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🌲 20 Christmas Tree Farms Around Rochester

As December rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about one of the most beloved family traditions—selecting and decorating the Christmas tree. Most tree farms open the weekend before or after Thanksgiving, but be aware that some only accept cash payments.

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Christmas Tree Farms in Monroe County

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Descriptions are from each website.

Bauman’s Farm Market


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Each winter, we offer a wide variety of pre-cut Christmas trees and open up our cut-your-own fields to those who like to carry on the wonderful tradition of cutting your own Christmas tree! We will get your tree a “fresh cut” so that it will drink up plenty of water and last a long time. For those needing your tree drilled, we can do that, too. We will also bale the tree in netting and put it on top of your vehicle (or your trunk) while you are inside, enjoying free hot mulled apple cider, hot chocolate, or coffee.

Cobble Creek Farm


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Cut your own Christmas tree. Choose from Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir (limited quantities), and Grand Fir up to 6-8 ft. We supply saws. We will have some Frasier Fir in the Pre-Cut lot at the barn. We offer free baling and drilling for your Stand Straight Tree Stands, which are also available for purchase.

Hellaby Hill Farms


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

Kunz’s Tree Farm


Opening Day is the Monday before Thanksgiving

from their website: Founded in 1949, Kunz’s is a 4th generation family-owned & operated tree farm. Featuring a Christmas shop filled with gifts, decorative holiday accents, jewelry & more. Cut your own and pre-cut trees, located in Webster.

Morgan Hill


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Choose and cut your own real Christmas tree. Price includes tax and free stump trimming, shaking, baling, and center drilling. Find your perfect tree from our abundant selection, including Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir, Frasier Fir, and Blue Spruce. You may cut your own (saws provided) or bring your hand saw. (no chainsaws allowed). You can also ask one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to assist you. Once you’ve chosen your perfect tree, let us spruce it up a bit more! We will gladly shake, bail, and drill your tree to make its transition to your home as easy as possible.

Stokoe Farms


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: For over 30 years, ‘The Best Christmas Begins Here’ at Stokoe Farms. Bring the whole family out for the wonderful tradition of a REAL Christmas Tree. Take a wagon ride through our picturesque Christmas Tree fields, straw fort and slides, Live Nativity, animals, a warm bonfire, and of course, the hilarious antics of our Hillbilly Hens Chicken Show as they sing the carols of the season.

Wilbert’s Christmas Tree Farm


Opening Day is the weekend before Thanksgiving

from their website: Wilbert’s Tree Farm is a family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm located in beautiful Upstate New York. Originally planted by Art Wilbert over 50 years ago for screening and environmental reasons, the purpose and popularity of the trees quickly changed! Choose and cut your own real Christmas Tree, or select one of our many pre-cut trees. All tree prices include tax and free stump trimming, shaking, baling, and center drilling, as well as twine for tying down (we cannot assist you in the act of tying down).

Windy Meadow Tree Farm


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Since 1990, Windy Meadow Tree Farm has offered the highest quality choose-and-cut Christmas trees for your holiday enjoyment. Located in Brockport, NY, an easy drive from Rochester, our family provides personal service to your family during the holiday season. Bring your whole family out for a traditional Christmas experience… choosing the perfect tree! Once you’re done, return to the gift shop to enjoy some free hot chocolate and cookies and browse our selection of wreaths and other holiday decorations.

Woody Acres


Opening Day is the weekend before Thanksgiving

from their website: Woody Acres is a family-owned and operated farm located in Penfield, NY. Dave Woodward originally planted the Christmas trees over 20 years ago. His aim was to increase the diversification of his farming. Woody Acres has now been selling trees for more than 10 years. Today, we currently have about 50,000 trees planted in various growth stages. 

Christmas Tree Farms Outside Monroe County

christmas tree farm

The Apple Shed


from their website: Maple Ridge Farm was established in 1906. The farm is now in its fourth generation. The Apple Shed opened in 1973 and has served residents and visiting customers ever since. The farm market begins selling pre-cut and u-cut Christmas trees in late November.

Baughman’s Christmas Tree Farm


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Christmas Tree season is upon us. We have up to 12 feet of tree varieties, both u-cut and pre-cut trees, available. We also sell wreaths, garlands, and swags and have a gift shop for you to browse. We will wrap up your tree free of charge and carry it to your car; tips are appreciated.

Bodine’s Tree Farm


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Bodine’s Tree Farm is a U-Cut & Pre-Cut Christmas Tree family-owned and operated business located in the heart of the Finger Lakes. We currently have varieties that include Concolor Fir, Cannan Fir, Fraser Fir, and Blue Spruce at peak maturity.

Darling’s Tree Farm

Clifton Springs

Opening Day is the weekend before Thanksgiving

from their website: Darling’s Tree Farm’s complimentary services include providing saws and sleds, shaking, baling, drilling, and hand-tying trees to your vehicle. Browse our selection of handmade wreaths while you warm up in the barn.

