Lamberton Conservatory holiday show

Lamberton Conservatory

Tropical plants need tropical temperatures, so visiting Lamberton Conservatory in winter is a welcome escape from the cold! Constructed in 1911, the Conservatory was a cherished addition to Highland Park, which was designed as an arboretum in 1888 by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Outside Lamberton Conservatory

You’ll find the Conservatory in the northern section of Highland Park, near the Tulip Bed, Poets Garden and the Reservoir.

Lamberton Conservatory swing

Lamberton Conservatory winter outside

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Inside Lamberton Conservatory

When you first walk inside, you enter a small visitor center with an admissions desk and pay a nominal admission fee. Sign up for an individual or family membership if you are able to visit a few times a year.

Lamberton Conservatory

Lamberton Conservatory Map

2. Seasonal Display House

Exhibits is this section are changed five times throughout the year. Each December, the Holiday Show welcomes you with holiday lights, greens and poinsettias.

Lamberton Conservatory Christmas

The Spring Show opens around the 1st weekend of spring (March 23) through the Lilac Festival in May. They feature hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips; the color and aroma make for a welcome retreat from winter!

Lamberton Conservatory

Lamberton Conservatory

Lamberton Conservatory spring show turtles

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3 & 4. Exotic & Tropical

Continuing on, you feel the change in temperature as you move into the warmer, wetter biome, draped with spanish moss. Peek around the trees at the details tucked away under lush greens. You’ll find turtles lounging by koi ponds, tiny quail wandering about, and other random creatures like chipmunks who have come in from the cold.

Lamberton Conservatory Spanish Moss

Lamberton Conservatory holiday lights Spanish moss

Lamberton Conservatory benches

Lamberton Conservatory

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5. Dessert

Next is the “dessert”, filled with cacti and a large range of plants that typically occupy an arid climate. It’s nice to sit for a while in this area, with plenty of benches to quietly look around and observe.

Lamberton Conservatory desert bench

6. Houseplants

Complete with orange trees and an elevated turtle pond.

Lamberton Conservatory orange tree

Lamberton Conservatory

Lamberton Conservatory hibiscus

7. Courtyard Gardens

This outdoor space is accessible in the warmer months through the Tropical area.

Lamberton Conservatory courtyard

Lamberton Conservatory courtyard statue

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More information about Lamberton Conservatory

You’ll often see photographers taking family portraits, folks practicing yoga, and musicians playing strolling music while people relax on the benches.

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