Lamberton Conservatory

Lamberton Conservatory

The Lamberton Conservatory, located in Highland Park, is a serene and colorful glasshouse displaying a diverse collection of exotic, desert, and economic plants, including banana trees. Enjoy tropical temperatures and the soothing sounds of running water. Find turtles lounging by indoor ponds, with tiny button quail and tortoises wandering around.

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The theme of the Seasonal Display Room changes five times throughout the year, with the beloved Spring Show in April and the Holiday Show in December. During the Holiday Show, the conservatory is open on Friday and Sunday evenings to fully appreciate the beautiful festive lights.

From the Monroe County Park website as of 11/5/23:

  • The Conservatory is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. During the Holiday Show, it is open until 9 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays. Call 585 753-7270 for more information.
  • Conservatory Admission: Youth (0-5) Free, Adult (19-61) $3.00, Youth (6-18) / Seniors (62 and up) $2.00.
  • Seasonal Passes are available year-round. Individual passes are $10, Family passes are $30, and Company/Institutional passes (adult care facilities) are $50.
layout map

1. Visitor entrance

Admissions area

You enter a small visitor center with an admissions desk and pay a nominal admission fee when walking inside. Sign up for an individual or family membership if you can visit a few times a year.

2. Seasonal Display House

Spring Show flowers
Spring Show flowers
Spring Show flowers
Spring Show flowers
Spring Show flowers
Spring Show flowers
Spring Show flowers
Spring Show flowers
Spring Show

The Lamberton Conservatory Spring Show opens near the end of March and runs through mid-May. They feature hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips; the color and aroma make for a welcome awakening from the depths of winter!

Lamberton Conservatory holiday show walkway
Lamberton Conservatory holiday show orchids
Lamberton Conservatory poinsettia tree
Lamberton Conservatory holiday moss
Lamberton Conservatory Holiday Show

The Lamberton Conservatory Holiday Show runs from the first weekend in December through the second weekend in January. Enjoy evening hours on Friday and Sunday nights (Saturday nights are reserved for weddings and wedding photos) until 9 p.m. to appreciate the holiday lights after dark.

Lamberton Conservatory new element

Exhibits in the seasonal display house are changed five times throughout the year.

3 & 4. Exotic & Tropical

Lamberton Conservatory bench
Lamberton Conservatory Spanish moss
Lamberton Conservatory
Lamberton Conservatory ceiling room transition

Tropical plants need tropical temperatures, so visiting Lamberton Conservatory in winter is a welcome escape from the cold! Continuing, you feel the change in temperature as you move into the warmer, wetter biome draped with Spanish moss. Peek around the trees at the details tucked away under lush greens.

5. Desert

Lamberton Conservatory cacti
Lamberton Conservatory desert cactus
Lamberton Conservatory dessert
Lamberton Conservatory desert blooms

The following environment is the desert, filled with cacti and plants that typically grow in an arid climate.

6. Houseplants

Lamberton Conservatory tangerine
Lamberton Conservatory
Lamberton Conservatory houseplants
Lamberton Conservatory lights
Decorated during the Holiday Show

Complete with orange trees and elevated turtle and tortoise enclosures. Spend time watching them eat.

7. Courtyard Gardens

Lamberton Conservatory courtyard
Lamberton Conservatory courtyard statue
Lamberton Conservatory courtyard coy
Lamberton Conservatory courtyard statue flowers

This outdoor space is open during the warmer months through the main entrance near the restrooms.

Remember to Look Down

Lamberton Conservatory quail walking

You’ll find turtles lounging by koi ponds, tiny quail wandering about, and other creatures, like chipmunks, coming in from the cold.

Every day, there’s something new.

Lamberton Conservatory ceiling
Lamberton Conservatory pink flower
Lamberton Conservatory blossom
Lamberton Conservatory tropical flower
Lamberton Conservatory cactus flower
Lamberton Conservatory airplant
Lamberton Conservatory unusual
Lamberton Conservatory red hibiscus
Lamberton Conservatory purple hibiscus
Lamberton Conservatory pink cactus flowers
Lamberton Conservatory house plant
Lamberton Conservatory plant

The plants grow and blossom at various times throughout the year, including the winter months.

Enjoy a Video Tour of Lamberton Conservatory

Highland Park Conservancy (HPC) invites you to join Noelle Nagel, the Monroe County Parks Horticultural Interpreter, for a 2021 video tour. She shares her vast knowledge of plant and animal collections. Enjoy!

HPC, founded in 1994, is a member-supported, all-volunteer organization: the official not-for-profit partner of Monroe County for the stewardship of Highland Park. Learn more about how you can join us at

Lamberton Conservatory winter outside
Lamberton Conservatory in Winter

More information about Lamberton Conservatory

Cost: A nominal admission fee; membership is available

Located in the City of Rochester (get directions)

More information:

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Lamberton Conservatory autumn

What is your favorite time of year to visit Lamberton Conservatory?

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