Learn something new

5 Places to Learn Something New

There are plenty of places to learn something new around Rochester. From lectures, to courses, to hands-on activities, these five organizations are great places to start!

George Eastman estate garden

5 Beautiful Gardens Near Rochester

If you haven’t already, start with a visit to these five beautiful gardens near Rochester, many are free or require only a small donation or admission fee.

Darkest Sky near Rochester to view Milky Way Perdeids

The Darkest Sky Near Rochester

Locations northeast of Rochester close to Lake Ontario, or south of US-20 in the Finger Lakes will offer the darkest sky near Rochester.

Creeks around Rochester

25 Incredible Creeks Around Rochester, NY

These creeks around Rochester impact us in such subtle ways they sometimes disappear into the background of our lives. Our creeks provide us with opportunities for recreation and relaxation.