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Shop Like a Local: Embark on a Retail Expedition through Rochester’s Neighborhoods

When exploring Rochester’s residential areas, you’ll find unique boutiques, cozy bookstores, and whimsical shops scattered among restaurants and cafes. Here’s your insider’s guide to where locals satisfy their shopping cravings.

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East & University Avenues

Craft Company No6
Craft Company No.6
Arenas East Ave exterior
Record Archive exterior
Record Archive

The East Avenue Historic District and the Neighborhood of the Arts, including Village Gate, form a lively cultural center for art enthusiasts, with an array of boutiques, galleries, and specialty shops along University and East Avenues, like:

The gift shops at the George Eastman Museum, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester Museum and Science Center, and The Strong National Museum of Play also provide exceptional shopping opportunities.

Park & Monroe Avenues


In the Park Avenue Historic District, located north of I-490 between Park Avenue and Monroe Avenue, you can find an enchanting blend of specialty shops and culinary delights set against the backdrop of Victorian-style homes. Along Park Avenue, you’ll find a wealth of treasures inside:

Oxford Square Monroe Ave
Oxford Square

On Monroe Avenue, discover eclectic keepsakes in:

Peppermint boutique at the armory

Venture into Upper Monroe to find something fabulous at:

South & South Clinton Avenues

Little Button Craft
Little Button Craft

In the South Wedge and Swillburg neighborhoods, nestled north of Highland Park and east of the Genesee River, you can find a variety of charming shops along South and South Clinton Avenues, like:

As you unearth one-of-a-kind treasures, take a moment to appreciate regional specialties at the cafes and restaurants scattered along your shopping adventure. You’re sure to work up an appetite shopping like a local!

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Where are your favorite places to shop in Rochester?

Your insights and experiences are valuable. Please share them in the comments.

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