Events around Rochester - Art Awake

ArtAwake – a festival of creativity

At ArtAwake, you’ll experience a creative explosion of local art, food, dance, and music, plus a range of hands-on mixed- and multi-media activities.

Sunflower Field Clover Calkins Pittsford August

Sunflowers are Summer’s Last Stand

Each and every August, neighbors of the Hopkins Farm on Clover Street in Pittsford are treated to a field of golden sunflowers on their daily commutes.

Little Rock City

4 Rock Cities Near Rochester

Explore these cool, quiet, mossy rock cities near Rochester, with boulders the size of houses! You’ll love Panama Rocks, Rock City Park, Little Rock City, and Thunder Rocks in Allegany State Park.

Susan B Anthony

Susan B Anthony

Susan B Anthony’s passion for securing women’s right to vote started with her work as an agent of the anti-slavery movement.