Braddock Bay Marina Trail

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Discover the best restaurants, lesser-known attractions, secluded hiking trails, picturesque waterfalls, and more. Plan your next adventure with our diverse selection of guides that cater to epicureans, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking unique experiences.

Best of Rochester - Day Trips Around Rochester book

Day Trips Around Rochester, New York

Braddock Bay Marina Trail
Braddock Bay Marina Trail

Hiking Trails

Escape to secluded trails less traveled, offering a rustic haven to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Grimes Glen second waterfall cave
Grimes Glen

Transcending Places

Transform your travels with destinations that transport you beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself fully in the journey and be present in the moment.

sunrise over Letchworth Middle Falls
sunrise over Letchworth Middle Falls

Easy Waterfalls

Experience the region’s most stunning waterfalls without challenging trails! Witness their majesty from the road and short pathways.

Havana Glen
Havana Glen

Gorge Trails

Discover the Finger Lakes region’s stunning, glacier-formed gorges and beautiful waterfalls on unforgettable trails that will connect you with the wonders of nature.

Christmas Lights Endicar giraffes
Endicar Drive

Extreme Christmas Lights

Get into the holiday spirit with stunning displays of Christmas lights! Check out our favorite extreme light shows to brighten up your December nights.

Caledonia Village Inn
Caledonia Village Inn

Highly Recommended Restaurants

Discover the best dining experiences with our curated list of top restaurants, cafes, and pubs, backed by over 40 years of culinary expertise and community recommendations.

Rochester-area parks: Durand Eastman Park boardwalk
Durand Eastman Arboretum

Things to Do

Unleash the fun with our comprehensive list of 132 exciting activities for all seasons. From museums to outdoor adventures, there’s something fun for everyone.

Saras Garden Center blue sky
Sara’s Garden Center

Hidden Places

Unlock the secrets of Rochester with enchanting waterfalls, hidden gardens, and breathtaking vistas.

Chimney Bluffs State Park
Chimney Bluffs State Park

New York State Parks

Discover the natural wonders surrounding Rochester with our guide to the nearest state parks in New York, all within a two-hour drive. Learn how to access the parks for free.

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Day-Trip Destinations

These day trips are filled with carefully chosen options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as memorable experiences and events.

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New York Off the Beaten Path®
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Upstate New York Off the Beaten Path®: A Guide To Unique Places
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by Chris Gethard

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Unknown Museums of Upstate New York: A Guide to 50 Treasures
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Secret Places: A Guide to 25 Little Known Scenic Treasures of New York’s Niagara-Allegheny Region, Including the Beautiful, the Bizarre, the Special, and the Sublime
by Bruce Kershner


Secret Buffalo: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure
by Elizabeth Licata


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People often ask me if I get free access to places while exploring. The answer is no unless I’m invited to previews or granted behind-the-scenes access as part of my media role. Generally, I don’t mention my project, Day Trips Around Rochester, NY, because I want the same experience you would have. I create and share content simply because it brings me joy. I would appreciate your support—a cup of coffee or two to help fuel future field trips—if you have found valuable information here that has helped you explore the Rochester area.

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