Maple Syrup Weekends pancakes

Maple Syrup: 12 Sweet Sugar Shacks

March 20-21 & 27-28, 2021

The details for New York State Maple Weekend 2021 are still being worked out. We will update this article as more in announced.

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“At this time, we are actively monitoring local conditions and guidelines for group assembly. We are planning options that will make a safe event. Please check back after January 20 for updates.”

Start enjoying in January & February

March is officially Maple Syrup month in New York State, but there are ways to enjoy 100% pure New York maple syrup all year long!

Besides buying it at a market, like Brighton Farm Market or the Rochester Public Market, here are a few places we look forward to visiting during late-winter to early-spring.

Kettle Ridge Maple Farm pancake truck
Kettle Ridge farm
Kettle Ridge Maple Farm barn
Kettle Ridge Maple Farm tasting room
Kettle Ridge

1. Kettle Ridge Farm


From their January 7, 2021 Facebook post, “The first of nine Pancake Sundays is upon us! Of course, things will be a bit different this season with the drive-thru format, but we’d still love to see you and share our craft with you. Online pre-orders must be submitted by FRIDAY each week at noon. Head to for more details and to place orders. Your support means everything to us!”

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn
Cartwrights Maple Collection
Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn product
Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn entrance

2. Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn


From their January 3, 2021 Facebook post, “2021 Season Information: It is our hope to open this season from mid Feb-Apr! Due to the continually changing guidelines and nature of this pandemic, we will not be making a final decision until closer to February about opening-closing dates and other particulars. Please continue to check our FB page and for updates and announcements.”

3. Moore’s Maple Shack and Pancake House


From their December 30, 2020 Facebook post, “As a family run business, we have been watching the news and regulations because we want to keep everyone safe. So due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in the surrounding area – we have decided to do our part and postpone our opening day. As of now, the Pancake House is set to open on Tuesday, March 2nd. As always, you may purchase our maple products in our sales room out back (just go through the green door facing the road). You can also place an order by phone or online.”

Explore more during Maple Syrup Weekend

March 20-21 & 27-28, 2021

Celebrate the innovative process of turning sap into syrup! Stop by the places mentioned above, plus these local producers who open their sugar bush and sugar shacks to the community during Maple Syrup Weekend. 

New York State Maple Syrup Weekend Pancakes
Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn

The best way to fully appreciate fresh syrup is with a full stack of pancakes dripping with liquid gold!

Genesee Country Village Museum maple processing
Processing raw maple sap

Commercial farms, nature centers, and restaurants create a fun atmosphere offering maple-flavored cotton candy, ice cream, BBQ sauce, milkshakes, mustard, scones, cheesecake, popcorn, hot chocolate, baked beans, or sugar on snow.

Genesee Country Village Museum syrup snow
GCV&M sugar on snow

This is also a prime opportunity for them to sell products including maple syrup, candy, butter, and cream.

These maple-licious destinations have a similar agenda of activities that likely include:

  • Walking through the sugar bush to see maple trees tapped with spiles, using buckets or bags for collection.
  • Learn to identify maple trees suitable for tapping (species and age are significant!)
  • Learn about the logistics for getting sap to the sugar shack.
  • Watch the sap boil, and water evaporate. Learn what temperature it needs to be heated to.
  • Learn about old-fashioned techniques and modern technological advances in food & tree safety and quality (reverse osmosis, vacuum pumps, UV lights, tubing systems).
Shadow Hill Maple Farm tapped trees
Shadow Hill Maple Syrup property
Shadow Hill Maple Syrup tasting
Shadow Hill Maple Farm Ontario
Shadow Hill Maple Syrup

4. Shadow Hill Maple Syrup


Syrup maybe purchased all year at Shadow Hill Landscape. The farm is only open during open house weekends in March and October. 

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Genesee Country Village Museum maple
Genesee Country Village Maple sugar house
Genesee Country Village Maple event

5. Genesee Country Nature Center


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Wohlschlegel's Maple Farm Naples view
Wohlschlegel's Maple Farm
Wohlschlegel's Maple Farm Naples product

6. Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm


Enjoy the breathtaking view from Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple farm!

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Maple Sugrar kettle fire
Cumming Nature Center
maple sugar processing

7. Cumming Nature Center


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

New York State Maple Syrup Weekends Maple Syrup Tree Tap
Helmer Nature Center

8. Helmer Nature Center


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Tapped Maple Trees Letchworth
Tapped Maple Trees in Letchworth

9. Humphrey Nature Center

Letchworth State Park

2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

10. Schoff’s Sugar Shack


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

11. Packard Valley Farms


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

12. Wolf Maple Products


2021 Maple Weekend Activities to be announced

Kettle Ridge Maple Farm syrup

Did you know that Maple Syrup is entirely a North American product?

New York, Vermont, and Ontario, Canada are the prime commercial locations able to harvest maple tree sap to produce syrup, along with a few other locations around the Great Lakes and New England.

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Where is your favorite place to visit during Maple Syrup Weekend?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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