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Exploring the Erie Canal

The Erie Canal spans 100-miles between Lockport and Lyons, with Rochester located right in the middle making it easy to get out there and explore! To enjoy every moment, choose just 15 miles on the canal to explore in a day.

Pick a town like Brockport or Fairport to spend a few hours. Choose an entry point like Greece Canal Park or Meridian Center to walk or bike the trail. Stop at one of the canal locks and watch the boats go through.

List of Erie Canal Cities, Towns and Villages

From East to West:

  1. Lyons
  2. Newark
  3. Palmyra
  4. Macedon
  5. Fairport
  6. Pittsford
  7. Brighton/Henrietta
  8. Rochester
  9. Greece
  10. Spencerport
  11. Adams Basin
  12. Brockport
  13. Holley
  14. Albion
  15. Medina
  16. Lockport

Map of Locks and Points of Interest

Use our Google Map and ideas below to help plan your Erie Canal day trip.

Canal Towns

Erie Canal Lyons Lock 27 rising
Lock 27
Erie Canal Lyons Caboose
Erie Canal Lyons Hotchkiss Peppermint Museum
Erie Canal Lyons wall art
Erie Canal Lyons village wall art
Erie Canal Lyons Ohmann Theatre village
Ohmann Theatre


est. 1789

Locks 27 & 28A

Town of Lyons

Enlarged Erie Canal Lock 56

Ohmann Theater

Peppermint Days Festival in July

Peppermint Museum

The Caboose, as seen on TV

Blue Cut Nature Center

Erie Canal Newark Lock 28 B
Lock 28-B
Erie Canal Newark stairs wall art
Erie Canal Newark Port
Erie Canal Newark path
Canal Path


est. 1819

Lock 28B

Port of Newark

Enlarged Erie Canal Lock 59

Newark Canal Park

Erie Canal Palmyra Lock 29 Genesee tanks
Lock 29 waiting for the Genesee Beer Tanks
Erie Canal Palmyra low bridge
Greater Rochester Region - Palmyra Lock 29
Erie Canal Palmyra NY-31
Erie Canal Palmyra Four Churches
Erie Canal Palmyra Pops Hots Grill Ice Cream
NY-31 through Palmyra


est. 1729

Lock 29 at Pal-Mac Aqueduct County Park

Town & Village of Palmyra and Historic Palmyra

Hill Cumorah Pageant in July

Palmyra Pirate Weekend in August

Canaltown Days in September

Erie Canal Macedon Lock 30
Lock 30
Erie Canal Macedon Lock 30 wall art
Erie Canal Macedon Historic Lock 60
Erie Canal Macedon Butterfly Trail end all three canals
Three canals converge


est. 1823

Lock 30 at Macedon Canal Park

Enlarged Erie Lock 60

Macedon Butterfly Trail

At the end of the Butterfly Trail you can observe the convergence of all 3 historic canals.

Colonial Belle Fairport
Colonial Belle
Erie Canal Fairport path under bridge
Erie Canal Fairport Erie Canal Boat Company
Erie Canal Fairport wood horse
Erie Canal Fairport Thomas Creek Wetland Walk
Erie Canal Fairport view
Erie Canal through Fairport


est. 1867

Colonial Belle boat tour

Rent kayak, paddle board, or bicycle at the Erie Canal Boat Company

Thomas Creek Wetlands Walk

“Trail Town USA”

Kennelley Park

Fairport Canal Days in June

Fairport Music & Food Fest in August

Check the village website for shops, restaurants and events

Fairport Lift bridge

Erie Canal Pittsford Sam Patch Lock 32
Lock 32
Erie Canal Pittsford Spa at the Del Monte depot
Erie Canal Pittsford NY-96
Erie Canal Pittsford Schoen Place Sam Patch and kayak


est. 1796

Lock 32 Erie Canal Park

Hop aboard the Sam Patch packet boat and experience going through a lock

Old Erie Canal Lock 62 behind Pittsford Plaza

Great Embankment Park

Hamlet of Bushnell’s Basin

Check the town website for shops, restaurants and events

Sam Patch Lock 32

Brighton and Henrietta

both est.1790

Lock 33

Meridian Center Park

Erie Canal Genesee River Genesee Valley Park kayak
Erie Canal Genesee River Genesee Valley Park bridge reflection
Erie Canal Genesee River Genesee Valley Park boat autumn
Erie Canal Genesee River Genesee Valley Park bridges
Genesee Valley Park River and Canal crossing

