Turning Point Park Rochester NY

Turning Point Park in Rochester

Turning Point Park is located on Boxart St, off Lake Ave near Charlotte Furniture & Appliance. The trail’s most striking feature is a 3,572 ft-long bridge over the Genesee River Turning Basin.

Turning Point Park Rochester NY

You can begin your exploration of Turning Point Park either at the Boxart St parking lot and walk downstream, or on River St. near Stutson St. and the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse walking upstream.

turning point
Turning Point Park

Turning Point’s boardwalk takes you out into the river, close to blue herons, swans, turtles and other wildlife and is part of the greater Genesee Riverway Trail extending from Ontario Beach Park south through the City of Rochester to Genesee Valley Park.

Turning Point in Winter

Turning Point Park from trail
Turning Point Park board walk winter
Turning Point Park walking winter
Turning Point Park boardwalk

Close by

Ontario Beach Park is a focal-point for the Charlotte neighborhood, while the Hidden Sidewalk is just out of the public view.

In addition, the Genesee Riverway Trail, south of the O’Rorke Bridge, runs parallel with River St where you will find Charlotte Cemetery and the grave of the infamous Sam Patch.

Bill Davis Champion of the Genesee River

Bill Davis, Champion of the Genesee

In 1939, a man named Bill Davis, along with his wife, Lois Davis, moved to Rochester’s Charlotte neighborhood and began his career with Kodak.

Upon retiring in 1976, Bill became involved with various community groups, including one he started–Charlotte Action Plan whose goal it was to promote and protect the area we know today as Turning Point Park.

Davis initiated our “Genesee River Romance” weekend in October that continues to serve the mission to promote and protect. It was recently renamed “ROC the Riverway”.

His passion for history and the environment helped to preserve the quality and usability of the Genesee River as a system. Bill’s efforts to save the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse is why it still stands today for us to enjoy.

Learn more about Bill’s life and legacy at the Historical Marker Project and lowerfalls.org.

More information about Turning Point Park

Cost: Free

Located in the City of Rochester (get directions)

More information: cityofrochester.gov/turningpoint/

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