MacKay Wildlife Preserve

MacKay Wildlife Preserve

There are interesting man-made and geologic wonders to discover at MacKay Wildlife Preserve in Caledonia. You’ll find a sea of round, moss-covered boulders, a diverse collection of hardwoods, and unusual land formations.

30 Day Trips within 30 Minutes of Rochester: MacKay Wildlife Preserve
MacKay Wildlife Preserve

The incredible rocks found within the preserve’s 26 acres have been studied by geologists, and some were determined to be 380 million years old. They contain fossils from our tropical-sea days.

Cal-Mum science teachers take classes here to explore the geology and biodiversity.

MacKay Wildlife Preserve signage

A peaceful retreat and educational experience

Along the nature trail you’ll find signage that tells the story of some of the trees, features, and formations around you.

MacKay Wildlife Preserve

Quiet places to sit and observe

There are perfectly-placed benches throughout the preserve. The park’s designer built and placed the benches himself, and when you learn about MacKay Wildlife Preserve’s history, you’ll discover they have a story of their own.

MacKay Wildlife Preserve
MacKay Wildlife Preserve
MacKay Wildlife Preserve

The trails are defined yet rustic.

We never got lost, but never felt as though we had been shuffling through a curated experience. They pathways felt natural, like trails the deer had created on their search for food and water; paths of least resistance.

MacKay Wildlife Preserve Map

A well-defined border

The property is bordered on the east by Spring Street and by a fieldstone wall on the west. The southern border is an active rail line that delivers to Jones Chemical (the old NYC Peanut Line), while the northern border is the inactive Lehigh Valley Line, which is cut just west of Spring Street.

MacKay Wildlife Preserve
MacKay Wildlife Preserve rock wall

Winter in MacKay Wildlife Preserve

The preserve is the perfect place to take a quiet walk in the winter woods hearing only the sound of crunching snow under your boot.

MacKay Wildlife Preserve Caledonia NY
MacKay Wildlife Preserve Caledonia NY
MacKay Wildlife Preserve Caledonia NY
MacKay Wildlife Preserve Caledonia NY
MacKay Wildlife Preserve Caledonia NY

More information about MacKay Wildlife Preserve

Cost: Free

Located in Caledonia, 30 minutes / 25 miles from Rochester (get directions)

More information:

Read the story about the park as told by Barry Ganzhorn, the Caledonia resident who spearheaded efforts to save the 26-acre pristine wood- and wetlands from being logged away. This is a true passion project we have all benefited from. His story is one of community, family, personal hardship and finding our identity.

MacKay Wildlife Preserve

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What is your favorite time of year to visit MacKay Wildlife Preserve in Caledonia?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


3 thoughts on “MacKay Wildlife Preserve”

  1. going there on thursday
    To and to get in touch
    With the Earth…….
    Preserve Wildlife..Save a Beaver
    Eat a Tree.

  2. Barry A Ganzhorn Sr

    Best time is the end of April 1st of May—-or end of Sept-winter–these times are usually bug-free–take spray for the mosquitos

    1. I completely agree, Barry. I am a cool-weather-hike-in-the-woods kind of person. I made the mistake on a hot July afternoon going to Thousand Acre Swamp. As soon as we stepped out of the vehicle there were deer flies everywhere and we ran back to safety! I absolutely love late-fall and winter hikes.

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