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12 Self-Guided Tours

These self-guided tours around Rochester are like a regional scavenger hunt! From Wells Barns and barn quilts to great oaks, cobblestones, and fairies, these maps and itineraries help you explore our expansive backyard. Discover the meaning and history behind some things you see along our roadways and waterways.

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Day Trips Around Rochester, New York

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Self Guided Tours - cobblestone museum
Cobblestone Museum
Cobblestone House herringbone pattern
Cobblestone house Albion
Cobblestone house Lyndonville cover

Cobblestone Structures

The Cobblestone Museum sponsors a “Cobblestone Trail,” highlighting nearly 100 separate cobblestone sites in Orleans County. This driving tour is intended strictly as a “roadway tour.” No access beyond the roadway should be presumed to any private property.

“Cobblestone Landmarks of New York State documents a nineteenth-century building phenomenon peculiar to Upstate New York. Using glacially-formed cobblestones native to Central and Western New York regions, pioneer artisans of the 1830s perfected a folk art technique without precedent in America.

They created various decorated walls on hundreds of buildings for approximately thirty years. Today, their creations are unique among all those structures erected in the Great Lakes region before the Industrial Revolution rendered such craftsmanship economically obsolete.” [source]

Craft your own driving tour using the following resources:

Self Guided Tours - Olcott Lighthouse
Olcott Lighthouse
Golden Hill New York State Parks
Golden Hill
Greater Rochester Region - Oak Orchard Point Pleasant Lighthouse
Oak Orchard

Lighthouses Along Lake Ontario

These lighthouses, all within two hours of Rochester, offer sweeping views of Lake Ontario.

Seneca Falls Anthony Stanton Bloomer
Anthony Stanton Bloomer
Womens Rights National Historical Park Seneca Falls NY
Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY
Smith Opera House Geneva
Smith Opera House in Geneva
Self Guided Tours - Susan B Anthony Frederick Douglass Lets Have Tea
Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglass “Let’s Have Tea” Statue in Anthony Square, Rochester, NY

Freethought Trail

A collection of 151 marked and unmarked sites important to the history of radical social reform in west-central New York State.

The Freethought Trail is site-focused, designed especially for the history enthusiast who yearns to understand—and, in better times, to stand on—the spot where a historical event occurred, regardless of whether or not the site is marked or interpreted today. Some Freethought Trail sites feature historical markers or museums; others are unmarked and may be unknown among area residents.

Self Guided Tours - Powers Building
Powers Building
St. Josephs Park
St. Josephs Park
Spot Coffee
Spot Coffee

Self-Guided Walking or Driving Tours of Rochester

If you are a fan of history and architecture, you will thoroughly enjoy these self-guided Landmark Society tours of The City of Rochester.

Street Art whale cover
Geneva Street Art Castle St
Quintessential Rochester: Street Art
Atlantic Ave
Erie Canal Newark wall art

Self-Guided Public, Open Air Art

Find these locations and more using our Google Maps. You must witness these in person to experience the environment and fully contemplate the meaning.

But wait, there’s more!

In 2022, Livingston County commissioned a mural project woven through all nine of their villages.

The Livingston County Inspirations Trail is a 90-mile, self-guided route exploring the art of LivCo. Traveling from downtown villages to inspiring countryside views is a trail of inspiration you won’t want to miss. From large-scale murals on buildings to sculptures and storefront displays—we challenge you to find them all in the Heart of the Genesee River Valley.

Self Guided Tours -  Wells Barn - 7445 Route 15
7445 NY-15, Rush
Dick Thomas Photography
1911 North Road - Scottsville - Dick Thomas Photography
1911 North Rd, Scottsville
Dick Thomas Photography
2416 North Road - Scottsville
2416 North Rd, Scottsville
Dick Thomas Photography

Wells Barn Driving Tour

“The excellent Wells barns that do survive are increasingly appreciated as living history, and pride of ownership combines with sentimentality for things past to prompt present-day owners to preserve them. They are used for various purposes, from country club headquarters to farm machinery storage, from chicken ranches to private dwellings. All stand as a collective monument to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of J. Talcott Wells and as a legacy for future generations.”

Melville, J. (Fall 1986). Countryside cathedrals. RMSC Focus, 22-26.

Wells Barns achieved designation in 2018-2019 as one of the League’s “Seven to Save” list of endangered properties across New York. Look for the signature “Lazy W.” Wells Barns are sometimes called “Country Cathedrals” because their interior construction resembles the Gothic Arch.

Driving Tour #1 Google Map / PDF

Driving Tour #2 Google Map / PDF

These barns are all on private property. Please stay in your vehicle at all times. And since you can’t see inside each barn, check out the patent for Wells’ unique design solution and watch this video.

Photo by Steve Stoessel

Drive past the Wells Homestead on Scottsville-Mumford Road in Garbutt. The historical marker reads, “Birthplace of John T. Wells, inventor of the famed Wells Truss. Some 200 barns using this system were built from 1886 until 1942.”

Self Guided Tours - Byron Barn Quilt
Barn Quilt Kendall
Barn Quilt Holley

Barn Quilt Trail Driving Tours

Barn Quilts are large, colorfully painted squares (typically 8′ by 8′) displayed on the front or side of a barn. The patterns usually have special meaning to the owner, representing a specific heritage, story, or memory. Download a design to color your barn quilt.

