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Eastman Museum

George Eastman Museum

The mansion and surrounding gardens of the George Eastman Museum have so many details to discover; each season uniquely spectacular!

The museum is a beautiful tribute to the life & legacy of George Eastman, and is the world’s oldest photography museum with one of the oldest film archives.

Eastman Museum Visitor Information ►

Things to know before you go! Advance tickets are required and may be purchased online at

The grounds are free to explore, but do go inside! I am always surprised, as a lifelong Rochester resident whose father worked for Kodak his entire career, how much I don’t know about Kodak and it’s founder.

Estate Gardens
George Eastman Museum

The grounds are free and open to the public, except during special events.

George Eastman estate mansion
Eastman estate garden
George Eastman Museum
estate garden building
George Eastman Museum
George Eastman Museum
George Eastman Museum

The Mansion
George Eastman Museum

It is amazing how much the building itself contains. A photo gallery with rotating exhibits from the museum’s collection, a showcase of the history of photography and the Eastman Kodak Company, a glorious movie theater, the home preserved from when Eastman lived in it, and a massive pipe organ. Thankfully there are daily guided tours!

There are also several special events throughout the year that evoke Eastman’s life and tradition such as the Dutch Connection, Sweet Creations, Eastman Entertains, Manhattan Wednesday, and the Oscar Gala Premier.

Eastman Museum
Kodak Camera display
Eastman Museum
 Dutch Connection
seating area
George Eastman Museum
A great man’s tragic ending:
“To my friends, my work is done. Why wait? GE”
George Eastman Museum hallway
George Eastman Museum windows
George Eastman Museum
George Eastman Museum library

Dryden Theatre

Dryden Theater

The 500-seat Dryden Theatre is the premier exhibition space for the art of cinema as championed and interpreted by the George Eastman Museum. Presenting film screenings every day of the week, the Dryden is devoted to showing all films in their original formats, thus honoring and reproducing their historical—and aesthetically supreme—modes of exhibition. It is one of the very few theaters in the world equipped for the projection of original nitrate film that also makes nitrate film screenings part of its regular program.

About the Dryden
George Eastman

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Cost: Admission Fee

Located in the City of Rochester (get directions)

More information:

Genesee Country Village and Museum Mumford NY George Eastman Childhood Home
Genesee Country Village George Eastman boyhood home

Eastman’s Boyhood Home

You can also tour Eastman’s early home which was moved from Waterville, NY to the Eastman Mansion on East Ave, and then to the Genesee Country Village & Museum. From the museum website,

Eastman’s father, who had been a nurseryman in Waterville, moved the family to Rochester, where he founded a business school. None of the home’s current furnishings belonged to the Eastmans, but have been selected to demonstrate the comfortable circumstances the family enjoyed while living in Waterville.

George Eastman’s Boyhood Home

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Where is your favorite spot at the George Eastman Museum?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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