Little Rock City

Little Rock City in Rock City State Forest

Little Rock City in Salamanca’s Rock City State Forest, not to be confused with Rock City Park in nearby Olean, is free to explore! You could spend 20 minutes or two hours wandering through the boulders, some as large as houses.

What I found most striking about Little Rock City specifically is how serene it can be exploring the alleyways. The moss helps to absorb sound, the shadows keep the trails cool, and the crack of a twig under foot is amplified around you. Visiting these rock cities is an experience like no other.

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Little Rock City in Rock City New York State Forest
Little Rock City in Rock City New York State Forest
Little Rock City in Rock City New York State Forest
Little Rock City in Rock City New York State Forest

More about Little Rock City

Cost: Free

Located in Little Valley, between Ellicottville & Salamanca, 2 hours and 15 minutes / 115 miles from Rochester (get directions).

More information:

Access to the trail is from the end of Little Rock City Forest Road at the turn-around loop, which may be inaccessible in snow.

The trail loops through the rocks and intersects the North Country Scenic Trail where it can be followed back to the Little Rock City Forest Road.

If you are interested in the geology of the area, read more about the Cattaraugus  County Geology Trail

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