Old Country Store North Cohocton

5 Old-Fashioned Country Stores Around Rochester

Spend a day exploring these carefully preserved old-fashioned country stores that offer a nostalgic trip back in time. These historic buildings house a variety of vintage toys, quirky knickknacks, and an assortment of unique candies and other sweet treats. Enjoy the slow roads to visit each of these stores, which are spread throughout our rural communities and along quaint village Main Streets.

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1. The Olde Country Store and More – 1849

The Olde Country Store and More 1849 storefront
The Olde Country Store and More 1849 German Corner
The Olde Country Store and More 1849 Green Heart of the Finger Lakes
Olde Country Store and More North Cohocton
Olde Country Store and More – 1894

North Cohocton

The Olde Country Store and More—1849 is renowned for its wide range of candies and local and German consumables and products, including original Lauscha glass ornaments. It boasts the largest selection of 1000 Islands River Rat Cheese in the area. You’ll also find Green Heart of the Finger Lakes merchandise designed by the store’s proprietor. The store is open seasonally from March until the end of December.

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2. Vidler’s 5 and 10 Variety Store

Vidlers 5 and 10 East Aurora
Vidlers toys
Vidlers lunchboxes
Vidlers 5-and-10 gnomes
Vidler’s 5 and 10 in East Aurora

East Aurora

Vidler’s 5 & 10 Variety Store is a cherished retail establishment that has delighted customers since it was founded in 1930. Spread across four connected buildings and offering over 75,000 diverse items, Vidler’s offers a nostalgic trip back to mid-20th-century America. Renowned for its old-fashioned charm, unique layout, and wide variety of merchandise, this beloved five-and-dime store serves as a community hub and is a popular destination for locals and visitors. Vidler’s continues to thrive by preserving its historic roots while adapting to modern times, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for a memorable and unique shopping experience.

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From Vidler’s to the Aurora Theatre to the Roycroft Arts & Crafts movement, the early 1900s are alive and well on Main Street in East Aurora.

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3. Genesee Country Village Mercantile, Confectionery, and Pub

Genesee Country Village Museum mercantile
Genesee Country Village Museum mercantile
Genesee Country Village pottery
Genesee Country Village maple syrup
Genesee Country Village molds
Genesee Country Village confectionery
GCV Confectionery


The Genesee Country Village & Museum offers more than just a glimpse into 19th-century life through its living history exhibits. In addition to the exhibits, visitors can enjoy a unique shopping experience at charming shops like the Flint Hill Gift Shop, Village Mercantile, D.B. Munger & Co. Confectionery, and Freight House Pub. These shops offer period-inspired clothing, toys, wares, and decor, traditional sweets, and locally crafted beverages, capturing the essence of historical craftsmanship and flavors.

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Genesee Country Village & Museum

The Genesee Country Village is a living history museum with 68 structures on 700 acres, making it the largest museum of its kind in New York.

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4. Wendy’s Pantry & Country Mouse Tea House

Wendys Pantry Country Mouse Tea House front
Wendys Pantry Country Mouse Tea House chocolates
Wendys Pantry Country Mouse Tea House products
Wendys Pantry Country Mouse Tea House seating
Wendys Pantry Country Mouse Tea House candies
Wendys Pantry Country Mouse Tea House shelves
Wendy’s Pantry & Country Mouse Tea House

Mount Morris

Wendy’s Pantry & Country Mouse Tea House provides a unique and charming experience. Their historic building houses a specialty foods and candy store and a cozy tea and coffee shop. Visitors can choose from a wide selection of old-fashioned and popular candies, high-quality chocolates, truffles, and other confectionery items, with a focus on natural and local New York State products. The tea house offers various teas, coffees, and freshly baked goods. Additionally, Wendy’s hosts small tea parties for baby showers, meetings, and family gatherings.

Wendy’s doesn’t maintain an active digital presence, so you may wish to call ahead — (585) 658-2628 — or plan to stop by on your way home from Letchworth.

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5. Marilla Country Store

Marilla Country Store Autumn store front
Marilla Country Store Christmas decor
Marilla Country Store candy selection
Marilla Country Store fun toys
Marilla Country Store


The Marilla Country Store, established in 1851, is one of the oldest continuously operating country stores in the United States. The store’s historic structure features original plank floors, vintage countertops, and a nostalgic gaslight. The on-site museum showcases antique merchandise, old store equipment, original advertising, and captivating stories from the store’s past. This landmark in Western New York offers a wide selection of fresh bulk foods, old-fashioned candies, unique gifts, and charming decor.

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  1. Olde Country Store, in North Cohocton, is a fantastic store. Have been there many times and loved it every time. So much candy to choose from and other great items!

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