Greece Canal Park summer cover

Greece Canal Park

Greece Canal Park is one of two Monroe County Parks connected with the Erie Canal, and one of two with dog parks. There are two small fishing ponds flanking the road leading to the dog park. 

boat launch

There are also camping opportunities for youth groups and scouts by reservation.

The park is a short walk down the canal trail from Henpeck Park, a popular parking spot to kick off an Erie Canal bike or hike.

Greece Canal Park winding pathway

Greece Canal Park encompasses 577 acres, with 4 easy walking trails varying in length under 1.5 miles over level or gently rolling terrain. If you’re looking to combine the trails into a longer hike, checkout this 5-mile “map-my-walk” posted by a Rochester-area hiking group.

Deer Run

This is an easy 1.4 mile walk over gently rolling terrain. An observation point and highlight of this trail is a beautiful pond surrounded by cattail plants along the southern edge of the trail.

Greece Canal Park path

Canal Trail

This is an easy 0.9 mile walk over gently rolling terrain. This part of the trail is especially pretty in early summer when the locust trees that line the canal banks are in full bloom


West Trail

This trail is an easy 0.4 mile walk over level terrain. The trail is under a canopy of maple, beech, oak, black cherry, hickory and tulip trees. It is especially interesting in the fall when the wildflowers and fungus on the forest floor are lit by sunlight filtering through the trees.

Greece Canal Park winter trail

Farm Artifact Trail

This trail is a 0.9 mile walk over generally level terrain. This trail tells part of the human history of this land. An observation point includes old rock walls, and farm implements that are artifacts of former farms.

Greece Canal Park stairs

More information about Greece Canal Park

Cost: Free

Located in Greece, 18 minutes / 9 miles from Rochester (get directions)

More Information: Trail Map |

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Where is your favorite spot in Greece Canal Park?

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