5 Roadside Attractions Worth Going Out of Your Way For

There are so many interesting things to see as you’re driving around the Genesee Valley, Finger Lakes, and Western NY. In fact, we have a list of 36 roadside attractions near Rochester. But, if you must see any of them, it should at least be these five!

Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Big Metal Dragon in East Bethany NY
Big Metal Dragon in East Bethany, NY

Big Metal Dragon

East Bethany. Near the intersection of two country roads just off US-20 you find this metal dragon rising from the Earth.
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Roadside attractions near Rochester: Second Coming House of Prophet Isaiah
Second Coming House of Prophet Isaiah in Niagara Falls, NY

Second Coming House of Prophet Isaiah

Niagara Falls. The house of Prophet Isaiah is now a spectacular piece of spiritual eye candy, with thousands of bright-hued, hand-carved surfaces continually painted and repainted by its owner.
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Roadside attractions near Rochester: Powder Mills Park Rochester NY
Mushroom House in Pittsford, NY

The Mushroom House

Pittsford. Private property but still great roadside-eye-candy! Located on the way to, but just outside, Powder Mills Park.
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Roadside attractions near Rochester: Three shoe trees in Lyndonville
Three shoe trees in Lyndonville, NY

The Shoe Trees

Lyndonville. Footwear has found its way into these branches for several decades. Successfully catching your shoes in the branches will grant a wish, or good luck.
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Roadside attractions near Rochester: Statue of Liberty LeRoy NY
Statue of Liberty in LeRoy NY

The Statue of Liberty on Wolcott Street

LeRoy. This Lady Liberty stands 8 1/2-feet tall—the same size as the original’s index finger. In 1950, the Boy Scouts of America, in celebration of their 40th anniversary, purchased 200+ copper statue replicas for municipalities throughout the country; only 100 remain today. She was recently restored to her original glory and place overlooking Oatka Creek.
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Roadside Attractions Skeleton Army Canandaigua Canandaigua Country Road 4
The Skeleton Army

Bonus! The Skeleton Army

Get directions to 4017 CR-4 in Hopewell near Canandaigua for this amazing Halloween display! Over 200 skeletons (humans, horses, dinosaurs and dogs!) are marching on the home, which is heavily defended by trees (think of the Ents from Lord of the Rings).

Holiday Lights on Rahway Rd. in Gates, NY
Holiday Lights on Rahway Rd. in Gates, NY

Bonus! Holiday Lights

Because December is the darkest month, we welcome these grand displays of holiday lights to brighten the night. These homeowners and communities go all out to celebrate the season, so let’s get out there and celebrate with them! Find these 10 Rochester-area neighbors with extraordinary holiday lights between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

Ready to see some more quirky roadside attractions near Rochester?

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