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Wintertime in Rochester

It’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s dark. It’s wintertime in Rochester! Once the December holiday-honeymoon is over, Rochestarians have to find ways to enjoy what January, February, March, and possibly into early-April have in store for us.

Here are a few suggestions to help embrace our winter season.

Webster Park Pier frozen
Webster Park Pier

Enjoy the great outdoors

Our outdoor spaces take on new personalities in the winter.

There is a quiet serenity. The crunch of snow. The shadows cast from a sun low on the horizon. Birds that will eat from your hand in a desperate search for food. Partially-frozen creeks and falls; ice-covered piers. These are a few of my favorite things!

26 Winter Walks and Activities Around Rochester

These ideas for winter walks should motivate you to step outside for some fresh air and, with any luck, sunshine. Bundle up!

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Snow Sports: 6 Ways to Stay Active in Winter

Skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, skating, and tubing are great snow sports to shake the winter doldrums with exposure to fresh air and sun.

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10 First Day Hikes on January 1, 2022

Celebrate the New Year outdoors with a guided or self-guided First Day Hike on January 1, 2022. Some require pre-registration.

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22 Hidden Places Around Rochester

Explore some of our hidden gems this week! There’s no time like the present to start checking some off these extraordinary places your list.

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26 Roadside Waterfalls Near Rochester

Impressive waterfalls are not all buried in dark ravines accessible only by difficult trails. For many, you don’t need to leave your car.

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Taughannock Falls State Park

Taughannock Falls is the only gorge trail that remains open all year long, and is one of the most accessible waterfalls in New York State.

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22 Monroe County Parks

Monroe County parks are free, so take advantage of 12,000 acres of natural, zoological, historical, and geological experiences.

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53 Nature Centers, Preserves, Refuges, and Observatories Around Rochester

Our nature centers, wildlife preserves, management areas, etc., all serve to protect and sustain life, while making nature accessible.

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🍁 Maple Weekends: 10 Sweet Sugar Shacks Near Rochester

During Maple Weekends March 19-20 and 26-27, 2022, producers open their sugar shacks to celebrate the process of turning sap into syrup.

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Ontario Beach Park

Lake Ontario Beach Park is located at the northernmost tip of the city of Rochester, and is bordered on the East by the mouth of the Genesee River.

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Lamberton Conservatory bench
Lamberton Conservatory

Enjoy Wintertime in Rochester Indoors

Not every winter day is filled with sunshine. Very few of them in fact.

Take advantage of the ones that are, but for those gray days when you’re feeling winter’s funk, here are a few places that will either cheer you up or distract you from what’s outside.

Escape Winter: 5 Warm & Cozy Places

With tropical temperatures or cozy environments, these Rochester-area destinations offer pleasant snowy-day getaways—at least for a few hours.

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Lamberton Conservatory

Highland Park’s Lamberton Conservatory is a calm, colorful space warmed to tropical temperatures and filled with the sound of running water.

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31 Monroe County Libraries

A free library card allows you to access 31 Monroe County libraries, including Central Library and Libby, the digital library.

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Bookstores Around Rochester

When reading books, the destination is the journey. Here are a few bookstores around Rochester to begin an adventure with new and used books.

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Rochester’s Fun Facts: Oldest, Original, Only, & More!

Rochester’s fun facts will inspire you to explore more. And these are just some of the historical tidbits that make Rochester special.

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Rochester Museum and Science Center

Between the star shows, laser shows, interactive exhibits, and Singing Tesla Coils, the Rochester Museum and Science Center will entertain you for hours!

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Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play has a wealth of interaction for toddlers, school-aged children and adults, including play-shopping at Wegmans!

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George Eastman Museum

The George Eastman Museum is a beautiful tribute to his life & legacy, and is the world’s oldest photography museum with one of the oldest film archives.

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12 Historic Small Movie Theaters

There is something about a 100-year-old small movie theater that enhances your experience and transcends you through space and time.

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Memorial Art Gallery

Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery has an extensive permanent collection, an incredible variety of traveling exhibitions, & a well-rounded calendar of events.

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I’ve heard ARTISANworks described as a walk-through kaleidoscope, a bombardment on the senses, a 360° canvas, a space that defies all boundaries.

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100+ Other Museums Around Rochester

Explore some out-of-town, lesser-know, off-the-beaten-path, and odd-collection museums around Rochester, plus historic sites.

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Canadice Lake kayaks
Canadice Lake

Start planning your warm-weather day trips!

Wintertime is the perfect time to daydream about your next adventures. Grab your notebook, a cuppa, a warm blanket, and curl up on the couch while you explore!

Day Trip Destinations

Spend a day exploring a new city or village, each offering unique site-seeing opportunities with shops, restaurants, artisans, and events.

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Planning Your Next Rochester Day Trip

We’re always researching new ideas for your next Rochester day trip. Filter our day trips by drive-time, direction, or season.

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104 Resources for Rochester Day Trip Inspiration

I began searching libraries, bookstores, information racks, the Internet, and friend’s experiences for Rochester day trip inspiration.

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Springtime in Rochester

There is no better way to usher in springtime in Rochester than with maple syrup, bird migrations, April showers, and May flowers!

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Opening in May for the Summer Season

Opening in May after being closed for the winter, we’re excited to spend these warmer spring days at our favorite places and businesses.

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Explore Routes 5 & 20

Routes 5 & 20 is a 67-mile stretch of scenic highway where NY-5 & US-20 converge, following an ancient foot trail of the region’s first people.

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Explore the Finger Lakes Region

The Finger Lakes Region is one of the most beautiful places on earth and right in our backyard! It is easy to get out there and explore.

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The Lake Ontario Seaway Trail

The Lake Ontario Seaway Trail runs along the southern Lake Ontario shoreline, from Fort Niagara in Youngstown to Fort Ontario in Oswego.

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Open Air Street Art

The term street art means different things to different people. Here, we interpret street art to mean any outdoor, free, public wall art. 

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How do you find joy during wintertime in Rochester?

Please share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments. Your insight and experience are invaluable!

Debi Bower, Day Trips Around Rochester NY

Author Debi Bower is the Founder and Creative Director for Day Trips Around Rochester, NY.


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