Rochester Public Market

Day Trips From Rochester (41-60)

We’ve pulled together a diverse list of day trips from Rochester, NY within two hours of home—perfect for quick getaways!

MacKay Wildlife Preserve
MacKay Wildlife Preserve

41. MacKay Wildlife Preserve

There are interesting man-made and geologic wonders to discover at MacKay Wildlife Preserve in Caledonia, including a sea of round, moss-covered boulders.


Highland Park Lilacs
Highland Park Lilacs

42. Highland Park

Highland Park was designed to be enjoyed year-round. Every pathway, every tree, every vista & every relationship between the land & water is intentional.


Snow Shoe Rentals
Cumming Nature Center

43. 9 Places to Rent Snowshoes

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, try snowshoeing! There are a few places around Rochester to rent snowshoes and learn how to use them.


New York Museum of Transportation trolley
Trolley Rides at the New York Museum of Transportation

44. New York Museum of Transportation

The New York Museum of Transportation houses fourteen full size trolley cars, a caboose, steam locomotive, antique highway and horse-drawn vehicles, and the various associated smaller items that illuminate our transportation history.

Your half-hour excursion on the only trolley ride in New York State is aboard one of the museum’s 87-year-old trolley cars.


Martin Luther King Jr Park mural
Martin Luther King Jr Park

45. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park at Manhattan Square

Concerts, events, and festivals at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park at Manhattan Square are organized more frequently now, and the cascades behind the stage will make for a beautiful backdrop.


Oatka Creek Park goldenrod birch trees
Oatka Creek Park

46. Oatka Creek Park

Oatka Creek Park in Wheatland is one of the more strollable in the Monroe County Park system, with little change in elevation along the 3.3 mile loop trail.


Meridian Centre Park boardwalk

47. Meridian Centre Park

Meridian Centre Park is located off Winton Road. There are several points of access from the large parking area to the Erie Canal path.


Sam Patch interior
On board the Sam Patch

48. Sam Patch Erie Canal Tours

Sam Patch Erie Canal Tours are a great way to experience the canal, the locks, & learn about its history along your narrated cruise.


30 day trips within 30 minutes of Rochester: Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area at Marina
Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area Marina Trail

49. Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area

The Braddock Bay complex includes the bay and the surrounding wetlands. We break it down so you can start exploring!


30 day trips within 30 minutes of Rochester: Rochester Public Market
City of Rochester Public Market

50. Rochester Public Market

The Rochester Public Market is the place to grab the freshest local and wholesale fruit, veggies, seafood, beef, cheese, bread, flowers and spices. The market is surrounded by excellent restaurants, cafes, a donuts shop, and a distillery.


Warner Castle Sunken Garden looking down

51. Warner Castle Sunken Garden

When you stroll around the back of Warner Castle and down the lawn, you’ll discover the Sunken Garden. It’s a peaceful retreat, and beautiful anytime of the year.

Continue walking behind the garden and you’ll find yourself at Highland Bowl.


30 day trips within 30 minutes of Rochester: Mendon Ponds Park
Looking down at the Devils Bathtub in Mendon Ponds Park

52. Mendon Ponds Park

Mendon Ponds Park is the largest Monroe County Park with 2,500 acres of woodlands, ponds, wetlands and glacially created landforms.


More day trips within 30 minutes: Brickyard Trail
Brickyard Trail

53. Frankel Nature Park

Sandra L. Frankel Nature Park is a 72-acre linear park connecting the Brighton Town Hall and Library on Elmwood Ave with Buckland Park on Westfall Road. The 0.8-mile Brickyard Trail runs the length of the park.


More day trips within 30 minutes: Monroe County Ellison Park Rochester NY

54. Ellison Park

Irondequoit Creek meanders through Ellison Park on its way to Irondequoit Bay and Lake Ontario, offering visitors year-round fishing and non-motorized boating opportunities.


Helmer Nature Center sunlight
Helmer Nature Center

55. Helmer Nature Center

The paths at Helmer Nature Center, made primarily of wood chip, boardwalk, and hard-pack gravel, are easy to navigate and clearly marked. There are sloped portions that take you down to the valley floor where the terrain around you is hilly and tree covered making it peacefully quiet.


Things to Do Around Rochester: New York State Parks Hamlin Beach

56. Hamlin Beach State Park

Hamlin Beach State Park has 7 miles of beautiful biking and walking trails, including a mile-long self-guided tour of a CCC/POW camp.


Ellwanger Garden
Ellwanger Garden

57. Ellwanger Estate Garden

While the Ellwanger Estate is private, the garden is maintained by the Landmark Society and is periodically open to the public for special events.


Canadice Lake kayak launch
Canadice Lake

58. Water Trails: 58 Places to Explore Rochester’s Waterways

Depending on your definition, water trails are either formally marked routes along a navigable waterway, or simply any waterway suitable for canoes, kayaks, and small motorized watercraft.


Canandaigua Lake City Pier Boat Houses
Canandaigua Lake City Pier Boat Houses

59. Canadaigua Lake

Canandaigua Lake is home to the smallest island, one of only two islands in the Finger Lakes. You can drive around the entire lake in 60 minutes.


30 day trips within 30 minutes of Rochester: Genesee Valley Park Rochester
Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, NY

60. Genesee Valley Park

Genesee Valley Park is a Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park located at the intersection of the Erie Canal, Red Creek, and Genesee River.


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