Maplewood Park

Maplewood Park

Maplewood Park is a linear park that follows the river from Driving Park Blvd. and the Lower Falls to just north of Route 104, ending at the pedestrian bridge over the Genesee. Learn more about the history and geology during a guided walk with the Lower Falls Foundation.

Lower Maplewood Park

The parking lot at the Maplewood Rose Garden in Lower Maplewood is your starting point when visiting the Lower Gorge and Falls.

Maplewood Rose Garden

Maplewood Park Rose Garden fountain

Maplewood Park Rose Garden

Maplewood Park pink rose garden

Maplewood Park red yellow rose garden

Guided walking tours of Maplewood Park

Maplewood Park Cascongiagon Indican Village

Maplewood Park Kelseys Landing

Maplewood Park guided walking tour

Maplewood Park foundation

Maplewood Park stairs from Rose Garden

Maplewood Park under Driving Park Bridge

Lower Falls Park

Maplewood Park bridge waterfall

Maplewood Park Lower Falls park path

Maplewood Park Lower Falls Park sculpture

Maplewood Park seat of forgetting and remembering

Middle Falls

(accessible via the Genesee Riverview Trail, owned by RG&E)

Maplewood Park RGE Middle Falls

Middle Maplewood Park

Continuing north along the Genesee Riverview Trail will take you through Middle Maplewood, located in the Seneca Parkway area just south of Route 104. The GRT takes you under both the Driving Park and Memorial Bridges.

Maplewood Park middle

Maplewood Park Memorial Bridge

Upper Maplewood Park

The Upper Maplewood section, 1.5 miles north, will connect you via pedestrian bridge to the east bank of the Genesee River in Seneca Park, another Olmstead-designed park along the Genesee Riverview Trail.

Maplewood Park pedestrian bridge ramp

Seneca Park Maplewood Park Pedestrian Connection Bridge

Maplewood Park Genesee River

Special Events in Maplewood Park

On a warm Saturday in mid-June, you’ll find the rose garden in full bloom for the annual Maplewood Rose Festival. The festival is much bigger than just 3,000+ rose bushes, though they certainly are the star of the show. The Maplewood Community Association sponsors lower gorge tours, yoga, rose & photography workshops, historic architecture walks, music and entertainment. The festival is only one day, but you can freely enjoy the rose garden June through November.

In October, Maplewood is again a destination on the agenda for ROC the Riverway weekend. Early Autumn is a beautiful time of year to enjoy river-centric activities. Check the City of Rochester website for the schedule of activities each year, which includes tours of the Lower and Middle Falls and the Lower Gorge. RG&E typically runs tours of their plant at Middle Falls as well.

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