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11 Best Places to Rent Snowshoes Around Rochester

Don’t let the snow on the trail stop you from hiking in the winter. Why not try snowshoeing to spend more time outdoors? There are some places around Rochester where you can rent snowshoes and get proper training. Many of these places are nature centers that offer excellent trails for both snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. If you want to try both, a few of them even provide cross-country ski rentals.

Places to Rent Snowshoes Around Rochester

Rent Snowshoes Around Rochester NY

Most places charge around $5 per rental of snowshoes. Some may be for the whole day and some by the hour—check before you go.

1. Hanson Nature Center in Tinker Nature Park Henrietta

2. Wild Wings Inc. Bird of Prey Facility and Nature Center Mendon Ponds Park

3. Helmer Nature Center’s Saturday Snowshoe Irondequoit

4. Cumming Nature Center Naples

5. Genesee Country Village Mumford

6. Montezuma Audubon Center Savannah

7. Genesee County Park & Forest Bethany

8. Bryncliff Resort Varysburg

9. Reinstein Woods & Nature Preserve Cheektowaga

10. Medved Running and Walking Outfitters 
From their website, “Our rental fee is $20 per day and the first two days can be used toward the purchase of a pair of snowshoes (if made within 30 days of the rental return).” Sounds like a great idea if you are thinking about buying your own.

11. REI
According to their website, “Renting gear is the best of both worlds. You get the stuff you need without needing a new closet to keep it all in. Gear up for your next outdoor adventure with rentable gear from your local REI store, handpicked by our in-store experts. You can rent snowshoes, skis, snowboards, camping gear and more. And we can show you how to use it.”

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Day Trips Around Rochester, New York

Already have your own snowshoes?

Rent Snowshoes Around Rochester NY

There are hundreds of places around Rochester to take them! A bit of inspiration from the NYS DEC: “Don’t let snow keep you off New York State’s thousands of trails this winter. Grab a pair of cross-country skis or snowshoes and enjoy your favorite trails all winter long.

“The solitude and all engulfing silence of the wilderness in winter await. Many trails are actually easier to traverse in winter as the rocks, roots, and mud are covered over with nothing but smooth, deep snow.

“You can go to areas otherwise not accessible in summer due to wet conditions and take short cuts across frozen lakes. You may be surprised that a day of exercise and exploring nature in winter could be so much fun!”

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Where is your favorite spot to rent snowshoes?

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