​“So often, in rural America, all we know is get up and put one foot in front of the other, go to work, come home, cook dinner, wash the dishes, go to bed, and do the same thing. And as the times get harder and harder and harder, we forget how to dream. I like to think that developing the quilt trails is allowing people to dream.” 

Donna Sue Groves, Originator of the Barn Quilt Trail

Wyoming County

The Wyoming County Barn Quilt Trail began in 2016 thanks to local citizens, businesses, and artisans’ efforts to introduce visitors to their roughly 90 magnificent works of art. Build your digital tour map!

Each quilt is unique and has a name reflecting its purpose and message. It stands alone as a beautiful artwork, and its placement on the home or business makes it an integral focal point of the spectacular landscape found throughout Wyoming County!

LeRoy, Genesee County

With the help of the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce, the LeRoy Historical Society has been able to offer free maps of the four barn quilt trails. The maps can be obtained in numerous places in LeRoy, the Jell-O Gallery, the Chamber of Commerce in Batavia, and the LeRoy Historical Society, or visit their website to request a brochure.

Orleans County

This quilt trail was established in 2006 when local farmer Lora Partyka (Partyka Farms, Inc.) rallied members of her community in Kendall, NY, to work hand-in-hand with her in creating a local quilt trail, following the example of other trails. Maps to the entire Country Barn Quilt Trail are available at Partyka Farms.

Currently, the Country Barn Quilt Trail has grown to include more than forty barns and other buildings adorned with hand-painted quilt squares throughout the farming communities of Orleans County, near the southern shores of radiant Lake Ontario.

Along the trail, you will find numerous farm markets, antique shops, ice cream stands, summertime grills, fine restaurants, art offerings, gift shops, roadside wildflowers, and abundant beautiful views.

High Falls Genesee River Rochester rock wall
High Falls
Lower Falls Maplewood
Lower Falls
Corn Hill Landing October
Corn Hill Landing
Ford Street Bridge

Independent Walks along the Genesee Riverway

Tour Blend has partnered with the Genesee River Alliance to create and promote an “Independent Walks” series along the corridor. You can enjoy these audio-guided walking tours while following recommended safety guidelines. Download the free Tour Blend iOS app or a two-page brochure for each tour.

Tours include the Eco Loop at High Falls District, Lower Falls, Downtown Riverfront, Charlotte & Port of Rochester Loop Tour, and Genesee River South Loop.

Self Guided Tours - Wyoming County Windmills turbines
Wind Turbines
Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Letchworth State Park Humphrey Nature Center
Humphrey Nature Center in Letchworth State Park

Wyoming County Geocaching Trail

There are 12 geocaches placed throughout Wyoming County, and to complete the trail, you need to find at least 10 of the 12 geocaches and write down the particular code word inside each geocache container.  

Geocaching is a family-friendly outdoor treasure-hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and attempt to find a geocache (container) hidden at that location. Geocaching aims to introduce people to new and exciting things in the world around them! This could be long hikes in beautiful spaces, visiting a historical landmark, or learning something new right in your backyard! 

To participate in the Wyoming County Geocaching Trail, all you need are three things:

  1. A GPS-enabled phone or handheld device.  If you have a smartphone, you should be all set!
  2. Create a free profile on the Geocaching website to look up the geocaches and begin your adventure!  Need more information on what geocaching is?  Check out these great tutorials!
  3. Head out and geocache!
Self Guided Tours - Second Coming House of Prophet Isaiah
Second Coming House of Prophet Isaiah in Niagara Falls
Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Big Metal Dragon in East Bethany NY
Metal Dragon in East Bethany
Roadside Attractions - Shoe Trees Lyndonvile
The Shoe Trees in Lyndonville, NY

Quirky Roadside Attractions

If you’re familiar with Roadside America and Atlas Obscura you’ll know both sites are dedicated to plotting out odd roadside attractions all over the United States (think America’s largest ball of twine.)

Spend a day checking out these unique & unusual roadside attractions—shoe trees, a skeleton army, a metal dragon, a shark girl—within 2.5 hours of Rochester.

Fairy Doors of Dansville
Fairy Doors of Dansville

Fairy Doors of Dansville Walking Tour

Fairy Doors of Dansville is a fully accessible trail of little doors, each a unique piece of folk art that often reflects the nature of its host’s business or location. There are dozens of whimsical little doors in the business district, with many more signs of the fairies and gnomes in the trees of Pioneer Park next to the Dansville Area Historical Museum.

Fairy trail maps can be picked up in the entryway of the North Dansville Town Hall on Clara Barton St. and at fairy door hosts during business hours. For more information, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

Self Guided Tours - Nations Road Oak Trees
Nations Road

Geneseo Scenic Oak Tree Driving Tour

The history of the Genesee Oaks goes back hundreds of years, when the Seneca were the principal inhabitants of the Genesee Valley. The Seneca cleared land for hunting and growing crops. They then used periodic burning to maintain hunting clearings. These burnings left the scattered ‘Oak openings’ seen today with their broad and heavy trunked trees, most of which are more than 200 years old.

The Genesee Valley oaks can be considered a gift from founding brothers James and William Wadsworth, who stipulated at least one shade tree per 2 acres and occasional clumps on their densely wooded land be saved from the tenant’s axes.

Celebrate the valley’s beauty by taking this self-guided tour to view the extraordinary oak trees around northern Livingston County.

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Are there other self-guided tours you enjoy?

Your insights and experiences are valuable. Please share them in the comments.

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