Braddock Bay

Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area

The Braddock Bay Wildlife Management Area is a shallow water bay-marsh complex existing in five units along the Lake Ontario shoreline, ranging from two to six miles west of Rochester.

The Braddock Bay complex includes:

Braddock Bay
Braddock Bay

The Bay:

Owl Woods (Pear Orchard)

Rose Marsh

Kaiser-Manitou Beach Banding Station

Manitou Beach Preserve

Braddock Bay Raptor Research

Braddock Bay Bird Observatory

Hogan Point Road

Salmon Creek

Braddock Bay Park

Buttonwood Creek

Braddock Bay fishing dusk

Surrounding Wetlands:

Cranberry Pond

Long Pond

Northrup Creek

Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area

Buck Pond

Beatty Point

Island Cottage Woods Preserve

Braddock Bay Marina

Hogan’s Point Road

North Greece Road

Braddock Bay Park

Map of Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area

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Braddock Bay Great Lakes Restoration

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