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Get Away from it all Canadice Kayak cover

Get Away From It All

We’re all getting a little stir crazy at this point. Make sure you are spending quality time outdoors watching the Earth spring to life, listening to birdsong or a babbling brook, and getting physical exercise. Here are some ideas to get away from the news, from other people, from the daily rut—from it all!

Please day trip responsibly and follow the most current recommendations from the CDC and New York State for spending time away from your home.

Genesee Greenway Trail Finger Lakes Trail Letchworth Portage
Genesee Valley Greenway
hemlock lake robs trail get away
Robs Trail
30 day trips within 30 minutes of Rochester: Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area at Marina
Braddock Bay Marina Trail

80 Hiking Trails

A few less populated, rustic, or unusual trails to take a hike.

Get away from it all on Canadice Lake
Canadice Lake
Monroe County Parks: Kayaking Black Creek Churchville
Black Creek through Churchville Park
Water Trails: Conesus Lake
Conesus Lake

58 Places to Get Away On Rochester’s Waterways

Find a water trail and paddle your way to solitude.

Five Arch Bridge Conesus Creek Ashantee Avon get away
Conesus Creek, Avon
Honeoye Falls Rotary Park trail
Honeoye Creek, Rotary Park
Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Oatka Creek LeRoy
Oatka Creek, LeRoy

26 Incredible Creeks

Find peace of mind along the shores of our beautiful creeks.

public wall art home in Rochester
Frederick Douglass library
Welcome to Rochester
Cobbs Hill skyline coffee mug
Cobbs Hill

Rochester: The Image City

Spend time finding these photo-worthy destinations around Rochester!

Roadside Attractions - Shoe Trees Lyndonvile
The Shoe Trees in Lyndonville, NY
Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Big Metal Dragon in East Bethany NY
Metal Dragon
get away on the Rochester Yellow Brick Road
Yellow Brick Road

41 Quirky Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions

Here are a few unusual things to see as you’re out exploring.

Lehigh Valley Trail walking over bridge
Lehigh Valley Trail
get away to Al Lorenz Park in Mount Morris
Al Lorenz Park
Hamlin Beach State Park beach get away
Hamlin Beach

9 Spots to Get Away & Seek Solitude Outdoors

A few beautiful spots where there’s ample space to wander freely.

Get away from it all on Moss Lake
Moss Lake
Green Lakes State Park dad
Green Lakes
get away to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge Black Lake
Black Lake

Get Away to These 39 Other Great Lakes

Rochester is well-known for our 11 Finger Lakes and 2 beautiful Great Lakes, Ontario and Erie. But there are even more fantastic, fresh-water lakes out there to discover!

Chimney Bluffs State Park
Chimney Bluffs State Park
Honeoye Lake from Harriet Hollister
Honeoye Lake from Harriet Hollister
Mount Hope Cemetery get away
Mount Hope

Geologic History of the Rochester Area

These day trips into Rochester’s geologic history, filled with drumlins, fossils, house-sized boulders and a meromictic lake, will leave you awe-struck!

Quintessential Rochester: Street Art
Atlantic Ave
Cobbs Hill water tower octopus
Cobbs Hill
public wall art Port Newark mural erie canal

Street Art: Exploring Rochester’s Murals & Graffiti

A thought-provoking expression of history, experience, and perspective told by some of the world’s most talented artists.

Where are your favorite spots to get away from it all?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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COVID-19 NOTE: Please follow the most current recommendations from the CDC and New York State for spending time away from your home.

The great outdoors can provide a well needed respite & escape during stressful times. Please move quickly through parking lots, trail heads, and scenic areas. If crowded, choose a different park, trail, or time to visit. Please day trip responsibly and locally—seek solitude!