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Cobbs Hill + Washington Grove

Cobbs Hill Park in the City of Rochester makes you feel like you’re not in Kansas anymore. The park itself, nestled between Culver, Monroe and Highland, is recreational in nature, with Lake Riley at its heart. It’s the hill, though, that makes it so special.

The view from Cobbs Hill, the quiet, the breeze, the friendly nature of people walking and taking it all in—there’s nothing else quite like it in Rochester.

Encircling the reservoir is a .7-mile paved walking path perfect for a jog or a stroll, and a favorite for workday lunch breaks.

Cobbs Hill Park

The view from Cobbs Hill is spectacular

No matter the weather, season, cloud cover, or time of day, I love looking out over the treetops at the Rochester skyline. Folks also head up to Cobb’s Hill to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve.

Cobbs Hill skyline summer
Cobbs Hill skyline winter sunset
Cobbs Hill Park
Cobbs Hill skyline coffee mug
Cobbs Hill winter steps

Cobb’s Hill Reservoir

The Reservoir’s walkways, iron fence, steps and overlooks were designed by the Olmsted firm

Cobbs Hill skyline reservoir fountain
Cobbs Hill walking path

In the right light, the granite, Greek-Revival-style gate house reminds me of a Maxfield Parrish painting.

Cobbs Hill Pinnacle Hill summer
Maxfield Parrish
Cobbs Hill view Pinnacle Hill

The view of Pinnacle Hill from Cobbs Hill

Pinnacle Hill is the highest point in Rochester and is home to 5 of Rochester’s broadcast signal towers.

Cobbs Hill and Pinnacle Hill are two of the original five Pinnacle Hills in the Pinnacle Range—a glacial moraine created by the retreating Wisconsin Glacier 10,000 year ago.

Two of the other hills are in Highland and Mount Hope. The fifth was Oak Hill, leveled to create a golf course which has since relocated; the land is now the University of Rochester’s riverside campus.

Cobbs Hill skyline communications tower

Cobbs Hill also hosts Monroe Country’s Public Safety Communications.

Cobbs Hill autumn

Washington Grove

The trail takes you by the graffiti-tagged water towers and winds through a quiet grove of ancient oaks.

Because of the Pinnacle Range, all major infrastructure, like the Erie Canal, subway, and express way, were routed around the area leaving this beautiful area untouched by development.

Cobbs Hill Washington Grove inside water tower
Cobbs Hill Washington Grove path to water towers
Cobbs Hill Washington Grove water towers
Cobbs Hill Washington Grove graffiti tags
Cobbs Hill Washington Grove crying owl
Cobbs Hill Washington Grove graffiti
Cobbs Hill Washington Grove water town autumn
Cobbs Hill Washington Grove echos

More information about Cobbs Hill Park

Cost: Free

Located in the City of Rochester (get directions)

More information:

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