Brighton Town Park

Brighton Town Park

Brighton Town Park is surprisingly serene, despite being bordered on one side by office buildings and across the pond by a major express way interchange.

Located on Westfall, it is just down the street from the Brickyard Trail, and around the corner from Meridian Center Park.

Brighton Town Park

There is a .5 mile loop trail through a small wooded area, and a paved path around a 12-acre pond, with benches for sitting and enjoying lunch. This pathway also connects to the Erie Canal Heritage Trail.

in Brighton Town Park

Brighton Town Park summer bench
Brighton Town Park
Brighton Town Park summer marsh
Brighton Town Park summer picnic

in Brighton Town Park

Brighton Town Park
Brighton Town Park autumn
Brighton Town Park autumn pond
Brighton Town Park Autumn woods

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Cost: Free

Located in Brighton roughly 9 minutes / 3 miles from Rochester (get directions)

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