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8 Rochester-Area Restaurants Featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel

Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods, Travel Channel) did an episode on The Mighty Erie Canal. The show featured Chesterfield Restaurant and Caruso’s Pastry Shoppe in Utica, and The Caboose in Lyons. After watching, I was inspired to find out what other amazing Rochester-area restaurants have been featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel.

The Caboose in Lyons ,NY
The Caboose in Lyons
2023 Best of Rochester Award Winner

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This is a list of the ones we’ve uncovered so you can dine at restaurants and fairs that Zimmern, Bourdain, Fieri and others have enjoyed. Bon Appétit!

Food Network - Nick Tahou Hots Depot
Nick Tahou Hots


  1. Nick Tahou’s
  2. Champi’s
  3. Simply Crepes (Canandaigua location featured)
  4. Sticky Lips
  5. The Caboose in Lyons (closed)
  6. Dinosaur BBQ (Syracuse location featured)
  7. Duffs Famous Wings (Buffalo location featured)
  8. Bill Gray’s (Buffalo location featured)

Rochester is often overlooked as a food destination, but we know better. We would love to see our list of Rochester locations grow. Wouldn’t it be great to see Nick Tahou Hots featured for the Garbage Plate instead of Bill Gray’s in Buffalo?

Diner-Car Diners Lake Effect
Lake Effect Diner


  1. Anchor Bar
  2. Lake Effect Diner (closed)
  3. Schwable’s
  4. Ted’s Hot Dogs
  5. La Nova
  6. Paula’s Donuts
  7. The Silo
  8. Sofia’s
  9. Blackthorn Restaurant
  10. Mulberry Italian Ristorante
  11. Grover’s Bar & Grill
  12. Ulrich’s Tavern
  13. Riverstone Grill
  14. Charlie the Butcher
  15. Erie County Fair
  16. National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival


  1. Heids of Liverpool
  2. Pastabilities
  3. Empire Brewing Co.
  4. Funk n Waffles
  5. Kitty Hoynes
  6. Byblos Mediterranean
  7. Eva’s European Sweets
  8. Mother’s Cupboard Diner and Fish Fry
  9. New York State Fair
Red Fern
Red Fern

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Which Rochester restaurants would you like to see featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel?

Your insights and experiences are valuable. Please share them in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “8 Rochester-Area Restaurants Featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel”

  1. Of all the incredible local restaurants, chefs and culinary gems in our area, it amazes me that the go-to destination for lazy food writers is Nick Tahoe’s and the garbage plate. Can we PLEASE move on from this?

  2. What a F’ing lame Article! It was all about resturaurants in The Roc featured, but alas, only 4, YES 4 out of the list were really featured in the Rochester area.
    Bullshit being able to pay Google to push your lame article to the top of a search inquiry.

    1. You’re completely right on! It is lame that Rochester only has 4. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth mentioning though. So happy to know the article has good SEO since I definitely would not have paid Google to rank this article higher. Like you pointed out, it’s lame!

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