Old Country Store North Cohocton

4 Old Country Stores Around Rochester

These businesses are not just country gift shops with farm-house-themed decor. When you walk into one of these old country stores, you’re stepping back in time with aisles of old-fashioned toys, knickknacks, and candies. The nostalgia is joyful!

Our Old Country Stores

  1. Vidler’s 5 and 10
  2. Marilla Country Store
  3. Genesee Country Village
  4. Olde Country Store and More
Vidlers 5 and 10 East Aurora
Vidlers toys
Vidlers lunchboxes
Vidlers 5-and-10 gnomes
Vidler’s 5 and 10 in East Aurora

1. Vidler’s 5 and 10 Variety Store

East Aurora, built in 1930

Vidler’s is nostalgic and fun. You could spend hours wandering around the store’s four connected buildings and still won’t see everything!

You’ll appreciate their entertaining and quirky commercials on YouTube if you’re looking for more reasons to go!

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Marilla Country Store Autumn store front
Marilla Country Store Christmas decor
Marilla Country Store candy selection
Marilla Country Store fun toys
Marilla Country Store

2. Marilla Country Store

Marilla, built in 1851

The Marilla Country Store has been in continuous operation ever since. Always a store, the historic building features original plank floors, countertops, and vintage gaslights.

A museum is open to visitors and features an extensive collection of antique merchandise and old store equipment and original advertising, stories, and more from the store’s history.

This one-of-a-kind store, one of the oldest businesses in Western New York, offers an incredible selection of fresh bulk foods, candies, gifts, and décor.

Genesee Country Village Museum mercantile
Genesee Country Village Museum mercantile
Genesee Country Village pottery
Genesee Country Village maple syrup
Genesee Country Village molds
Genesee Country Village confectionery
GCV Confectionery

3. Genesee Country Village Mercantile, Confectionery, and Pub

Mumford, established in 1976

Enjoy 19th Century life in “the village that might have been.” There are several shops throughout the village. Flint Hill Gift Shop and Village Mercantile offer historic toys, goods, crafts, and village memorabilia. D.B. Munger & Co. Confectionery (open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) sells historic sweet treats. And the Freight House Pub sells the museum’s 19th-century inspired beer. 

As a history museum, they pride themselves in offering products authentic to the 1800s, with many made right in the village. The stores are open when the museum is.

Things to do around Rochester NY: Old Country Store
Olde Country Store and More 1894 interior
Old Country Store table
Olde Country Store and More North Cohocton
Olde Country Store and More – 1894

4. The Olde Country Store and More – 1894

North Cohocton, built in 1873

There is a vast bulk candy selection (350 varieties!), with candy bars and old-fashioned candies that you’ve not seen on modern store shelves in a long time.

You’ll also find locally-produced honey, maple syrup, mustard, pancake mixes, granola, jams and jellies, and cheeses.

If you’re heading down to the Naples Festival in late September, make The Olde Country Store, Joseph’s Wayside Market, and Jerome’s U-Pick Grapes part of your family’s tradition.

Open March through the end of December, they do close for the winter.

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What do you love most about old country stores?

Please share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments. Your insight and experience are invaluable!

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  1. Olde Country Store, in North Cohocton, is a fantastic store. Have been there many times and loved it every time. So much candy to choose from and other great items!

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