Arcade and Attica Railroad

Arcade & Attica Railroad

Arcade & Attica Railroad offers a 2-1/2 hour train experience, including a 30-minute layover at Curriers Station where you can explore the train yard and grab a bite to eat. 

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Arcade and Attica Railroad

The Depot

Purchase a ticket and begin your excursion at the Arcade & Attica Depot. You can purchase a ticket online as well).)

Explore the museum before you depart or after you return. Parking is available in the municipal lot across the street behind the Main Street businesses.

train ride
open air car

All aboard!

When you buy a ticket to ride the train, you are assigned a specific seat in a specific car. The seat-backs easily push to the other side so you don’t need to ride backwards, or you can sit with your party facing each other.

You can also move to the open-air car for a different experience if there is room. We chose to ride to Curriers Depot in our assigned seats, and moved to the open car before returning to Arcade Depot.

Arcade and Attica Railroad
Arcade and Attica Railroad
Arcade and Attica Railroad
Arcade and Attica Railroad

A 90-minute ride through the countryside

You’ll enjoy roughly 45-minutes of bucolic scenery on the way to Curriers, and the same scenery on the way back. You’ll travel through farmland, wetland, and woodland ecological communities.

The timing for our trip was perfect for seeing Monarch butterflies playing among the miles of Joe Pye weed and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Can you imagine how beautiful this is in Autumn?

Arcade and Attica Curriers Station
Arcade and Attica Railroad
Arcade and Attica Railroad engine

Curriers Station

Curriers is the turn-around point for the Arcade and Attica Railroad. Passengers can disembark for a 30-minute layover while the engine changes position to pull the train back to Arcade.

Check out all of the train equipment in the yard, enjoy lunch, and the museum.

Civil War weekend
Civil War weekend
Arcade and Attica Railroad
Civil War weekend
Civil War weekend

Events on the Arcade and Attica Railroad

There are themed events June through December including Murder Mystery, Great Train Robbery, Father’s Day, Super Hero, Halloween Express, and Polar Express. We happened to be there during Civil War Days.

Arcade and Attica Railroad

More information about the Arcade and Attica Railroad

Check website for departure times and ticket price

Located in Arcade, roughly 90 minutes / 75 miles from Rochester (get directions)

Check out the FAQ and policies before you go

Restrooms are located at both depots.

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When is your favorite time to ride the Arcade and Attica Railroad?

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