Lamberton Conservatory

Lamberton Conservatory

Located in Highland Park, Lamberton Conservatory is the perfect place to spend inside on a gray day. Many folks visit to seek a calm, colorful space warmed to tropical temperatures, filled with the sound of running water, and the scent of fragrant flowers.

Lamberton is also the perfect place to practice macro-photography. The details in each leaf and flower are more easily captured when there is no wind!

layout map
Admissions area

1. Visitor entrance

When you first walk inside, you enter a small visitor center with an admissions desk and pay a nominal admission fee. Sign up for an individual or family membership if you are able to visit a few times a year.

Lamberton Conservatory holiday show orchids
Lamberton Conservatory holiday show
Lamberton Conservatory poinsettia tree
Lamberton Conservatory holiday lights

2. Seasonal Display House

The Lamberton Conservatory Holiday Show runs from the first weekend in December through the second weekend in January. (Dec. 4, 2020-Jan. 10, 2021. Dates subject to change. Call 585-753-7270 before you go.) Enjoy evening hours on Friday & Sunday to appreciate the holiday lights after dark.

Lamberton Conservatory spring show
Lamberton Spring Show
Lamberton Conservatory spring daffodils
Lamberton Conservatory seasonal display house

The Lamberton Conservatory Spring Show opens around the first weekend of spring through the Lilac Festival in May. They feature hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips; the color and aroma make for a welcome awakening from the depths of winter!

Lamberton Conservatory new element

Exhibits in the seasonal display house are changed five times throughout the year.

Lamberton Conservatory bench
Lamberton Conservatory roof
Lamberton Conservatory benches

3 & 4. Exotic & Tropical

Tropical plants need tropical temperatures, so visiting Lamberton Conservatory in winter is a welcome escape from the cold!

Continuing on, you feel the change in temperature as you move into the warmer, wetter biome, draped with Spanish moss. Peek around the trees at the details tucked away under lush greens.

You’ll find turtles lounging by koi ponds, tiny quail wandering about, and other random creatures like chipmunks who have come in from the cold.

Lamberton Conservatory cacti
Lamberton Conservatory cactus
Lamberton Conservatory dessert

5. Desert

Next is the desert environment, filled with cacti and a large range of plants that typically occupy an arid climate. It’s nice to sit for a while in this area, with plenty of benches to quietly look around and observe.

Lamberton Conservatory tangerine
Lamberton Conservatory
Lamberton Conservatory houseplants
Lamberton Conservatory lights

6. Houseplants

Complete with orange trees and an elevated turtle pond.

Lamberton Conservatory courtyard
Lamberton Conservatory courtyard statue

7. Courtyard Gardens

This outdoor space is accessible in the warmer months through the Tropical area.

Beauty in the Details

Lamberton Conservatory spring show flower
Lamberton Conservatory pink flower
Lamberton Conservatory hibiscus
Lamberton Conservatory tropical flower
Lamberton Conservatory poinsettia
Lamberton Conservatory shreds
Lamberton Conservatory plant
Lamberton Conservatory red hibiscus
Lamberton Conservatory purple hibiscus
Lamberton Conservatory leaf
Lamberton Conservatory tree vines
Lamberton Conservatory house plant

More information about Lamberton Conservatory

Constructed in 1911, the Conservatory was an addition to Highland Park, which was designed as an arboretum in 1888 by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Cost: Youth (0-5) Free, Adult (19-61) $3.00, Youth (6-18) / Seniors (62 and up) $2.00.

Located in the City of Rochester (get directions)

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Lamberton Conservatory swing
Lamberton Conservatory autumn
Lamberton Conservatory winter outside
Lamberton Conservatory turtles

When is your favorite time to visit Lamberton Conservatory?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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