Secret Hidden Sidewalk

Rochester’s Hidden Sidewalk

I have lived in Rochester my whole life, with my childhood years spent in West Irondequoit, and I never knew this public sidewalk was right across the river in Charlotte. Rochester’s hidden sidewalk may be it’s best kept secret!

East entrance across from Clematis St.
West entrance across from Cloverdale St.

Finding the Hidden Sidewalk

From Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte, head west on Beach Ave. Across from Clematis St. and Cloverdale St. are the two main, flanking entrances, with several smaller sidewalks in between roughly every forth house. 

My husband and I parked at Abbots Custard near Ontario Beach Park, grabbed a cone, and walked toward Clematis St. from there. (get directions)

private property

Please, stay on the pavement

As tempting as it may be, the beautiful lawns, gardens, and docks along the sidewalk are privately owned; only the path is public.

Also, the 0.4-mile-long sidewalk is open to pedestrian traffic only–no wheels allowed. Walking your dog is A-OK.

Rochester Hidden Sidewalk
Rochester Hidden Sidewalk
Rochester Hidden Sidewalk
Rochester Hidden Sidewalk
Rochester Hidden Sidewalk
Rochester Hidden Sidewalk
Rochester Hidden Sidewalk

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Have you been to the hidden sidewalk?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


12 thoughts on “Rochester’s Hidden Sidewalk”

  1. A great view of Lake Ontario! I feltz lucky to have discovered this web page by accident – never knew about this Rochester gem!

  2. Took in the beautiful view of the lake and homes along this walk. Taking more ladies there soon. A wonderful Sunday treasure.

  3. This is not actually a secret sidewalk but it is a sidewalk that’s hard to find or notice if you’re really not looking for it. The only drawback is that it it’s just a sidewalk with no place to sit down or do anything other than stand or walk. And it runs down the middle of the properties of the houses along the shore on Lake Ontario. It is a nice walk, short, and the view was great and the properties are beautiful but that’s all. It’s like walking down the street only you’re walking between Lake Ontario and somebody’s backyard which they all are beautiful.

  4. Richard Antoszewski

    Lived in the western NY area for forty years and never knew this all existed..
    Even lived in the Rochester area for a year and had no idea.

  5. Pay no attention to the naysayers and negative jerks saying it’s not a real place, because it is. I’ve been there several times and love seeing the beautiful houses and scenery on the walk. I like to visit when I’m back home and can say I get homesick too, just wish I could visit more. If you have time time, check it out on a beautiful day, you won’t regret it.

  6. Pay no attention to this article. This thing is not real.

    There is no secret sidewalk, and if you were to find it, it’s not that much fun to walk up and down it, as my wife and I do a couple of times a month all year long.

    But the less people that do that the better, so take my word for it: there is no secret sidewalk in Rochester!

  7. Linda Duemmel (Wagner)

    I was born & raised in Rochester, New York . Moved to CA in 1978 at the age of 25. I have only been “home” for Weddings & Funerals . I miss Rochester & it’s charm very much ! Articles like this make me homesick & wanting to visit. I think a vacation is in order !

    1. Linda, a lot of people reach out to me with the same perspective…homesick for Rochester. Even though I can’t inspire your next day trips, I am so happy to be able to remind you and others of great day trips you have taken already! They are great memories for sure.

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