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Rochester Museum and Science Center

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Things to know before you go!

The Rochester Museum and Science Center campus includes the Science Museum and the Strasenburgh Planetarium, each with unique schedules and admission.

Rochester Museum Science Center underground rail road
Rochester Museum Science Center underground railroad
Rochester Museum Science Center diarama Native Long House

The Science Museum

In the Science Museum you’ll interact with immersive installations like At The Western Door, Rochester’s Underground Railroad, Science on a Sphere, Expedition Earth, Adventure Zone, Electricity Theater, and a recently-restored diorama of Rochester, The Young Lion of the West. There are always new and innovative exhibits that keep each visit unique.

Day Trips from Rochester: Rochester Museum and Science Center

Singling Tesla Coils

The newest permanent additions that keep me coming back to the Rochester Museum and Science Center are the two singing Tesla Coils in the Electricity Theater on the 3rd floor.

The show is part of the admission price. It’s science come to life! It’s exciting, entertaining, educational, and one of my favorite things to do at the museum.

Volunteers from the audience are able to go on stage inside the cage for a song or two.

RMSC Planetarium
RMSC Saturn
Rochester Museum and Science Center Planetarium

Strasenburgh Planetarium

The new technology allows you to explore the solar system and the entire visible universe from any perspective! The quality of the images and near-real-time data is extraordinary!

“At last we’re in the modern world!” The new planetarium will blow your mind! Before, with just Carl, we could not leave Earth. Now we can explore the solar system and the entire visible universe from any perspective! The quality of the images and near-real-time data is extraordinary! And, the chairs are no longer fixed to the floor making it accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. You could even lay on the floor (not where someone could step on you, of course!) and stand against the back wall. If you have a chance this weekend, get tickets to see “Outer Space to Inner Space” for a true showcase of the new technology.

Plus, the chairs are no longer fixed to the floor making it accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

Rochester Museum and Science Center Planetarium
telescope viewings on Saturday nights

Planetarium Observation Tower

On Saturday nights, when the sky over Rochester is clear during the warmer months, you can climb the winding 60-steps to Rochester Museum and Science Center’s Strasenburgh Planetarium Observation Tower and look through the telescopes at planets, nebula, and other stellar objects for FREE!

Depending on what is visible the night you go, the telescopes are powerful enough to see the moons of Jupiter! The rings of Saturn! The Orion Nebula! Seeing them yourself will make you view our planet with a whole new perspective.

Rochester Museum and Science Center: Strasenbugh Planetarium
observation tower behind the planetarium

The entrance to the tower is outside the main planetarium building, accessible from the back parking lot.

Call ahead (after 7:30pm to (585) 697-1945) and verify the good folks from the Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Science (ASRAS) will be there. Plan on arriving there after dark and before 10 PM.

Rochester Museum and Science Center RMSC After Dark

Rochester Museum and Science Center comes to life after dark!

RMSC After Dark is a 21+ themed, quarterly event which has gained so much popularity among adults of all ages that they consistently sell out. Lately they have been including the Strasenburgh Planetarium in the agenda, adding star shows and laser light shows to the mix of science, games, crafts, music and dance activities. After Dark usually an indoor & outdoor event in the warmer months, and dinner is available at food trucks parked in the lot.

Rochester Museum and Science Center RMSC After Dark

They have a limited number VIP tickets, and though they cost a little more than the standard price, the benefits are worth it. Each event is different, but last time VIP was 1 hour early admission, an early star show, drinks and activities in the Planetarium lobby, and a custom event t-shirt.

Rochester Museum and Science Center RMSC After Dark
RMSC After Dark

Get there early! With the regular admission tickets, I recommend getting there a half-hour early just to grab a parking spot, otherwise you’re parking on the street blocks away. Another option is to park your car in the lot around 5 PM and walk over to Park Ave. and grab a bite at one of the local restaurants.

Rochester Museum Science Center

Science on the Edge

The RMSC Richard C. Shultz Science on the Edge lectures in Bausch Auditorium have provided insight and understanding about current research in a broad array of topics for a general audience for more than 30 years.

Science on the Edge sparks intelligent conversations throughout the community. Designed to engage those interested in broadening their scientific understanding, lectures promote the continuation of education and sharing of ideas.

Enjoy a lecture, Museum exploration, and meeting with the speakers in a unique after-hours experience.

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Cost: Admission Fee

Located in the City of Rochester (get directions)

More information:

Borrow a VIP Pass from the library for discounted admission! Buy one admission, get one of equal or lesser value free. Good for Museum and Strasenburgh Planetarium. Limit of 2 free passes per visit. Not valid for special events or traveling exhibits with special admission charges.

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