George Eastman Museum dutch tulip connection cover

George Eastman Museum

GEM is a museum that honors the life and legacy of George Eastman, who is known as the father of modern photography. It is the world’s oldest photography museum, boasting a vast collection of over 400,000 photographic objects and 28,000 moving image titles.

Visitors can explore Eastman’s unique home, as well as the museum’s permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. The Dryden Theatre, which seats 500, offers film screenings in their original format on most evenings.

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Signature Events

George Eastman Museum Dutch Connection 3
George Eastman Museum Dutch Connection 1
Flower City: Dutch Connection at Eastman Museum
George Eastman Museum dutch tulip connection cover
2022 displays

Dutch Connection 2024

February 9–25

Experience the beauty and fragrance of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other flowering bulbs throughout the mansion. This colorful display is a welcome contrast to the monotony of winter.

George Eastman Museum gingerbread castle
George Eastman Museum tabletop tree
George Eastman Museum Holiday Wreath Display
George Eastman Museum gingerbread cottage
2021 and 2023 displays

Holidays at the Museum

The George Eastman Museum is the perfect place to enjoy the holiday season. Along with the Sweet Creations Gingerbread Display, the wreath and tabletop tree displays, and Holiday Homecoming, GEM’s Dryden Theatre shows a variety of holiday-themed films like Miracle on 34th Street, Scrooge, Die Hard 2, Home Alone, and Meet Me in St. Louis.

Eastman Museum and Mansion

George Eastman Museum front
George Eastman Museum spring
George Eastman mansion fall
George Eastman Mansion front garden
estate garden building
Eastman estate garden
George Eastman Museum ginkos

George Eastman’s Estate Gardens

Appreciate a range of colors that begin with luxurious purple wisteria in May and end with bold yellow ginkgo leaves in November While museum admission is necessary to walk through the Italianate Terrace and Library Gardens, the West and Rock Gardens are open to the public year-round. Every February, the annual Dutch Connection event showcases a range of colorful and fragrant tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and more throughout the home.

George Eastman Museum Colorama
George Eastman Museum gallery
George Eastman Museum dining area
George Eastman Museum walkway cover

Visitor Entrance

As you stroll from the parking lot to the entrance, take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking Colorama. Several years ago, the museum underwent significant renovations, including relocating the main entrance closer to the parking lot, revamping the gallery, gift shop, Open Face restaurant and seating, as well as the hall that connects the entrance to the mansion.

George Eastman Museum windows
George Eastman Museum chair library
George Eastman Museum dining room
george eastman museum hat boxes
George Eastman Museum bedroom
Kodak Camera display
George Eastman Museum patent
George Eastman Museum
“To my friends, my work is done. Why wait? GE”

George Eastman’s Mansion

It’s incredible how much the building encompasses! There’s a photo gallery featuring rotating exhibits from the museum’s collection, a display showcasing the history of photography and the Eastman Kodak Company, a movie theater, a preserved home from Eastman’s era, and a massive pipe organ.

Throughout the year, Eastman holds various events that reflect its tradition and past, such as Dutch Connection, Sweet Creations, Eastman Entertains, Manhattan Wednesday, and the Oscar Gala Premier.

Dryden Theatre Eastman Museum
Dryden Theatre

Dryden Theatre

The George Eastman Museum’s 500-seat Dryden Theatre offers a wonderful opportunity to watch a variety of cinematic productions nearly every night. You can witness moving pictures from their massive collection of over 28,000 titles that cover the entire history of international cinema in their original format, including nitrate films.

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Genesee Country Village George Eastman boyhood home
Genesee Country Village

Eastman’s Childhood Home

You can visit Eastman’s childhood home which was relocated from Waterville to the Eastman Mansion on East Avenue, and finally to the Genesee Country Village and Museum. According to the museum’s website regarding George Eastman’s Boyhood Home, “Eastman’s father, who had been a nurseryman in Waterville, moved the family to Rochester, where he founded a business school. None of the home’s current furnishings belonged to the Eastmans, but have been selected to demonstrate the comfortable circumstances the family enjoyed while living in Waterville.”

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