Homes and Neighborhood Christmas Lights in Monroe County

Quesada Drive – Greece

1. 127 Quesada Drive


This is a single home with lights synced with music. And not just Christmas music!

What makes this one different than other homes on our favorites list is that it’s not on a cul-de-sac and people tend to park their cars for 20+ minutes rather than keep driving by. I went on a Monday at 5:15 and there were easily 20 cars already lined up, and 30 more driving carefully and slowly past.

People also park on the side streets and walk down to see this home up close, along with another brightly lit home down the street.

You may find it easier to work your way into the neighborhood from Latta Rd. rather than English Rd. so you end up on the same side of the street as the 127 Quesada Dr. without needing to turn around.

Christmas Lights Rahway 2020 cover
Christmas Lights Rahway 2020 Winter Hazel Believe
Christmas Lights Rahway santa
Christmas Lights Rahway 2020 cover Winter Hazel
Rahway Road – Gates

2. Christmas Lights on Rahway Road


Many of the homes in the Rahway community (Rahway, Dawson, Winter Hazel) participate in the annual Christmas lights extravaganza. Some homes are lit to festive extremes, while others are elegant, monotone, or traditional.

Winter Hazel is a cul-de-sac so you can see all of the homes a second time as you drive back out toward Lyell Rd.

Christmas Lights Colony 2020 cover main
Christmas Lights Colony 2020 carousel 1
Christmas Lights Colony 2020 peace
Christmas Lights Colony 2020 cover middle
Colony Lane – Henrietta

3. Christmas Lights on Colony Lane


This Henrietta cul-de-sac at the end of Colony Lane is decked with lights & music synced across multiple homes.

Join the Facebook group to stay informed of the festivities. For 2020 specifically, they will be drive-through only. No photos with characters will be taken, but Mr. and Mrs. Santa will be waving to cars from the circle.

They also collect non-perishable food items for the Rush Henrietta Area Food Terminal.

Christmas Lights Stonebridge 2020 cover blue
Christmas Lights Stonebridge 2020
Christmas Lights Stonebridge 2020
Christmas Lights Stonebridge 2020 cover
Stonebridge Lane – Pittsford

4. Christmas Lights on Stonebridge Lane


The entire cul-de-sac neighborhood on Stonebridge Lane gets decked out in elegant holiday bling.

Christmas Lights Endicar 2020 cover giraffe
Christmas Lights Endicar 2020 blow ups
Christmas Lights Endicar 2020 mother child
Christmas Lights Endicar 2020 cover blue white
Endicar Drive – Irondequoit

5. Christmas Lights on Endicar Drive


This cul-de-sac neighborhood is lit! Multiple homes on Endicar Drive participate to bring the holiday cheer.

Christmas Lights Middle 2020 cover side
Christmas Lights Middle 2020 driveway
Christmas Lights Middle 2020 yard
Christmas Lights Middle 2020 cover
Middle Road – Rush/Henrietta

6. Christmas Lights on Middle Road


This home at 1361 Middle Road near the Rush-Henrietta town line is absolutely worth a slow-roll by. It’s a tough place to pull over and appreciate, but has to be seen nonetheless.

Christmas Lights Beauclaire 2020 cover santa
Christmas Lights Beauclaire 2020 happy holidays
Christmas Lights Beauclaire 2020 ferris wheel
Christmas Lights Beauclaire 2020 cover full
Beauclaire Lane – Perinton

7. 16 Beauclaire Lane


This magnificent Polisseni home at 16 Beauclaire Lane is eccentric all year long, but comes to life during the holidays. The lawn sculptures and decorations are WOW-worthy!

While this home in particular is exceptional, the surrounding neighbors around the cul-de-sac and on the streets that wind along the hill behind Casa Larga also decorate which makes it an interesting drive-through.

Map of Christmas Lights
Use our Google Map featuring all of our favorites throughout the Rochester, NY area.

Christmas Lights Outside Monroe County

Christmas Lights Buckskin 2020 cover yard
Buckskin Drive in Farmington

Buckskin Drive


There are 20+ houses on Buckskin Dr. that are synced to the same radio station.

Once you pull onto the street, turn off your headlights and drive slowly through the neighborhood enjoying this exceptionally fun and colorful drive.

Follow along on their Facebook page.

