The Jump-Off Trail viewing platform

The Jump-Off Trail

The Jump-Off Trail on Gannett Hill in Ontario County Park is wheelchair-accessible and offers one of the most breathtaking scenic views in the Finger Lakes Region.

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The Trail

Approaching the landing
Jump Off Trail sign

The trail itself is just a small part of a vast network of footpaths known as The Finger Lakes Trail. This section is a part of the Bristol Hills Branch Trail in the Western Finger Lakes Region.

The Jump-Off Platform

Ontario County Park Gannett Hill Jump Off Trail ramp to platform
Jump-Off in July

The Jump-Off Trail is spectacular at any time of year, but my favorite time to visit is in the autumn during the peak leaf-changing season. You’ll have a great view of CR-33/West Hollow Road and the backside of Bristol Mountain.

Ontario County Park Gannett Hill Jump Off Trail view
Jump-Off in July

There’s not much to say about the area. It’s easy to navigate, and the view speaks for itself.

Ontario County Park Gannett Hill Jump Off Trail viewing platform
Jump-Off in early October
Ontario County Park Gannett Hill Jump Off Trail summer view
Jump-Off in July
Ontario County Park Gannett Hill Jump Off Trail view from platform
Early October
Jump Off Trail Jeffrey Packard
Photo by Jeffrey Packard
Jump Off Trail Jeffrey Packard
Photo by Jeffrey Packard
Jump Off Trail Jeffrey Packard
Photo by Jeffrey Packard
Jump Off Trail September
Jump-Off in September

More information about the Jump Off Trail

Ontario County Park also has camping facilities (tents, RVs, cabins), two softball diamonds, two playgrounds, a basketball court, acres of open field (great for flying kites!), and a fishing pond.

Cost: Free

Located in Naples, roughly 52 minutes / 40 miles from Rochester (get directions)

More information:

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