Selection of Finger Lakes Wines

38 Culinary Trails and Self-Guided Tours

These culinary trails and self-guided tours around Rochester are not meant for walking, and some encourage you to have a designated driver! Handy maps help you explore our region while following your personal passions.

From beer, wine and cheese to barn quilts, cobblestones and history, these itineraries help you plan your ultimate day trip!

Events around Rochester - Beer Fest

Beer Trails

  1. Finger Lakes Beer Trail
  2. Rochester-Canandaigua Beer Trail
  3. Rochester Craft Beverage Trail
  4. Keuka-Seneca Brewery Trail
  5. Buffalo Tap Trail
  6. New York State Beer Trail
Culinary Trails: Scenic Keuka Lake Views Dr Frank 1886 Reserve Room
Dr Frank 1886 Reserve Room

Wine Trails

  1. Cayuga Lake Wine Trail
  2. Seneca Lake Wine Trail
  3. Little Finger Lakes Wine Path
  4. Keuka Lake Wine Trail 
  5. Lake Ontario Wine Trail
  6. Canandaigua Wine Trail
  7. Niagara Wine Trail
  8. Lake Erie Wine Trail
Culinary Trails: Cocktail Revival

Other Culinary Trails & Tours

  1. Rochester-A-List pub crawls, canal crawls, etc.
  2. Finger Lakes Cheese Trail
  3. Finger Lakes Sweet Treat Trail
  4. Corning Gaffer District Chocolate Trail
  5. Rochester’s Annual Cocktail Revival
  6. Rochester Pedal Tours Pub Crawl
  7. Buffalo’s Chicken Wing Trail
  8. Flower City Food Tours
Byron Barn Quilt
Barn Quilt in Byron

Non-Culinary Trails

  1. Record Store Crawl
  2. Geneseo Scenic Oak Tree Driving Tour
  3. Freethought Trail
  4. Wyoming County Geocaching Trail
  5. Wyoming County Barn Quit Trail
  6. LeRoy Barn Quilt Trail
  7. Orleans County Barn Quilt Trail
  8. Wells Barns
  9. Route 104 Cobblestone Trail
  10. New York’s Amish Trail
  11. Landmark Society Rochester
  12. Finger Lakes Farm Adventure Trail
  13. Wayne County Annual Apple Tasting Tour
  14. Alpaca Country Trail
  15. The Fairy Doors of Dansville
  16. Naples Open Studio Trail

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Which are your favorite culinary trails and self-guided tours?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Your insight and experience is invaluable!


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