Homes in Monroe County With Lights Synced with Christmas Music

Christmas Lights Santa Drive cover
Santa Drive

Select the address for directions:

  1. 169 Orland Rd, Irondequoit
  2. 78 Old English Drive, Greece
  3. 300 Lowden Point, Greece
  4. 226 Celtic Lane, Greece
  5. 225 Ridgecrest Road, Greece
  6. 27 Jamee Lane, Gates
  7. 44 Willhurst Dr, Gates
  8. 152 Brooklea Dr, Gates
  9. 33 Stover Road, Chili
  10. 15 Academy Drive, Henrietta
  11. 88 Shady Creek Road, Henrietta
  12. 16 Sparrow Drive, West Henrietta
  13. 9 Burning Tree Lane, Penfield
  14. 1948 Five Mile Line Road, Penfield
  15. 34 Havenshire Road, Penfield
  16. 152 Bent Oak Trail, Fairport
  17. 20 Santa Drive, Perinton
  18. 1028 Bay Road, Webster
  19. 35 Clearview Drive, Spencerport
  20. 51 Cassandra Circle, Churchville
  21. 357 Bridgeman Rd, Churchville
  22. 8 Peach Blossom Circle, Hilton
  23. 849 Burritt Road, Hilton

Find all of our favorites using our Google Map. Know of more we should add? Feel free to contact us with the address.

Old English
Old English
Orchard Creek
Orchard Creek
Pointe Vintage
Pointe Vintage
Pointe Vintage
Pointe Vintage

Even More Ways to Enjoy Christmas Around Rochester

ROC Holiday Village gingerbread house

2021 Roc Holiday Village

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
December 3-26

Roc Holiday Village is a free event located in Rochester, NY. The magical festival offers family-friendly events, a unique shopping experience, visits with Santa, ice skating & more!

holiday lights
Lamberton Conservatory holiday lights
Lamberton Conservatory holiday lights
Lamberton Conservatory holiday show lights
Lamberton Conservatory Holiday Show

Lamberton Conservatory Holiday Show

December 4, 2020 through January 10, 2021
Subject to change, indoor venue, 10 person capacity

The Holiday Show features a tower of poinsettias and the various rooms are strung with holiday lights. Plus, the tropical temperature will wisp you away from cold & snowy Rochester.

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Which holiday lights do you go out of your way to see?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


20 thoughts on “7 Spectacular Christmas Lights Around Rochester”

  1. Just a hint. Try going to Quesada Dr on less busy weekdays. First time on a Friday I couldn’t get near it ( i left to avoid being part of the traffic mess in the neighborhood). Went back on a Tuesday and was the 4th person in line 🙂 Just remember a neighborhood can only handle so many vehicles at a time.

  2. Please, if you are going to see these lights, especially Quesada Drive, be respectful of the people who live on the roads leading up the home. As a resident of the neighborhood we have had people refusing to move their cars for residents to get into their home, people will just block the road in both directions causing a safety issues, and people yell, curse, at the few neighbors who have volunteered to help with traffic control. This was meant to bring joy and fun.

  3. I was waiting at 127 Quesada Dr for 3 WHOLE HOURS, family from out of town were really excited to see the Christmas lights. Get to the (f-ing) house and all lights are OFF. Do not recommend, and I will NEVER go back. This is terrible. I’m BEYOND!!!!! disappointed. This should NOT be the #1 house on the list.

    1. We thoroughly enjoyed the lights at this home. It was our first time and my kids loved it!! Maybe the homeowner had technical difficulties or was out of town one weekend… It’s not a business – it’s free – and the homeowner is doing something nice for the community. Be grateful that people take their own time and money to put together a show for others. You are entitled to nothing…

  4. Since I live the closest to the lights on Rahway, I have gone there the most & it is definitely worth the trip. Every years it gets more & more elaborate with more homes joining in the festivities. This year they have a box in front of the first house on the tour where people can drop off toys for the Toys for Tots program.

    1. the lights are really pretty good.
      i think we use to go on your street
      with my family my boy friend died of cancer
      my dad pass too. my son ran away from my home
      i would like my son to com home. and my mom passed
      back in dec, 18 of 2019. but like i said your lights are really
      great. i wish my family and i could go back on the street again
      love anne scoville p.s. happy holiday

  5. Hey guys, appreciate this guide, I mean the guide with google map, it helped a lot. It was like a mini road trip around Rochester. And going one by one and on the google maps app, could easily just switch to the next. Thanks again for doing this

    1. Cyril, thank you so much for letting me know, and I’m so happy you found the map helpful! I try to think of the information or tools that would make my holiday season a bit easier and share them with you. Happy New Year!

  6. Check out the Phalin Family Christmas Light Show in Victor NY off of Plaster Mill Rd. (1087 Azzano Circle). Show has over 15,000 + lights programmed to 16 songs and runs through New Years.

    1. Victor hills is the Christmas light spot went there Saturday night great job does cost 25$ a car bit very much worth it

      1. Kaye, thank you for sharing your experience! I was wondering about the $25 per car vs. the depth of the experience. I’m happy to hear you found it worth the price!

  7. You should include the huge light display at the Disalvo home in Stafford. The owners want you to get out and walk all through their huge yard filled with all kinds of holiday displays.

    1. Done! That home on Fargo Rd. in Stafford is one of the most spectacular holiday light experiences and absolutely worth the drive. (Stafford is located between LeRoy and Batavia along NY-5)

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