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Rochester Day Trip Ideas for 2019

I update this page every year as an archive of Rochester day trips we’ve taken and a current list of places we hope to go in the new year. I hope these ideas will inspire you to start your own list of interesting sights to visit, whether they are new to you or places you’d like to revisit!

I have not been everywhere but it is on my list

And now, our Rochester day trip ideas for 2019!

This is my inspiration list for the new year. Some are places I’ve never been. Others are places I want to revisit with greater depth. And all are part of a “Rochester day trip ideas”  list that’s a mile long, with miles to go before I sleep. 

My#1 day trip idea for this year is…

…to visit all of the New York State Parks within 2-hours of Rochester, NY. (That’s really about 20 day trips!) I’ve probably been to half at this point, and some I have not been to in decades! High on my lists are Green Lakes, Robert H. Treman, Art Park, Fair Haven Beach, Fillmore Glen, Sampson, Devil’s Hole, and Chittenango Falls.

More day trips from Rochester still to do in 2019:

Letchworth Ice Volcano
Letchworth Ice Volcano

2019 Day Trips Taken

  • Letchworth in the winter
  • Conesus Lake in the winter
  • George Eastman Museum for Dutch Connection
  • Memorial Art Gallery for a Friday Night DeTour
  • Strasenburgh Planetarium
  • Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn
  • Ice Fest at the Caledonia Village Inn
  • Webster Park Pier in winter
  • Polar Plunge (just an observer!!)
  • Mendon Pond Park to feed the chickadees

2018 Day Trips Taken

2017 Day Trips Taken

Step out of your comfort zones and soar.

Where will your new year’s adventures take you?

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