Avon Vintage Drive In

6 Drive-In Theaters

Yes, there are still drive-in theaters near Rochester! The Vintage Drive-In in Avon is the closest, but there are five others within a 90 minute drive.

The Vintage Drive-In in Avon opens for weekend showings only around April 1, then every night after Memorial Day. Movies are published to the website and Facebook page every Monday afternoon for the upcoming Friday.

Planning a trip to the drive-in

A warm summer evening is perfect for having the whole family (including pets!) sit outside on your lawn chairs in pajamas, listening to the movie through the car speakers. If you’ve never been to a drive-in theater before, check out their FAQs for helpful tips.

The best way to make this a fun event is to get there early, or as soon as they start letting cars in, usually about 7pm on the weekend, 8pm weeknights. You’ll be directed to your screen, and park according to vehicle size; cars in front, trucks and vans in back.

Once you’re settled, head up to the restaurant, which has everything you’d expect: pizza, hot dogs, burgers, pop corn, nachos, candy, soda, coffee, etc. You can bring in your own food, but theaters make their money in concession sales so they’re happy to charge you a fee to do so. Play a round of miniature golf or arcade games before your movie begins. Bring a flashlight to navigate the uneven rocky-road in the dark once your movie begins. You’ll most likely make that trip a few times to use the restroom and grab more refreshments.

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Double-features are the standard for drive-in theaters. You pay for the predetermined pair of movies, and are unable to bounce to another screen when the first movie ends. Imagine how annoying that would be to the folks who are already parked and enjoying their film. It’s not mandatory to stay for the 2nd film, though, and you can head home after the 1st feature if you’d like.

More Drive-In Theaters around Rochester

The Vintage is the closest drive-in to Rochester, but not the only one. Check out each website below for the specifics. They vary in admission price, days open, food policies and amenities. All of these drive-in theaters offer a great entertainment experience, with the newest releases on multiple screens.

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