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31 Rochester-Area Restaurants Featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel

Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods, Travel Channel) recently did an episode on The Mighty Erie Canal. The show featured Chesterfield Restaurant and Caruso’s Pastry Shoppe in Utica, and The Caboose in Lyons.

Caboose Lyons NY
The Caboose in Lyons NY

After watching, I was inspired to find out what other amazing Rochester-area restaurants have been featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel. This is a list of the ones we’ve uncovered so you can dine at restaurants and fairs that Zimmern, Bourdain, Fieri and others have enjoyed. Bon Appétit!

Bill Grays Skyliner Strong Museum Rochester


  1. Nick Tahou’s
  2. Champi’s
  3. Sticky Lips
  4. Funk n Waffles (technically, the Syracuse location)
  5. Dinosaur BBQ (technically, the Syracuse location)
  6. Duffs Famous Wings (technically, the Buffalo location)
  7. Bill Gray’s (Technically, the Buffalo location)
Lewiston Silo
The Silo


  1. Anchor Bar
  2. Lake Effect Dinrer
  3. Schwable’s
  4. Ted’s Hot Dogs
  5. La Nova
  6. Paula’s Donuts
  7. The Silo
  8. Sofia’s
  9. Blackthorn Restaurant
  10. Mulberry Italian Ristorante
  11. Grover’s Bar & Grill
  12. Ulrich’s Tavern
  13. Riverstone Grill
  14. Charlie the Butcher
  15. Erie County Fair
  16. National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival


  1. Heids of Liverpool
  2. Pastabilities
  3. Empire Brewing Co.
  4. Kitty Hoynes
  5. Byblos Mediterranean
  6. Eva’s European Sweets
  7. Mother’s Cupboard Diner and Fish Fry
  8. New York State Fair

Maybe now we can get over the fact that Bizarre Foods chose Bill Gray’s Restaurant in Buffalo to talk about the Garbage Plate. And they do not have a Garbage Plate, they have a “Great Plate”. We all know there is only one Garbage Plate, and that’s the original at Nick Tahou’s. Big mistake. Big. Huge. OK, not over it.

Here are some more food ideas!

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