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Maple Syrup: 12 Sweet Sugar Shacks

2020 Maple Syrup Weekends Have Been Cancelled

“Out of an abundance of caution, the New York State Maple Producers Association has decided to cancel the 2020 NYS Maple Weekend. This 25th anniversary festival was scheduled for March 21-22 and March 28-29 at 187 different locations across NYS. Individual sugarhouses will continue to produce, stock and market their excellent crop of Maple Products. Please contact them directly to order your favorite maple products. NYS Maple Producers Association is already preparing for an alternative series of open houses later in the year to showcase both producer and product. Consult for future events.”

Start enjoying in
January & February

March is officially Maple Syrup month in New York State, but there are ways to enjoy 100% pure New York maple syrup all year long! Besides buying it at a market, like Brighton Farm Market or the Rochester Public Market, here are a few places we look forward to visiting during late-winter to early-spring.

Kettle Ridge Maple Farm pancake truck
Kettle Ridge farm
Kettle Ridge Maple Farm barn
Kettle Ridge Maple Farm tasting room
Kettle Ridge

1. Kettle Ridge Farm


Stop by Kettle Ridge Farm for Pancake Sundays starting in January. It’s also the perfect time to adopt-a-maple!

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn
Cartwrights Maple Collection
Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn product
Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn entrance

2. Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn


Open only during maple syrup season, it’s never too early to start planning a trip to Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn!

After a beautiful 90 minute drive south to Angelica, you will be enjoying the most celebrated all-you-can-eat buckwheat pancakes, topped with maple syrup drawn from 8,000 of the family’s trees.

Because they are only open mid-February – mid-April, Cartwright’s draws thousands of people from hundreds of miles around. Weekends get pretty busy, especially during Maple Syrup Weekend, and parking in the lot and along the road gets a little crazy, though it doesn’t usually take more than a 1/2 hour to get in.

And it may be cold lining up outside, but it’s toasty warm (sometimes hot!) inside where they cook the pancakes on a very large griddle which can handle 700 pancakes an hour, so service is quick.

3. Moore’s Maple Shack and Pancake House


Like Cartwright’s, they are open for breakfast during the season only, roughly March 1-April 15 each year, except Mondays and Easter Sunday, but also open Sundays in January and February

No need to wait for Maple Syrup Weekend! They share a similar story with Cartwright’s with multi-generational sugarmakers, and all-you-can-eat buttermilk pancakes drawing crowds from across the state.

Explore more during
Maple Syrup Weekend

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Celebrate the innovative process of turning sap into syrup! Stop by the places mentioned above, plus these local producers who open their sugar bush and sugar shacks to the community during Maple Syrup Weekend. 

New York State Maple Syrup Weekend Pancakes
Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn

The best way to fully appreciate fresh syrup is with a full stack of pancakes dripping with liquid gold!

Genesee Country Village Museum maple processing
Processing raw maple sap

Commercial farms, nature centers, and restaurants create a fun atmosphere offering maple-flavored cotton candy, ice cream, BBQ sauce, milkshakes, mustard, scones, cheesecake, popcorn, hot chocolate, baked beans, or sugar on snow.

Genesee Country Village Museum syrup snow
GCV&M sugar on snow

This is also a prime opportunity for them to sell products including maple syrup, candy, butter, and cream.

These maple-licious destinations (also shown in our Google map) have a similar agenda of activities that likely include:

  • Walking through the sugar bush to see maple trees tapped with spiles, using buckets or bags for collection.
  • Learn to identify maple trees suitable for tapping (species and age are significant!)
  • Learn about the logistics for getting sap to the sugar shack.
  • Watch the sap boil, and water evaporate. Learn what temperature it needs to be heated to.
  • Learn about old-fashioned techniques and modern technological advances in food & tree safety and quality (reverse osmosis, vacuum pumps, UV lights, tubing systems).
Shadow Hill Maple Farm tapped trees
Shadow Hill Maple Syrup property
Shadow Hill Maple Syrup tasting
Shadow Hill Maple Farm Ontario
Shadow Hill Maple Syrup

4. Shadow Hill Maple Syrup


Pancake breakfasts every weekend in March from 8:30am-4pm.

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Genesee Country Village Museum maple
Genesee Country Village Maple sugar house
Genesee Country Village Maple event

5. Genesee Country Nature Center


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Wohlschlegel's Maple Farm Naples view
Wohlschlegel's Maple Farm
Wohlschlegel's Maple Farm Naples product

6. Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm


Enjoy the breathtaking view from Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple farm!

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Maple Sugrar kettle fire
Cumming Nature Center
maple sugar processing

7. Cumming Nature Center


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

New York State Maple Syrup Weekends Maple Syrup Tree Tap
Helmer Nature Center

8. Helmer Nature Center


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Tapped Maple Trees Letchworth
Tapped Maple Trees in Letchworth

9. Humphrey Nature Center

Letchworth State Park

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

10. Schoff’s Sugar Shack


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

11. Packard Valley Farms


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

12. Wolf Maple Products


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Kettle Ridge Maple Farm syrup

Did you know that Maple Syrup is entirely a North American product?

New York, Vermont, and Ontario, Canada are the prime commercial locations able to harvest maple tree sap to produce syrup, along with a few other locations around the Great Lakes and New England.

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Where is your favorite place to visit during Maple Syrup Weekend?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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