Franke Farms


Opening Day is the Saturday before Thanksgiving

from their website: For 80+ years, the Franke Family has been commercially growing evergreens for the Holiday Season. Enhance your Franke Farms tree-hunting adventure by stopping at our annual Country Christmas Market. The market is home to food, refreshments, gift shopping, and more holiday fun for the kids. Also available are Farm Fresh Pre-cut Christmas Trees and wreaths for those on the go.

Grzenda Farm


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: The Grzenda Farm is a family-run business based in Livonia, NY, with thousands of trees to choose from. Take a scenic wagon ride out to our fields with the whole family to choose and cut your perfect tree. With over 13 tree species available in heights large and small, our friendly staff will assist in finding, transporting, shaking, and baling your tree. Choose from over 6 tree varieties, including Balsam, Douglas, Fraser, Concolor, Canaan fir and Blue Spruce. Conveniently located next to our parking lot, making your tree selection experience accessible for the whole family.

Holmes Hollow


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Our 64-acre farm has a natural sound barrier of trees and hills that protect it from road noise and allow you to crunch in the freshly fallen snow, selecting the perfect tree for your family, exactly as our family did on our first Christmas here many years ago. Take a hike on Crescent Trail, enjoy the simple pleasure of a run in the crisp fall air, or choose your family’s next Christmas tree from us, and know that just as we have been here for generations past, we will be here for generations to come. Not sure what the difference between all these trees is? Our family will help guide you to the tree you’d like. Need help cutting, bailing, or loading your tree? We can do that too.

McPherson Orchard & Christmas Tree Farm


Opening Day is the weekend before Thanksgiving

from their website: In 1801, when Alexander McPherson settled his family on the scenic Oatka Trail, setting out commercial orchards in 1850, he began a farming tradition that continues today as McPherson Orchards & Christmas Tree Farm. Located in northeast Genesee County, five miles from the village of Le Roy, it is operated by David Frost, a sixth-generation McPherson, along with their wife Carol and seventh-generation daughter Marny and her husband David Cleere. Baling, drilling, and shaking are included. Also available are Christmas wreaths and swags. Enjoy some hot mulled cider while you look for that perfect tree.

Pine Ridge Tree Farm


Opening Day is the Saturday following Thanksgiving

from their website: Previously known as The Tree Farm, we are a U-cut tree farm. We offer a few pre-cut and are willing to cut your chosen tree for you. We have hand saws available for use if you do not have one. We want to make your Christmas tree-buying experience an enjoyable one. We have a variety of trees in many sizes, up to 20ft. We have Blue spruce, Balsam fir, Frasier fir, Douglas fir, Norway spruce, and Scotch pine. Up to 5,000 trees were planted to keep us stocked for many years.

Stop 28 Farm and Nursery


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: U-cut and pre-cut Christmas Trees. Decorated and undecorated wreaths are available. Enjoy a wagon ride and warm up with hot chocolate in our gift shop.

Urtz’s Evergreen Trees


Opening Day is the Friday following Thanksgiving

from their website: We’ve produced beautiful, hardy evergreens here in Western New York for almost a quarter of a century. Our privately owned nurseries are planted with only the finest varieties of seedlings, carefully tended and nurtured to yield premium products. Urtz’s sells Christmas trees directly to the public and invites you to visit us at our U-Cut Tree Farm. Handsaws, drilling, and wrapping provided. You can cut your Christmas tree and find handmade evergreen wreaths and potted and pre-cut trees. Enjoy free hot cocoa and cookies by the fireplace!

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Caring for Your Farm-Grown Christmas Tree

Taking care of your farm-grown Christmas tree is essential to ensure its longevity and keep it looking fresh throughout the holiday season.

Stokoe Farms dragging tree

16 tips from the National Christmas Tree Association

When a Christmas tree is cut, over half its weight is water. Proper care can help maintain its quality. Here are some tips for caring for your tree:

  1. Displaying trees in a stand with water, as in a traditional reservoir, effectively maintains their freshness and minimizes needle loss problems.
  2. When displaying trees indoors, it is important to use a stand with enough water-holding capacity for the tree. Stands should ideally provide 1 quart of water for every inch of stem diameter. You may also use specialized devices to help maintain a constant water level in the stand.
  3. When using a Christmas tree stand, choose one that fits your tree without whittling the sides of the trunk. Removing the outer layers of wood, which are the most efficient in taking up water, can impede the tree’s ability to absorb moisture.
  4. To properly prepare your live Christmas tree for display, you should first make a fresh cut to remove a 1/2-inch thick disk of wood from the base of the trunk. Be sure to cut the trunk perpendicular to the stem axis and avoid cutting it at an angle or into a v-shape. This will help to ensure that the tree is held securely in its stand and that it receives an ample amount of water throughout the holiday season.
  5. It’s a common misconception that drilling a hole in the base of the trunk can improve water uptake. However, this is not true.
  6. After bringing the Christmas tree home, it’s crucial to place it in water as soon as possible. Most tree species can survive up to 6-8 hours after cutting the trunk and still absorb water. Make sure not to damage or soil the cut surface while moving it. If you need to store the tree for a few days, keep it in a cool place. Finally, place the freshly cut trunk in a bucket that is full of water to keep it hydrated.

Continue reading the National Christmas Tree Association article for more tips.

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