Oatka Creek LeRoy

Oatka Creek in LeRoy

Oatka Creek is a clear centerpiece for the Village of LeRoy, with a waterfall, 2 dams, and an 8 foot Statue of Liberty replica on her shoreline.

The creek has it’s beginnings in Southern Wyoming County, flowing 58 miles through LeRoy, and onward toward the Genesee River through Mumford, Oatka Creek Park and the Village of Scottsville.

Oatka Creek offers some of the best “Blue Ribbon” trout fishing in the region; stocked both up- and down-stream from LeRoy.

Aerial View of Main St Dam on Oatka Creek in LeRoy
Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Oatka Creek LeRoy
Oatka Creek Creekside Inn
View from deck at Farmer’s Creekside Inn & Tavern

Main Street Dam & Old Buttermilk Falls

View the Main Street Dam from the bridge or dining at Farmer’s Creekside Tavern & Inn.

Oatka Creek in LeRoy
Old Buttermilk Falls along Oatka Creek in LeRoy
Pedestrian Bridge across Oatka Creek in LeRoy

View Old Buttermilk Falls from a platform on the north side of Main Street. There you will find a parking lot, playground, and a creek-side trail to a pedestrian bridge over the rapids. This is a great spot after heavy rains!

There is another waterfall downstream called “Buttermilk Falls” which is on private property.

Statue of Liberty on Oatka Creek in LeRoy

The Statue of Liberty on Wolcott Street

This Lady Liberty stands 8 1/2-feet tall—the same size as the original’s index finger. In 1950, the Boy Scouts of America, in celebration of their 40th anniversary, purchased 200+ copper statue replicas for municipalities throughout the country; only 100 remain today.

She was recently restored to her original glory and place overlooking Oatka Creek.

Oatka Creek dam LeRoy
LeRoy on Oatka Creek
Oatka Creek in LeRoy
Aerial View of Munson St Dam on Oatka Creek in LeRoy

Munson Street Dam

There are access points both north and south of the dam for fishing and kayaking.

Oatka Creek paddle boats

Beyond Oatka Creek

Each July, LeRoy hosts the Oatka Festival with events centered on Wolcott Street along the banks of the creek. Food, music, arts & crafts plus a fishing derby, duck derby, and regatta (anything goes as long as it floats!) keep the festival fun for families all day long. 

No day trip is complete without food. Pack a picnic and sit in the gazebo, or try one of these tried-and-true establishments: D & R Depot, Smokin’ Eagle BBQ & Brew, Farmer’s Creekside Tavern & Inn, or head 3 miles west on NY-5 to Red Osier.

Caledonia Fish Hatchery
Caledonia Fish Hatchery

Or round out your day trip with a stop by the fish hatchery in Caledonia. Founded by Seth Green in 1870, this was the first hatchery in the Western Hemisphere.

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Where is your favorite spot along Oatka Creek?

Your insights and experiences are valuable. Please share them in the comments.

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