Erie Canal Genesee River Crossing in Rochester

est. 1817

Genesee Valley Park

Kayak & canoe rentals on the Genesee

Henpeck Park Greece
Henpeck Park in Greece


est. 1822

Greece Canal Park

Henpeck Park

Erie Canal Spencerport carnival
Erie Canal Spencerport boat
Erie Canal Spencerport depot museum
Erie Canal Spencerport lift bridge up
Union Street Lift Bridge


est. 1804

Spencerport Depot & Canal Museum

Spencerport Canal Days in July

Check the village website for shops, restaurants and events

Adams-Ryan House Adams Basin
Adams-Ryan House

Adam’s Basin

est. 1815

Historic 1825 Adams-Ryan House – it was recently sold by the previous owners of the Adams Basin Inn. Not certain if it’s open to the public, but a unique building nonetheless. The Adams-Ryan house has the oldest intact barroom on the Erie Canal.

In 1972, a new owner purchased the property from the last surviving Ryan family member, refinished every piece in the bed and breakfast’s four bedrooms and added a “new” main entrance, salvaged from Nathaniel Rochester’s former house.

Erie Canal Brockport low bridge
Erie Canal Brockport walk
Erie Canal Brockport welcome center
Erie Canal Brockport wall art
Erie Canal Brockport Bittersweet
Brockport Lift Bridge Book Shop
Lift Bridge Book Shop


est. 1829

Canalfront Welcome Center

Brockport Arts Festival in August

Low Bridge / High Water Festival in May

Check the village website for shops, restaurants and events

There are 2 Lift bridges in Brockport, Main St and Park Ave.

Erie Canal Holley lift bridge
Holley lift bridge
Erie Canal Holley historic train depot
Erie Canal Holley Call Falls looking down
Holley Canal Falls
Holley Canal Falls


est. 1850

Holley Canal Falls Park

There are 2 Lift bridges before Albion in Holley and Hulberton.

Erie Canal Albion Main Street
Erie Canal Albion tug boat
Erie Canal Albion lift bridge stairs
Erie Canal Albion First Presbyterian Church
Erie Canal Albion wall art
Erie Canal Albion Orleans County Courthouse
Orleans County Courthouse


est. 1812

Albion is the Orleans County seat.

There are 3 Lift bridges before Medina in Albion, Eagle Harbor and Knowlesville.

Erie Canal Medina lift bridge
Erie Canal Medina visitor center
Erie Canal Medina Culvert Road
Erie Canal Medina Main Street
Main St, Medina


est. 1832

The only road that goes under the canal is Culvert Road [get directions]

State Street Park, where Oak Orchard Creek runs under the canal on its way to Lake Ontario.

There are 3 Lift bridges before Lockport in Medina, Middleport, and Gasport

Erie Canal Lockport boat lock upside down bridge
Erie Canal Lockport tour boat
Erie Canal Lockport marina
Erie Canal Lockport Flight of Five locks
Lock 35 and Flight of Five


est. 1865

Locks 34 & 35

Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruises

Erie Canal Flight of Five Locks

The Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride

Erie Canal Discovery Center

There are 2 Lift bridges in Lockport

Richardsons Canal House historic marker
Richardson’s Canal House

Additional Erie Canal resources

The Canal Corporation maintains a calendar of canal town events throughout the year.

The Erie Canalway website is a great resource for learning more about the canal and how locks work.

Cycle the Erie, Information and recommendations for those cycling along the canal

Erie Canal Pittsford Schoen Place boat
Schoen Place, Pittsford

Did you know?

Of the 20 lift bridges along the canal, 16 are between Fairport and Lockport.

In recognition of the canal’s bicentennial, there is a continued waiver of tolls for recreational vessels through 2021.

You can rent a houseboat from Mid-Lakes Navigation in Macedon. Take a look at the brochure for some great information.

You can pass through any lock in a kayak (or any non-motorized vessel) for free, without permits. Learn more about paddling through on the Canal Corporation website. Check out this video of 10 kayakers as they “lock-through” Lockport Locks 34 & 35.

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Where are your favorite spots along the Erie Canal?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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